Lawyers In Brazil Have Their Hands Full With The Recent Dam Break

It’s not often that Brazilian lawyers can get together and merge on one particular event and sue and believe they can win before the case ever goes to trial. But that’s exactly what’s happening now, according to Ricardo Tosto, one of Brazil’s top lawyers and the co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Tosto has been practicing law for more than 22 years, and he thinks the BHP Billiton iron ore mine break is going to cost Samarco, the company that operated the mine, millions. The reason for all the legal activity is more than 60 million cubic meters of sludge, containing residual iron ore and toxic materials hit the village of Bento Rodriguez and destroyed it. More than 600 people living in the village are homeless because their homes were destroyed and their livestock was destroyed as well.
Mr. Tosto is a member of the International Bar Association, the Brazilian Bar Association, and the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Center. He is a founding member of the Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research, and a former president of the São Paulo OAB Commission for Modernization of the Judiciary. He thinks the actual court settlement would take years based on the current Brazilian court system.
Mr. Tosto has been practicing business law long enough to know that this kind of accident was not an accident. The lawyers that are and will represent the people of Bento Rodriguez will find enough evidence to hold BHP Billiton and Vale, the two companies that Samarco had under contract to operate the mine, accountable. All three companies will be sued according to Tosto and based on the information that the Brazilian lawyers discover they will have to pay and pay a lot.
One reason that the three companies might want to settle rather than waiting for the legal system to rule is the total damage from the dam break will take years to uncover itself. Some lawyers are calling the dam break one of the worst environmental disasters in Brazilian history, and they may be right. Some lawyers like Tosto even think the payout to survivors of the dam break could be billions of dollars.
The CEO of BHP Billiton, Andrew MacKenzie, recently gave a report at the company’s annual meeting, and he apologized for the accident. But Tosto, who specializes in civil and commercial litigation, says his apology may be sincere, but it won’t help lessen the blow that lawyers in Brazil are formulating now.
No one is sure how the individual cases will be handled at this point. There is so much damage and loss of life associated with the accident that it will take time to work out the best strategy, so the victims can get the best settlement.

What You Can Learn From Dan Newlin About Professionalism

Dan Newlin is a renowned professional who has established an influential presence in the legal arena. He is a professional attorney who specializes in injury law and has served for more than ten years within Florida. Dan Newlin is among the most trusted individuals in this profession and has always stood firm in ensuring justice is realized on all cases presented by his clients. For over ten years, he has worked on cases of all complexity, setting him apart as an authoritative professional in the field of law. He has worked with different companies and governmental organizations in his efforts to help different clients access justice.

Since the time he joined college at the Florida College of Law, Dan Newlin has been instrumental in offering services across different arenas. He has come up with actionable ideas that have helped to revolutionize service delivery in the arena of law. He graduated in 2000 with a degree in law at the age of 20 years. Shortly after his graduation, he joined the Florida Police Department, where he served at the fire section. He would offer solutions to complex problems that revolve around the fire department and maintained his pursuit for justice at heart. Barely one year after working with the government, he was promoted to a higher position following his great prowess and zeal in his work. He helped set a great example among his peers within the force when he was appointed to head several groups including crime detection and prosecution departments.

His time in the police force allowed Dan Newlin to learn about different systems that can be instituted to streamline the process of securing justice for victims of accidents and injury. He learned about his inner abilities and later exited the force to form his own law firm. The first months of operation proved amazing and unexpected as he recorded impressive results. This can be attributed to the trust people placed on him since the time he served in the police department. His firm grew and in less than two years, he had hired a team of up to 30 professionals, who were selected carefully to ensure the relevance of the system was not compromised. Today, Dan Newlin’s firm employs more than 75 professionals, with several retired attorneys forming part of the team. He has invested in modern technology to ensure service delivery is streamlined and all client concerns addressed in time.

As of today, his firm has helped hundreds to get their claims, which are valued more than $135 million. The secret behind his bold establishment and the success of his firm is his resolve to uphold honesty and proper management. He has also absorbed the best professionals in the market to ensure service quality is upheld.

Among The Biggest Gold & Silver Distributors In The Globe

US Money Reserve, Among the Biggest Gold & Silver Distributors in the Globe, Organizes Holiday Drive – Capital Area Food Bank, Texas

The holiday season is near, and the U.S. Money Reserve targets to offer back to the general public what has seen it develop consistently. One year before, the Capital Area Food Bank exclusively offered food worthy millions to families in need. Subsequently, the U.S. Money Reserve is uniting and engaging clients, families, and partners to provide for the Central Texas Area Food Drive. More information about how you can help the US Money Reserve reach the families in need during this occasion is available at Crowdrise.
Such events are periods for giving back. This year, US Money Reserve is engaging various individuals and groups to offer back to those in need in the Central Texas Area. The Bank of Capital Area Food Bank has been at the front line of hankering with the help of just about 300 Partner Agencies in 21 ranges transversely over Central Texas. US Money Reserve anticipates meeting all their necessities this year! The giant for gold & silver exchange was developed by gold business part veterans who saw the need to join great customer organization, master business fragment information and the sort of strong heading that is critical while securing vital metals.
Today is one of the country’s most noteworthy wholesalers in the US. The Government gave Coins of Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and the affiliation had the advantage of working with a gigantic number of customers who apply different budgetary purposes of enthusiasm of owning high-esteem metals. Within our organization, we are unstoppable in offering various types of coins to the government. Reliably, different customers have put their trust in our capacity to collect their coins that bear the cost of a fundamental expense, and in light of their different insightful exchanging, the greater bit of those people have benefited starting at this point.
As a U.S. Money Reserve customer, you are served by more than 100 experienced and trained professionals. The US Money Reserve is part of the globe’s greatest and most trusted shippers of US government overseeing silver and gold coins and the essential gold. Whenever time you are managing your funds, it looks great to finish your work. On your particular riches protecting and administering entire arrangement security, history has proved if you invest our riches on the front end, the higher the prize on the back end. At US Money Reserve, there are a colossal number of clients who put their trust in the association, and that is a great honor.

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Providing Quality Pet Care On A Budget

There are many ways to save money on pet care. It’s important to be able to take care of your dog as best as possible. Here are some tips on how to take great care of your dog on a budget. One way you can take great care of your dog on a budget is to feed them high quality food. If you feed them brands on Amazon that are full of nutrients and healthy ingredients then you won’t have to spend a lot of money on vet bills. Purina’s Beneful is a great brand of dog food that keeps dog’s healthy. It is filled with over twenty three different vitamins and minerals. Individuals can get many different kinds like Beneful for their dog such as chicken, salmon, and beef. Another way individual’s can provide quality pet care on a budget is to find free toys that they can play with. It’s important that dogs get plenty of exercise. Individuals should try to find free ways to play with their dog such as having them fetch sticks. Individuals can also crochet or knit their own toys. It’s really fun and easy to do. It’s important that pet owners always get their dog’s vaccinations. This ensures that they do not have to pay a ton of vet bills. These vaccines are less expensive then the diseases that they prevent. Another way to provide great pet care on a budget is to do grooming at home. Individuals can buy all of the things needed to groom their own dogs. This will save a lot of money throughout the years because individuals won’t have to spend money to get it done professionally. Spaying and neutering pets is another way to provide great pet care on a budget. This prevents dog’s from coming down with a lot of diseases such as cancer. Having this done will save money on vet bills. There are many ways to provide great pet care on a budget. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. By following these tips individuals can ensure they are saving money and taking amazing care of their dogs.

Brazilian Bank Director Marcio Alaor Is Honored By One Community

It’s not every day that a bank employee makes headlines for going above and beyond the call of duty. But one man in the banking industry in Brazil impacted the lives of the working people in several different ways. BMG Bank Vice President and Director Marcio Alaor has received recognition from the San Antonio community of Mount in the state of Minas Gerais for helping the people of the community deal with more than the financial and economic issues they deal with every day. Alaor was honored for helping the community. He volunteered for projects that helped his community get stronger emotionally and physically.
Director Alaor helped the city overcome problems that plagued his hometown, and he didn’t ask for political favors like most men in power do in Brazil. Alaor helped his city because it was the right thing to do and the mayor, Mr. Luís Antônio Resende, thanked Marcio Alaor by naming the newly developed food court in the exhibition center the “Food Court Alaor Marcio Araujo.” The mayor said the old converted warehouse will now be a place to thank Alaor for his contributions to the city.
Alaor and BMG Bank have been helping people in cities like Santo Antonio do Monte for decades. BMG Bank is a family owned bank with family values, and the bank has been helping and serving communities around Brazil since 1930. BMG Bank is a leader in the consignment credit industry, and many of the people living in Santo Antonio do Monte have taken advantage of a product the bank calls “payroll loans” to buy cars and homes. Alaor, along with bank President Ricardo Guimarães, have been instrumental in providing Brazil’s middle class with loans that help them deal with the countries runaway inflation and currency devaluation.
The city’s former mayor, Wilmar Son, said the food court was the appropriately named after Alaor because Mr. Alaor embodied the hopes and dreams of the city of Santo Antonio do Monte. Wilmar told the crowd that the Vice President of BMG started as a shoeshine boy, and he worked long and hard to make something out of his life. Alaor never forgot his humble roots as he rose through Brazil’s financial world and became one of the most influential figures in the country’s financial industry.
When Alaor told the people of Santo Antonio do Monte that he was humbled by the honor, and he would work hard to maintain the bond he has with the city. Mr. Alaor thanked his family and friends for allowing him to serve the community, and he said he would always consider this honor as one of the highlights of his life.

Attorney Dan Newlin and His Law Offices

When people run into trouble, lawyers come in handy. Over the years, the law offices of Dan Newlin have played a central role in serving and protecting its clients over personal injury and accident claims. Attorneys specialize in particular areas of operation with the view to standing out among fellow attorneys.

The career of Attorney Dan Newlin started at his tender age of 20 years. He started out as a law enforcement officer working at New Chicago. His achievement in the law enforcement agency saw him work at the Indiana Police department as well as at the Fire department. As he rose through the ladder of success, Newlin was offered a position at the office of the Orange County Sheriff, which was located in Orlando, Florida. There, he served for 10 years as a dedicated and committed officer. He earned immense respect and recognition for his contribution to the service.

At the County Sheriff, Newlin worked in different departments. Some of the departments he worked at are the auto theft section, the narcotics enforcement agency and in the police department. While working at the detective section of the fugitive unit, Newlin was quite instrumental in apprehending hundreds of dodgy fugitives. In addition, he received various awards for exceeding his call of duty. The United States Marshalls later on recognized his outstanding service for the law enforcement agency.

When he was done with serving in his capacity at the enforcement agency, Newlin passion to attend school forced him to make application to different universities. He was accepted to the Florida State College of Law to study law. In the year 2000, he graduated from the college and was issued with a license to practice law in both Illinois and Chicago. Newlin has made a name for himself as an injury attorney. To date, he has managed to recover over 150 million dollars for the various accident as well as injury victims.

In order to popularize his law offices, Newlin has been embracing technology using hash tags. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin serves the whole of Florida and Illinois. It is imperative to note that 18 competent and experienced attorneys, who have been employed by the firm, extend personalized legal services to the public. These attorneys have specialized in different fields and their working together brings out the best from the law offices of Dan Newlin. His firm focuses largely on personal injury, medical negligence, wrongful death, criminal offenses and different forms of accidents.

Dan Newlin and his qualified team at the Law offices are quite competent in handling injury and accident claims. The consultation is free and should people have trouble, they should not hesitate to call Newlin’s law offices. Over the years, Newlin has acquired massive experience in the field besides winning million-dollar recoveries for accident and injury victims.

How The US Money Reserve Is Helping The People Of Texas

Based in Austin, Texas and founded by experts in the field of precious metals who strive to provide not only the highest levels of customer service but also the experience and expertise to help clients make sound investments, the US Money Reserve is now one of the largest and most trusted distributors of government issued gold and precious metals. For years The US Money Reserve has provided the knowledge and expertise to countless clients to ensure that they receive only the highest quality Gold, Silver and platinum coins.

Many clients have taken advantage of the Us Money Reserves team of over a hundred highly trained professionals whose years of experience and knowledge help to ensure the highest quality Government Issued precious metals that will yield the highest possible return on investment. But it has not only helped thousands to make informed decisions and quality investments, this year the US Money Reserve is giving back to its home state of Texas by raising funds for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.

The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas’ annual Holiday food drive has provided thousands of Texans across 21 counties with food for the holiday season. Last year with the help of over 300 partner agencies the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas were able to deliver over 31 million pounds of food to those in desperate need of relief. And this year with the help of the US Money Reserve, The Capital Area Food Bank is looking to provide even more food to hungry Texans in need.

Central Texas is among the fastest growing regions in the country and in these harsh economic times each year there are thousands of people in need who are unable to afford the basic necessities we take for granted. Things like food and shelter, but luckily with your help and the help of the US Money Reserve we can provide those in need with some relief this holiday season. You can help those in need by visiting this Crowdrise link and donating to the Capital Area Food Bank and together we can help all Texans to have a happy and healthy holiday season.

Online Reputations Should Always Be Carefully Protected

There are a few things that everyone should be doing to protect their online image, and one of those things is to be proactive. It’s always a good idea to stay on top of things, especially when it comes to something as important as one’s image. By keeping track of everything that is said about one, they will have the power to control things. They’ll have the chance to come up with some content of their own, so that those who Google their name will find some good things said about them. The amount of bad things said about one can be very frustrating, but they should never give up on trying to clean up their image.
Darius Fisher knows just how many bad things can be said about one online, and he is determined to make all of that change. He feels passionate about the work that he does in helping people to keep their online reputations clean, and he works hard to make sure that everyone is doing what is best for them online. It is always a smart idea to be sharing as little personal information online as possible, and Darius Fisher encourages all of those that he works for to be careful about what they are doing online.
The internet can be a tricky thing, and it can take someone and give them a bad reputation if they are not careful enough. But that doesn’t need to be happening. Darius Fisher encourages everyone to be doing all that they can to protect themselves. He has given much advice on the topic, and his company helps out all of those who come to it. He’s an expert on online reputation management, and everyone who goes to him should trust him to take care of their reputation well. Find him on social media such as Facebook.

MSC Today In America Helps Clients Do The Math

Madison Street Capital is a company renowned for its acquisition transactions and advisory resources. The company now focuses on educating clients such as investment managers who endeavour to tactically grow the total worth of their portfolio without overt risk. Despite economic uncertainties, the company is confident that client education is not only beneficial for customers, but the company as well. Madison Street Capital believes that a long term relationship means a smart and strategical approach to investment.

The company recognises that individuals are the most crucial asset of their company. The company is able to assist in merger and acquisition deals that supply the best end results in financial terms. Although it might be easy for clients to overshoot their abilities within a buy-side transaction, for example, advisors must provide the data for these same clients to make realistic decisions no matter the temporary gains involved. The company has gone on record regarding their belief in smart investment above all else. Clients must acknowledge provisional means and long-term objectives which can be tricky to understand in terms of profit.

Advisor services make a business of recognizing key trends across diverse industries and then establishing investment worth of these trends despite appearances. MSC pairs the most knowledgeable financial services industry professionals with clients for this purpose, who are equipped with the most highly developed analytical systems. These systems make use of financial modeling programs capable of cross comparison across the globe, but not all clients feel confident in today’s market.

Many investors have become worried about the state of markets after taking out subprime loans from micro-financial organizations in 2008. The subsequent post recession investor psychology is not optimal, in the opinion advisor services like Madison, who are strictly business, aiming to avoid financial pitfalls of what some may perceive as fear based investment strategies. Plunging large amounts of money into one industry, for example, is something that MSC finds itself against to mitigate risk. New investors can be especially vulnerable to perceived market trends that are not viable in the long-term.

Despite this growing trend, the professionals at MSC continue to guide clients through buy-side and sell-side transactions for mid-sized as well as large corporate conglomerates. Those investors who are at odds with MSC’s tactics are simply turned away. The company seems to value its reputation above all else, as one of the world’s top investment and asset management firms.

Adam Sender Is An Art Collector’s Collector

Most people like to look at art, but very few people know how to collect it. It’s an intelligent endeavor, and two important skills have to be mastered in order to be successful. The first skill is being able to evaluate and research a piece of artwork that appeals to you. The second skill is to buy art that tells a story. In other words, each individual piece should be part of a group that forms meaningful expression of some kind. Buying art by the piece is one strategy, but it may not be the strategy that produces a collection that can withstand the test of time. Buying art that you like may be a wonderful hobby, but those works may not be considered a collection to anyone but you.

Very few people want art collections that rival the Phillips collection or the Rockefeller collection. The Chrysler collection is another incredible art collection, and Steve Wynn’s collection at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind wonder that only the super-rich can afford. Those collections are great because they demonstrate the talent it takes to group great works together. So the creative action of the artist and the creative talent of the collector merge to produce incredible collections in the art world.

But one man did want to create an amazing collection of contemporary art, and he succeeded. Adam Sender the hedge fund legend, found the time and the money to put together over 1,000 pieces of art. His art collection is worth more than $100 million. Sender is selling 70 works from his collection, and the estimated payday for Sender’s partial collection is north of $70 million. As it turns out, Sender was not only an incredible hedge fund manager but also a very talented art collector. And he manages to do all that well before his 50th birthday. Sender says he was always true to his taste in art. He liked certain types of art, and he didn’t care if anyone else liked it when he bought it. Adam had the foresight to invest in his sixth sense, which, for him, was an innate knowing that we all have, but rarely use.