The Many Accomplishments of Eric Pulier

Many of today’s advanced technological features and ideas started out as ideas or concepts. The very devices, products, and services people use today started in the minds of many intelligent individuals. Those the people may not receive the credit that’s long overdue, they continue to push the boundaries with their brilliant way of thinking.

Eric Pulier is the epitome of these inventions, products, and services. Pulier has a hand in many different fields such as Government, Technology, Education, Philanthropy, and Media. He’s true American Hero (in-a-sense) and his passion, will, and drive pushes him to even more. Disadvantaged communities and physically ill children have all benefited from Mr. Pulier. He’s touched so many lives in his short time on earth and today this father of four has built an empire of excellence that’s respected across the board. Eric Pulier is simply amazing thanks to his bi heart and positive way of thinking. Being an active investor in many new start-up companies, Pulier has become a financial success in media and technology from these financial investments.

The Harvard University Graduate has written many publications throughout the years and has created some of the most brilliant services in the process. His work help in pioneering complex multimedia complexes for home computer use. From educational programs to advanced concepts in technology he is all over the board. One of his biggest endeavors was being a member of the “Clinton Global Initiative.” This program was set-up to provide lower cost cloud-computing to underprivileged communities. Philanthropy just comes natural to this guy even if there isn’t any monetary gain. The EXPRIZE Foundation is a great non-profit organization for technological advancements. Pulier’s financial donations went along way which helped this mission make radical breakthroughs in the field.

As you can see Mr. Pulier’s achievements just can’t be denied. Who else has done so much I such a short amount of time. This only scratches the surface of what this man has done, but stay tuned because more is sure to come.

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Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks Law Suit With AGI

On September 13th, there was a lawsuit filed against the New Hampshire Insurance Company, or AGI, for breach of contract. The suit was filed by the former ownership group, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), seeking a settlement of claims that were made by Danny Ferry, the Hawks Former General Manager.

The Hawks policy was for coverage for any losses that were related to their employment practices. This was to include any supposed “Wrongful Termination and “Workplace Torts”.


AHBE, per court records, notified AGI that they believed that these claims that were levied by Mr. Ferry were covered.

The current Hawks ownership group stated that they were aware of this complaint, but since the principals of the former ownership group do not now have any ties to the Hawks, that they will make no further comment on the matter.


AHBE’s lawsuit stated that AGI is refusing to acknowledge that there was even a claim made by Mr. Ferry or that it was ever brought to bear. Furthermore, that AGI repeatedly refused to take part in any defense of the alleged claims.


AGI will not acknowledge that certain of the claims Mr. Ferry stated even triggered the policy. Even though they have an obligation to pay these claims, they have refused to do so without any justification. It also says that they do not have any basis on which to say that a claim was never filed.


Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, D.C and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He graduated from American University where he studied law. He later attended Washington University in St. Louis.


In 1977 he, along with Ed Peskowitz founded United Communications Group. They published newsletters which focused on the oil industry and its development. In 2004 he and Peskowitz became majority partners in the Atlanta Hawks organization.

Keith Mann: Help For All

If there is someone in need of help, Keith Mann is going to find them and he is going to do all he can to make their lot in life better. Mann also believes in the power of being positive and looking on the bright side of things. He looks for the good in all people. For example, right now, the police are facing a lot of criticism for things they have done. Like most things in life, people don’t know the entire story and there is always more than meets the eye in these types of situations. That is why he donated lunch on two different occasions to the NYPD 54th precinct. He knew they were facing a hard time and were getting some unwanted bad press.


Keith Mann is not believing it and he is not buying into it. In Keith Mann’s mind, he knows what police are really about and what they really stand for at the end of the day. They live to protect people and they live to make sure everyone is safe. It is a very scary job, and not everyone is cut out for it. That is why cops are so special and so unique. They do things that the average person could never even dream of doing it.


He does not want them to feel underappreciated, undervalued, or like they are being taken for granted. These lunches were a reminder that someone out there is looking out for them, caring about them, and thinking of them. That goes a long way. Police are very strong and they know how to handle tough situations, but they are human beings. They feel things just like anyone else. If he can make things a little easier on them or put a smile on their faces, he is all for it.


Even though it is lunch, it is the thought that really matters. It is the fact that someone took the time out of their lives and the money out of their pockets to do something like this. A lot of people talk about doing things like this, but they don’t actually go out and do it. Keith Mann does.

Handybook, the Solution for Your Household Chores

Handy is providing convenient cleaning services. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua founded Handybook, which lets clients order a home cleaner, handyman or plumber by just tapping your iPhone. Oisin describes Handybook as the Uber of home maintenance because it resembles the platform in very many ways, except the surge pricing. is a marketplace, just like Uber that deals with payment and scheduling demand and supply of the home services industry. is growing fast, and it has managed to raise $12 million in two rounds. That means that the sales have increased by 60% each month for the past three months. Handybook is based in New York City, and it has over 50 employees and thousands of freelancers who manage to finish over 10,000 jobs monthly. The firm operates in 13 cities and is planning to open four new offices in San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Handybook bought west coast cleaning business in January, for a price that is not disclosed but reports indicate the price is not below $10 million.

Handybook customers are assured of convenience. The world of cleaning agencies and maid services is complicated and unreliable. However, people do not have to go through the sketchy agencies and services; you just need to use your phone to access the simple app and website. Enter your zip code, the exact time you need the rooms cleaned, the number of rooms you want to be washed, and you will get a quote immediately. If a client is comfortable with the price, his or her card on file is charged. They need not worry about underpaid cleaners or being overcharged.

The best part is that Handybook screens all its freelancers to avoid employing unqualified people. The firm screens thousands of freelancers who apply after which they pick only 3%. Handybook also offers a money back guarantee. If a customer is not contented with the quality of services provided, Handybook will cover the costs of re-doing the work. It also takes care of damages, about 20% cut for the trouble. Handybook offers something unique: freelancers have the chance to choose when and where they want to work. Freelancers also receive reportable income.

Oisin Hanrahan and Dua met randomly as roommates while in the university. Dua started a networking firm in India after graduating then he later consulted at McKinsey & Company. The two roommates were still kicking around start-up ideas during the first year. The idea of starting Handybook came about when the two thought of the furniture that had sat in the apartment for months without being put together. And that is how they started Handybook. Visit the website, for more information.


White Shark Media Deals With Internet Marketing

It is almost impossible to be successful at internet marketing without dealing with the marketing aspect of things. However, people do find themselves getting stumped when it comes to the marketing. For one thing, a lot of the legitimate ways to bring traffic to the site is really hard and takes a lot of time to deal with. At the same time, some of the easier ways to get traffic are not accepted and they do not convert either. As a result, a lot of people find themselves stuck when it comes internet marketing. Fortunately, there is an alternative. One could buy traffic through advertising.


There is one obstacle to get through with advertising. For one thing, it is important to use the right wording in order for the ads to rank highly if one is using AdWords. The good news is that there are some advertising agencies that are willing to look at the AdWords campaign in order to help the client with their ads. Among these advertising firms is White Shark Media. The professionals that work with this firm are some of the most efficient and professional people when it comes to online advertising. They take the time to make sure that one’s own advertising campaign is really strong.


White Shark Media has done a lot for both strictly online companies and companies that operate mostly in the physical realm. One of the most important things they do is make sure that the target audience not only knows about the items that are being promoted and sold by the client, but also compel them to buy the products so that the client will profit. Also, the customers will be able to enjoy the product and a lot of the advantages that it brings. White Shark Media is one of the best firms to check out for internet marketers.


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Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Focuses on Philanthropy

The decision to start a business is primarily fueled by the motivating self interest of making money and providing great products. While there is nothing wrong with your goal being to make money, there is something admirable about people who strive to do more. Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of video marketing solutions company Talk Fusion, has done more than his part in trying to use his reach and wealth to improve the lives of everyone around him, near and far. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that Reina has turned his company into a worldwide network for good.


Since their inception back in 2007 the guys and girls at Talk Fusion has been climbing up the ladder of top tier networking companies. Over that same time period we’ve also seen CEO Reina turn his profit toward some admirable philanthropic endeavors. Reina made a mark only a little while ago when he made a jaw dropping $1 million dollar donation, which turned out to be a record breaking amount, to the Humane Society of Tampa. Not only has Reina given to the Humane Society but he has also helped to support animal rights groups and even Indonesian orphanages who need the resources to care for their young, innocent charges.


To push things further, Reina has turned his company into a conduit for charity and change throughout the world. Reina is offering a charity account, completely free, for those looking to address their video networking needs while simultaneously improving upon their charitable giving. This free charity account comes stacked with the custom monthly plan. The custom monthly plan possesses branding tools and access to all of the coveted video marketing products that has made Talk Fusion so popular for so long. These charity accounts also help to push money toward the hands of those in need.


Outside of the realm of charitable giving, Talk Fusion has been experiencing some major growth over the course of 2016. The company recently was awarded several major decorations for their sleek and professional Video Chat program. There seems to be plenty more to come for this growing company.

Health and Vitality From The Inside Out Offered by Dherbs


Despite the many innovations that have made life more convenient, the stress and anxiety of the modern lifestyle have taken their toll on health. Busy schedules, environmental pollutants, and poor self-care contribute to the deterioration of the body and mind. To combat these negative effects, it’s vital to consciously take control of our health and nourish it from within. One of the best ways to do that is to use natural products that combat the many ailments caused by the strains of the modern lifestyle.


Facebook fans feel that is an excellent source for anything you need to take control of your health. The full body cleanse offered by the company is an all-natural, 20-day regimen that cleanses and detoxifies the entire body. The ingredients found in this cleanse rid the body of all the accumulated toxins which in turn boosts energy, increases immunity, promotes weight loss and even clears the complexion. Since optimal health involves the mind as well as the body, this cleanse is ideal because it revitalizes all the body systems and promotes mental clarity. The regimen includes 6 formulas, activated charcoal and instructions in the form of a 20-page booklet which makes it easy to begin a healthy lifestyle.


To be fully empowered to make the best choices for a healthy life, it’s important to be informed about how to nurture the body and mind. That’s why is a great site because along with the natural products offered, there is a wealth of information dedicated to helping consumers live their best lives. Taking a proactive approach to health and well-being starts with using tools provided by a reliable source that has proven its commitment to helping others achieve their health goals like  Shop their store here, to see if any cleanse seems to be a good fit for you:


Andy Wirth Opens Doors for the Leisure and Business Traveler

Persons, who are familiar with Andy Wirth, know that Andy is highly motivated. He provides much in the way of improving the view–so to speak–with regard to tourism and for the business traveler. The following article touches on Andy’s appointment as Chairman of the RASC.


Andy Wirth, CEO and President of Squaw Valley Ski, was recently appointed Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. Mr. Wirth, indicated he was very pleased with the appointment, afforded to him, on January 12th of 2016. The parent company of Squaw Valley Ski is Squaw Valley—Alpine Meadows Resorts.


Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation which is known by its acronym of RASC is vital in that it provides promotion of air service into the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. It makes it a point to look for prospective air service organizations, in order to acquire additional flight services, for the airport’s customers. The Board is comprised of hotel and casino-oriented venues, all within the area. In other words, properties, associated with the board are places where leisure and business travelers tend to visit and stay, on a short-term basis. The geography of the service area includes that of S. Lake Tahoe, N. Lake Tahoe and Reno.


Andy was well-pleased with his appointment to the Regional Air Service Corporation. He stated, in so many words, that it was an honor to step into his new position of Chairman. Further, Andy made mention of the fact that he was very willing to serve the RASC. He suggested that a tremendous amount of opportunity existed within the Reno-Sparks area, in way of the tourism trade. Opportunities were also abundant, according to Andy, within the large area of Lake Tahoe. He mentioned, too, that it was his belief, air service, into the region, would be essential, in assuring economic growth continued.


Andy Wirth has brought improvement to airports and air service, on behalf of well-known resorts, located in the United States and Canada. He has been successful in bringing JetBlue to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport as well as placing Alaska Airlines into service.


His appointment as Chairman of the RASC is great news. The RASC was, originally, established in order to provide funds and expert advisement, so that the Reno-Sparks, Lake Tahoe Northern region would be thought of more readily, by the general public, as a destination for travel. The RASC identifies markets on a domestic and international level. It wishes to improve the quality of air service to and from Reno-Tahoe International Airport. It, further, acknowledges general concerns, applicable to tourism and that of the business person, who travel. It responds to issues in a very pro-active positive manner.


Notes Regarding Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski:


Andy Wirth is the CEO and President of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Mr. Wirth works with a spirit of determination, in order to make certain the ski-resort area is that of a primary tourist destination, wherein, individuals come from all parts of the world. He works in a fashion that is tireless. He has been able to contribute, much, in the popularity of the area. He possesses many positive attributes. Andy is philanthropic in nature. He is a significant contributor to many community service organizations; located within the Lake Tahoe area. He also shares the concerns of the environmental community. He understands the needs of his employees. His primary focus is on the area’s improvement; making life better for persons of every age category. Andy, during a critical time in his life, came out of a near fatal sky-diving accident. He co-founded an Iron-man team, as a result of the near fatal accident. It is referred to as “Wounded Warrior Support”. The objective of the organization is to raise funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.


Wherever Andy Wirth goes: improvement seems to follow. When Andy was appointed to head Squaw Valley Ski, he decided to upgrade the resort. His vision, involved improvements, ranging from that of design to culinary specialization. The funding organization of Squaw Valley Ski was KSL Capital Partners. Renovations and improvements, put into effect, amounted to $70 million. Needless to say, today, gorgeous Squaw Valley Ski, easily, is considered one of the finest of ski resorts—internationally.

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The Success of EOS Lip Balm

It is delightful and enjoyable to have sparkling, shiny, smooth, and healthy-looking lips. Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm guarantees you protection and beauty of your lips.

For several years, people have been struggling to find the right lip balm. They had been using the tasteless lip balms that tasted like medicine before the advent of the EOS. The bold and wild individuals commonly used the mint and cherry lip balms.

The pastel colored product went out of the roof once it appeared on the market. In addition, celebrities started using the EOS lip balm thus attracting more users. This boosted the company as they made big sales. Notably, the organization sells over a million units on a weekly basis. Furthermore, the company anticipates selling more units in the future.


EOS is a fast moving product in the market since it is made from organic and natural products. This makes the people have more confidence in the product than in other lip balms in the market. Besides, the company managed to penetrate and succeed in this competitive market by concentrating on the quality of the product available rather than the price. This makes EOS stand out as the highly demanded lip balm in the country. EOS products are available on Walmart stores and online shops like


The EOS lip balm targets both genders. However, a significant number of females use the product as compared to the number of males.


The founders of the EOS lip balm company are Mehra and Jonathan Teller. They both worked in different companies before starting the EOS organization. Despite the massive success, the company directors remain mute about their business strategies. They argue that they sue social media to market the product. In addition, they argue that forming partnerships with other esteemed firms have contributed to the strength of the EOS brand.

Therefore, if you are a woman or a man shopping for a lip balm that would give you the value for your money, then EOS should be your choice.


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Investigator Pro 4.0 has been Released by Securus JLG Technologies

For those who are wondering about the cutting edge in criminal justice technologies and how that is coming along, there is the new development now going live called Investigator Pro 4.0. Now investigators will be able to have voice samples set to memory of inmates or a called party on an inmate’s cell phone. This voice sample can then lead investigators to other cell phones that would have that voice sample in them. Electronic voice prints are used for gang related discovery undercover work. Other bad actors are also revealed in this way to police inspectors who are assigned to finding and uncovering the activities of many ne’er do wells and societal miscreants. The voices of the called parties are also identified this way.


This software is a cutting edge method to proactively stop crimes before they happen with a biometric voice sample angle to it all because of the Investigator Pro 4.0 capability. These samples can be searched and retrieved for other investigative cases so that any particular person of interest can be tailed. Other factual information is revealed as well such as those who have conversations with this person, police record information can be gathered and more information such as contacts who have ties with this individual once he or she is released from prison.


Some of the other great features of this software is the searchable voice group tags, confidence ratings, identification can be made with the tool kit for criminal networks and other inmate telephone networks. This is the pride of the Dallas headquartered Securus software development pioneering and cutting edge investigative technology resource with more than 3,450 public safety and law enforcement connections. Corrections agencies such as Securus will keep the crime rates from spiraling out of control as authorities can be steps ahead of those who would plan to commit them.