Human Rights Foundation Condemns Threats Made against Gorki Aguila

The Human Rights Foundation has condemned threats that the Cuban government made to Gorki Aguila. This is according to a story that was featured in Fox News Latino’s website. Aguila is the lead singer of Porno para Ricardo, an anti-dictatorial rock band in Cuba, and a human rights activist. He has already been jailed twice for criticizing the Government. In Cuba, it is illegal for one to engage in activities that seem to counter the revolution. Those committing the offence may face imprisonment.


Aguila was arrested earlier this month. After his release, he was warned not to support The Ladies in White. If he continued to do so, the authorities threatened to disallow him from leaving the country. According to billboard, Aguila, speaking to, said than one official told him that anyone inviting him to another country would have to come with a motor boat and pick him up themselves. Aguila had been jailed yet again for demanding the release of Danilo “El Sexto” Maldonado, a graffiti artist in Cuba.


The Human Rights Foundation has criticized the threats been made to the artist. According to Thor Halvorssen, Human Rights Foundation president, the artists have allegedly been disrespectfully criticizing the regime, which is why they have been an obvious target for the authorities. He further stated that although the artists have rights and freedoms, the constitution has put a limit on them. Artists are allowed to be creative as far as their content does not appear as if to counter Revolution.


The Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2001 in New Zealand. The non-governmental foundation concerns itself with promoting and defending human rights. Though the organization is focused primarily on New Zealand, it is also concerned with human rights across the globe. Other than monitoring the implementation of the international regulations and conventions that New Zealand has signed to, the organization also makes submissions on new laws that touch on human rights.


Billboard reported that Aguila dedicated a song to The Ladies in White. He told the women that he would encourage other artists including poets to do the same. This, according to him, would give the group’s work an artistic voice. The Ladies in White is a group that was formed by the mothers, daughters, sisters and wives of political prisoners who were imprisoned during the Black Spring” crackdown that took place in 2003.

Press Release For the Syngenta Corn Case

As was reported on the PR Newswire, Frank Guerra who is with the law firm of Watts Guerra LLP was assigned as the Co-Lead Counsel for the case representing the farmers all over the state of Minnesota who were involved Syngenta for the corn that was changed genetically and how it affected the price drop in corn. They are suing Syngenta for the corn that was changed genetically and how it affected the price drop in corn. They will be working with the other states that are also suing. The law firm is representing 92% of the farmers involved. He is also going to be a part of the Executive Committee for the Plaintiffs. He hearing will be held in Kansas in the U.S. District Court. There are over 21,000 individual farmer’s claims involved.

Mikal Watts, a trial lawyer who is a partner at Watts Guerra LLP was the attorney who filed the first federal case that involved someone who suffered an injury and death in the U.S. involving Pradaxa. He had the litigation for the federal case consolidated for everyone involved and was responsible for resolving the $650 million settlement. He is representing the largest amount of clients that have claims involving Pradaxa in the United States.

Mikal Watts worked for the Honorable Thomas R. Phillips who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas as a briefing attorney. He is a Board Certified Attorney in the state of Texas for the specialization of cases dealing with Trials for Personal Injury Law cases. He has been recognized as one of the best attorneys for Plaintiffs of any age class and was picked for the Forty under Forty for attorneys. He does public speaking on the subject of personal injury, legal claims in the state of Texas, and legal liability for products. He has been voted every year for one of Texas’ Super Lawyers since 2003. He is 48 years old and was born in the state of Texas in Corpus Christi. He attained his Bachelor of Arts degree at U.T. in two years and got high honors. He then went on to Law School at UT Austin and graduated with honors at the age of twenty-one.

For the first seven years of his career he worked at other law offices until 1997 when he started his own firm which was highly successful. He then joined forces and became partners with Denman Heard and became Watts & Heard, L.L.P. in the early part of 2001. They grew to having five offices in Texas and had almost thirty lawyers and a staff of over one hundred. In just over a year he formed his own firm again then seven years later joined up with Francisco Guerra to become Watts Guerra LLP. They handled cases involving a very large number of subjects.

Brain Bonar’s Views on Technology Success

According to a resume written by Brian Bonar that focuses on the success of several technological and managerial businesses, he talks of the growth that he has registered in the management of business which very few other people might have achieved. As the CEO of an international company, Trysep, he is very qualified and experienced for that post since he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering attained in Scotland from the Strathclyde University. His Educational background does not stop there since he proceeded to the UK where he got his Masters degree and PHD. Wlicreck awarded him an honorable degree where his title changed to Lord. Here’s a Modern Luxury article discussing Brian Bonar further.

Smart Tek Solutions company is the one that changed its name to Trucept. The main reason why this company was formed was to deal specifically with the issues of HRM software that is used in the preparation of payroll. These software is also used to in the approval of the compliance, the usefulness and several other HR services that clients can require. In all the companies where Bonar has served success is felt from the beginning and seen with time. At trade show products he is the President. Here’s his MG2 Profile for futher viewing.

His hard work and contributions that he has devoted to companies that he has been serving has brought about a lot of people from all over the world to know him. When going about with the business of these companies he has shown a lot of innovative approaches. All these methods that he has been using have bore fruits and made the companies profitable. Despite the fact that he has been in management of various companies, he has lived to fulfill the wishes and passion that his heart has by building quite a good number of restaurants. He decided to venture into this business since he has been having passion in the for fine dining.

His Restaurants have a very good name in their areas since he has managed to employ very qualified staff and managers. His greatest booster was the hiring of a Chef by the name Patrick. This is because Patrick was well known since the winning an award in the industry of being a chef. A good example of well known restaurants that are owned by Bonar is Bellamy whose chefs are among those that have been winning awards. In addition to the restaurants he has also opened a transport company that is dealing with outsourcing.

Joseph Bismark Finds Wellness in asPire Magazine


Joseph Bismark was picked up for a feature in asPire Magazine thanks to his work as Managing Director over at QI Group in Singapore. His work as Director since 2008 has launched him into the public stratosphere due to his success and intricate way of getting things done. Blending new age ideas with old Eastern philosophies, Bismark has become one of the biggest players in QI Group. BusinessWire reported that Bismark landed the feature and managed to get some insight into what makes his days go so smoothly. As it turns out, Joseph is one of the busiest people in business and that is where his success lies.

It’s easy to get caught up in the work grind and turn away from doing anything once you are out of the office but it appears that this may not be such a secret for success. For Joseph Bismark the act of staying busy is the most important part of his life. Bismark says, “I believe in the importance of immersing ourselves in as many physical and mental activities as we can”. Bismark goes on to explain that loading his schedule up allows him to become “the best version” of himself that he can be. He walks the walk, too.

Bismark is a Yoga Master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga where he serves as an educator and a student. The philosophies and practices that Bismark has picked up while practicing Yoga have followed him all the way to the office where he takes level, slow, methodical approaches to dealing with employees and working around potential problems. Bismark makes Yoga a daily part of his life and he practices alongside a SoundCloud account that is filled with bhanjan chants and audio mantras. These help Bismark focus and find his place in the flow faster than ever.

When he isn’t working his zen Bismark is also making things happen for his body. Joseph is heavily involved in cycling, swimming, and all sorts of other cardio based exercises. Keeping his body toned, endorphins flowing, and mind active has allowed him to avoid the wear and tear that a busy life can bring on. He practices efficiency in his cycling by using apps like MapMyRide to track his accomplishments and he even practices mental video games on his computer with the website Luminosity. No matter what he is doing it appears that Bismark has his path set straight.

Adam Sender Has To Put A Lot Of Work In

Art collectors are just like everyone else, in that they have to spend a good amount of time trying to get things right when they are collecting art. It’s not something that just comes naturally to them, although they may have a talent for seeing beauty in the art that they collect, but instead, they have to work hard to make sure that they find all of the right kinds of pieces. They have to put a plan in place to make sure that they are looking in the right places, and to make sure that they don’t end up spending too much on the pieces that they are looking to buy.
Adam Sender has worked hard to be able to have all of the art that he does in his collection. Take a look at Adam Sender’s IG page.

He put a good plan in place for how to get the pieces, and the plan has worked out for him. He knew that he had to strike while the artists were still not too known, and that that way he’d get better pieces for a lower price. All of the thinking and planning that he had to do has paid off for him, but it took a lot of work for him to get to the place he’s in. Not everyone can do what he has done.

Art collectors have to put much work into what they are doing in order to get themselves beautiful art collections, but once they are able to figure things out they are most often happy with what they have done. Every second that it took for them to get the art collection that they have put together is worth it when they see all of their pieces side by side. Art collections might have to put work into their job, but they get to enjoy the beauty of it, as well. (LinkedIn)

California Ski Resorts To Continue Doing Well


Many people in California wonder how the current drought will affect the Californian ski resorts this winter. Well, according to an interview I heard on KCRW, the drought won’t affect the ski resorts as much as you’d think.

The interview, which took place on “Press Play with Madeleine Brand,” featured Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski holdings in Olympic Valley, near Tahoe.

Wirth has always been connected to mountain resorts and hotels, and fully enveloped himself into that industry after attending college at Colorado State University, and Edinburgh University in Scotland. During his college career Wirth gained experience as a park ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks, and as a wilderness ranger in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. In 2010 Wirth was named the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Wirth was responsible for overseeing a $70 million upgrade to the resort, and was also involved in the merge of the Squaw Valley resort with the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort.

Wirth mentioned in the interview with KCRW that this past winter had been tough because of a weather feature that Stanford Meteorologists call a Ridiculously Resilient Ridge. This weather phenomenon prevents low pressure systems from coming into the mountains and making the snow needed for ski season.

However, even with the smaller amount of snow last year, the ski resorts were profitable.

“There’s still quite a bit of great skiing,” Wirth said. “We’ve become exceptionally good at using science and making snow. … We’ve become really focused on how to manage the snow with our snow cat operators and more.”

Wirth said that even if there is another winter like last winter, there would still be 4,000 acres of ski area open in Squaw Valley.

The summer months also provide revenue to the ski resorts in the features and activities they provide. In fact the resorts are virtually sold out for things like weddings, events, and meetings next year.

Even though increasing revenue in the ski resorts is important, Andy Wirth sees himself as a manager of the natural resources of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Managing these resources is something he takes very seriously.

“We’ve been exceedingly active in reducing our carbon footprint, and working with our energy companies to move them off of coal, to move them onto renewables,” said Wirth. “As resource managers, and people who care very deeply about these mountains, and our legacy, I can assure you that we are fiercely focused on reducing our footprint at every possible moment and at every measure.”

So, though it may seem like the California ski resorts would be affected by the drought, they are, in fact, still thriving, and being well cared for.

Champion Of Business And Philanthropy, Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a very busy man, yet he still finds the time to help communities that don’t have the advantages that many have, and has done groundbreaking work in helping those with Multiple Sclerosis. His main goal was to create an apparatus whereby people could learn about their condition.

Being that there are only 24 hours in a day, Eric Pulier manages to squeeze out 48 hours in a day.

Always on the go, or thinking of ways that he can help society, Eric Pulier is a well known, well decorated global figure.

He is widely known for his work in Africa in the technical field. In Africa, Eric Pulier has brought much savvy and innovation to the economically thriving continent. Here in the U.S., Eric Pulier is the head of joint ventures to improve software technology and to administer ways to accomplish the task of bringing clean drinking water to citizens all over the country.

In the business world, Eric Pulier founded over 15 companies, some of which he has sold, and one of which has merged with a similar company. Mr. Pulier has provided venture capital to new and bright companies, which proved to be good investments. Mr. Pulier also invests in organizations that benefit the needy.

This man with the big heart and sharp mind does unsurmountable works of kindness and compassion, yet he never seems to get tired. He was commissioned by President Clinton and Al Gore to head “the bridge to the 21st-century committee” in celebration of their second inauguration. The event was a complete success and gained Mr. Pulier more time-honored notoriety and acclaim.

A brilliant entrepreneur and philanthropist, Eric Pulier has been the compilation of hope and guidance for many people. Along with the work he does so thoughtfully, Eric Pulier is the author of several publications. The basis of these works teaches an understanding of free enterprise and how it relates to SEO. Eric Pulier was a great CEO for ServiceMesh.

And if this is not enough in the area of professional and personal achievement, Mr. Pulier is raising 4 children.

This just goes to show how much someone with a generous spirit and an impeccable work ethic can become the epitome of what great leadership is all about.

Eric Pulier is a remarkable man. He will well be remembered in our history books. He has given so much to so many out of the goodness of his heart and has asked for nothing in return. A true American. A fine American. Eric Pulier should be called the founding father of our generation.

John Textor Hopes To Make Sure Iconic Performers Are Not Forgotten

John Textor arrived in Hollywood in 2006 and immediately made a splash when he was given the role of Chairman at Digital Domain, which had been a company without direction for a number of decades when Textor arrived to take control. After spending the majority of his career working in finance, but with an eye on the entertainment and communications options that crossed his path as founder of Wyndcrest Holdings. After Digital Domain Textor has spent a large amount of time working in a new form of technology for the live entertainment industry that is set to bring the favorite performers of the past back to the stage using hologram based technology.

The technology Textor has headed the development of as president of Pulse Evolution has already debuted at the 2012 Coachella Festival, whose audience witnessed the return to the stage of Tupac Shakur in a duet with Snoop Dogg. The second major step Textor allowed Pulse Evolution to undertake was a hologram version of Michael Jackson returning to the stage at the Billboard Music Awards, which gave Pulse Evolution a global audience for their new technology. John Textor is obviously protective of the technology being used, but he has also shown how much he cares about the entertainment industry with the care he has taken over the interpretation of the legends his engineers are working on.

John Textor has made sure the work of his engineers has included a large amount of study of every move the legends being recreated for live audiences. The arrival of the hologram technology has provided a boost for the many different estates of iconic performers who have passed away who have already been in contact with Pulse Evolution. These estates hope to find the best way to utilize the hologram technology in a bid to make sure they are amongst the first to appear in this form. Textor himself is hoping a legends tour can be created that would allow a group of iconic performers to perform on stage as he believes a single performance would not hold the attention of an audience in the same way a stream of legendary performers appearing together would manage to.

Sam Tabar Has A Great Career Because Of The Intelligent Things He Has Done

Sam Tabar received his bachelor’s degree from Oxford University, with honors. He put much hard work into getting his education, and the years that he spent in school learning all that he could about being an attorney and financial strategist has helped him out a lot. No one gets to be good at something without putting their all into it, and that is just what Sam Tabar has done in his career. He has made the necessary sacrifices in order to get to a good place, and in order to be respected by everyone who knows him.

There are men and women who try to have a good career for themselves, but who give up too easily when the path toward their career gets tough. That was not the way that Sam Tabar was when he was working toward his degree, and that is not how he was when he started working in his career. He has always made it a point to give everything that he does his all, and that has helped him greatly in getting to be a well respected attorney and financial strategist. People look to him and they see a man who is willing to give his career his all. They see the kind of work that he has done, and they feel great about it, and about the kind of man that he is.

Sam Tabar has worked at several places throughout his career, and he has not only bettered himself through the experience of working for the various companies, but he has also bettered the places that he was working for. The ambition that he possesses has paid off for him time after time. If it were not for him going ahead and trying hard to get things done in his life, he never would have had the career that he has today.

James Dondero Leads Highland Capital Management To New Levels Of Prosperity

Leading investment firm, Highland Capital Management, remains an
integral player in the competitive business industry. Co-founded by
prominent executive, Jim Dondero, this extremely lucrative
corporation is most commended for donating over $10 million to
organizations dedicated to healthcare, education, and veteran
initiatives. Notably, this enormous monetary contribution to the
community is a direct reflection of the company’s unparallel business
success. As a flourishing investment firm, Highland Capital Management
maintains extremely knowledgeable employees who are skilled in solving
complex problems related to effective corporate leveraging. Most
importantly, the company’s practical business strategies involving
high yield credit and long/short equity has resulted in extremely
satisfied and repeat clients.

In his effort to propel the firm to profound prosperity, Dondero employed his former
management experiences involving high-yield bonds, mortgage-back
securities, preferred stocks, and common stocks, along with his
educational training from University of Virginia to compose a
productive business plan. Unlike his competitors, this renowned
executive strived to develop an approach which facilitated
unprecedented returns by applying well-proven investment principles.
Notably, in 2000, Dondero and his cofounder, Mark Okada launched their
first bank loan fund, and shortly afterward, introduced mutual funds
to their business practices. Today, Highland Capital Management
proudly maintains an extensive collection of products for business

Remarkably, Dondero is skilled in training highly qualified directors
to manage the firm’s effective operational initiatives. Because
Highland Capital Management offers many tangible investment
strategies, maintaining knowledgeable employees is essential to the
company’s bottom line. Currently, this prestigious corporation
presents the most comprehensive services related to credit-oriented
goals. Since 1993, Highland Capital Management has consistently
invested in high-yield credit with a focus on capital preservation.
Essentially, their bottom-up fundamental analysis practices
facilitates the understanding of the client’s underlying collateral as
well as the competitor forces and structure. In addition, the company
also offers a variety of alternative equity options and strategies.
Moreover, Highland Capital Management is skilled in implementing a
disciplined and balanced approach to investing which has ultimately
led to a strong performance across volatile markets. Commendably, the
company strives to implement low risk strategies in order to ensure
capital preservation.

Highland Capital Management is recognized as the world’s best
strategic investment company that specializes in alternative credit
and equity solutions. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, this renowned
firm maintains an extensive portfolio of clients including financial
institutions, governments, wealthy executives, major corporations, and
international foundations. Currently, the company holds offices in
Seoul, New York, Singapore, and Sao Paulo, and looks forward to
expanding more states and countries. For over twenty years, Highland
Capital Management has consistently provided inexpensive and effective
strategies with a simple approach which is design to adhere to every
client’s unique needs.