Not An Ordinary Coin

Why not Anything Else?

Anyone is entitled to make capital investments. The possibilities are endless since investments can be in almost any area. Those who consider providing a special type service or selling a product can invest their savings into a new business, or rather purchase several stocks from a company of their choice. With this in mind, it’s important to choose an investment that maximizes the opportunity of receiving fast returns.


There are many reasons for investing in gold. As the U.S economy undergoes economic downturns- consisting of inflation, bank failure, unemployment, and a weakened house market- There are not many opportunities to be financially secure. However, keeping gold provides a safeguard from the declining dollar value. Its value has continued to rise, producing an approximate value of $1900 an ounce in 2011. Projected sales in the next couple of years are estimated to be as big as $5000 an ounce.

Geopolitics also has a major influence on the increasing price of gold. People demand gold to become financially stable and secure during periods of turmoil at home. International issues, such as violence in the Middle East and rigid relations between Iran and North Korea, leads to more demand for gold.


The diversification of an investor’s portfolio gives them the opportunity to gain profit. “Wealth and money” is commonly associated with gold, when in fact it’s simply capital. Alongside money, capital and other assets, gold provides a secure value. This can’t be seen in many areas suck as stocks, which are subject to change on a daily basis.


Looking for a reliable and credible gold distributor? The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the best choices to consider. Consisting of an online retailer site, the company specializes in the distribution of U.S government gold, silver and platinum. Their body of experts, including senior gold specialists and professionals from multiple departments (customer relations, business support, inventory, etc.) provides exceptional support to clients.

The coins are produced by the United States Mint, which utilizes the approval of the government to validate the true quality of the coins. In order words, the coins are in their purest form and have precise amounts as stated on the coin. For additional questions, the company can be contacted online.

Spirituality Is Very Important To Joseph Bismark

Being an ambassador for a brand that one believes in is a great honor, and Martina Hingis is excited to get started wit the QI Group. According to BusinessWire,  the QI Group has taken the tennis star on as an ambassador, and she will start wearing their clothing during her matches. Martina Hingis is helping to spread the word about a company that she feels is doing many amazing things. She has the platform needed to do that, and through it she is helping others to learn about a great company.
The man who is running the QI Group has made many great decisions for it through the years, including choosing the right people to represent the company. Joseph Bismark has long been making wise decisions in his life, as he tries hard to exercise his mind as often as he can to keep it sharp, and he is a man who has become highly respected because of that. Joseph Bismark has long been making many wise decisions for his business, including the decision to make spirituality a part of the company when it was first starting out. If there is one man who seems to know what he is doing with every decision that he makes, it is Joseph Bismark.
Joseph Bismark has a lot of respect for the people in the world around him, and that respect has come from his spiritual life. He learned from monks when he was a young boy, and they taught him how to live a good life. He has found an inner peace that allows him to treat others kindly and fairly, and he has found ways to keep himself healthy, as well. He encourages others to do yoga, so that they can experience all of the benefits from doing it, and he has many more things that he does to keep his body in shape, as well. No matter what Joseph Bismark is doing he seems to do it all with a purpose. He is someone who has seen much success because of the way that he has made his personal life a part of his business life, and in that he has been a great example.

Hedge Fund Manager: Kyle Bass

The Founder and President of Hayman Capital is Kyle Bass. Kyle is a very successful investment professional.He is well-known because he is good at predicting matters pertaining to the financial world. For example, he predicted the subprime mortgage crisis. The subprime mortgage crisis was a banking emergency that occurred nationwide from 2007-2009. Home prices declined , which caused foreclosures in many areas.The debt caused a severe global recession. Kyle benefited from the subprime mortgage crisis because he brought credit default swaps. Credit default swaps are a financial swap agreement. The agreement involves that the seller will compensate the buyer in the event of a credit event or loan default.Kyle predicts that in the future the European economy will go into debt.He has expectations for the economy in Argentina and Japan. Because Kyle does so well at predicting future financial crisis, he has gained a lot of media attention.

All of the success Kyle has received though, does not make him perfect.He has also gotten a bad reputation for gambling his money in frantic investments.He made an alliance with Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner.She has been seen as someone who has not really helped Argentina’s economy, but has actually made it worse. Bass continues to take Kirchner’s side even when she decides to make economically illiterate decisions. It is believed that Kyle has , or wants to make unscrupulous deals with the Kirchner dynasty. That is why he keeps choosing Kirchner’s side on every financial decision she makes, regardless of whether it is wrong or right. Kyle’s main preoccupations are oil and Argentina. Some news reports say in 2014 he lost about 30% of his funds. Sometimes his investment strategies don’t always work out.

Kyle launched his first hedge fund in 2006.He launched it after raising $33 million from friends. He also had $10 million saved up. Today , Hayman Capital is known globally for specializing in special situation funds.Kyle has hired investigators before to see how easy it is to obtain a mortgage. He spent a lot of time researching the mortgage market.He is a very intelligent person, because he graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration in Finance and Real Estate Finance.He attended the university on a academic scholarship.Kyle has been serving as an investment manager for many years.He has gained notoriety in the financial services industry.Kyle is the Member of the Board of Directors of UTIMCO. UTIMCO stands for University of Texas Investment Management Company. This company manages over $27 billion in assets. Kyle also serves on the Board of Directors for Troops First Foundation. Bestselling author Michael Lewis mentions Kyle in his book “Boomerang: Travels in The New Third World” .Although Kyle Bass has made negative career choices, overall he is a very successful investment professional.

Brazilian Lawyers Don’t Just Fight Cases In Brazil Thanks To The Global Market

Most men and women that want to be lawyers in Brazil decide to study international law for several reasons. The primary reason is the global market. More Brazilian businesses have a presence in other countries and they need attorneys that know international law. If new lawyers just focused on Brazilian law, many of them would starve before their cases are heard before a court, especially in the big Brazilian cities. The Brazil court system is broken, and the funny thing is most new attorneys know that before they pass the bar exam. Trying to make a living as a lawyer in Brazil can be a challenge because of the number of lawyers practicing in Brazil and the amount of legal cases that are bogging down the judicial system.
One Brazilian lawyer that knows a lot about the law is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto is a partner in the law firm, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Mr. Tosto is an expert in international law as well as in merger and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, electoral law and banking. Tosto said a recent case that was heard by a Miami federal judge is a good example why young lawyers need international law courses. That judge granted a temporary injunction against the state of Florida from enforcing a law that prohibits companies that work in Cuba from working in Florida. Odebrecht Construction, a Florida-based subsidiary of a giant Brazilian construction company was the plaintiff. Brazil and Cuba have been doing business together for years, and the parent company has ongoing projects in Cuba .
The Brazilian lawyers that represented the parent company fought the case in Florida because the new Florida law bans state and local government agencies from awarding firms with foreign-owned parent companies contracts worth $1 million or more. The parent company in this case is expanding the port in Mariel, Cuba, according to Tosto. It seems Florida violated several constitutional issues when they passed the law and the Brazilian lawyers were aware of those constitutional issues thanks to their law school courses. It appears Florida politics got in the way of good business judgment and that happens all over the world, according to Mr. Tosto.
Even though the decision, in this case, is temporary, the Brazilian lawyers feel a permanent decision will come shortly. The court is going to decide that the law is not enforceable, and that happens a lot when laws are passed by politicians that are trying to appease a certain segment of the voting population. The main issues that make the law inoperative in this case are The Foreign Affairs Power, The Supremacy Clause, and the Foreign Commerce Clause. All of those topics are important international issues, and they are taught in most Brazilian law schools, according to Mr. Tosto.

FreedomPop Mobile Is More Than Free

The FreedomPop free mobile service is coming from America to Britain. FreedomPop plans to begin its European expansion in England, and the expansion will include more than just free plans. The free service allows people who cannot afford a cell phone to have a phone, and The Telegraph is reporting extra details of the FreedomPop plans. FreedomPop is going to present Europeans with cell phone plans that are markedly cheaper than anything else that is available today.

#1: 1GB and 2GB Plans

The FreedomPop on google free plan is designed for people on fixed incomes who simply cannot afford any sort of cell phone service. Their free plans are designed to give people a fair amount of options for no money, but there are other plans offered by FreedomPop. FreedomPop offers 1GB and 2GB plans that help people get connected for a small amount of money. FreedomPop is not the free service plan provider so much as it is the cheapest service provider.

#2: Mimicking Success In America

The FreedomPop plan started in America as a way to help people who were receiving special services from the government. FreedomPop works with welfare systems and low-cost insurance companies to offer cell phones to those in need. The system took off in America, and the service helps millions of people who live on fixed incomes. The population in Europe is getting much older, and the refugee population is growing by the day.

#3: Expanding Service To Other European Countries

FreedomPop is using the English market as a test run for their European expansion. The services will move to other European countries based on how well the service does in the UK. There are over 50 million people in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland alone, and there are many who need to get connected with a free or cheap service. Cell service is even harder to find in Europe due to strict regulation of the communications industry, but FreedomPop is breaking down barriers to communication that the disenfranchised face every day.

The FreedomPop plan is to offer more service less money. People can get a free cell phone plan when their income dips below a certain level, but normal customers can purchase cheap cell phone plans that will not break their budgets. FreedomPop is changing the landscape of the industry by redefining what is affordable, what is cheap and what services customers can come to expect.

The World Is In Financial Chaos-Buy Gold To Protect Your Investments


Gold is a “Precious” metal. The word precious is key here. Something precious is sought after. Gold has been used extensively going back to the ancient Egyptians up to this day. Something precious has value. When you buy gold you are buying a physical asset-one that you can hold, trade or keep for future price appreciation. Looking back at the Dot Com bubble we saw paper stocks turn worthless in a matter of months. So too, during the stock market crash of 2008-2009 we saw some 7 trillion of paper assets just vanish into worthless paper. During that time gold skyrocketed to new all time highs. Why? Investors saw their paper assets evaporate and wanted an asset that would hold its value. Gold was that asset.

Why Gold Now?

The world is facing a crisis of monumental proportions. Governments throughout the world have been issuing bonds like there is no tomorrow. The world debt has grown so immense that there is no way to pay off this debt. Unlike the 2008-09 crash that involved mainly derivatives issued by banks, the present crisis is far worse because it is Sovereign or Government debt. These two numbers will give you an insight into the magnitude of the crisis. World debt now stands at around $500 trillion. World GDP-that is all the goods and services produced stands at about $75 trillion. The crisis is worldwide. We see Brazil in a deep financial crisis. We see Europe putting a finger in the dyke trying to keep the Euro afloat. The Separatists in Spain have just gained power there. Greece is bankrupt. Some German banks are not meeting reserve standards. This is just the tip of the iceberg. As an investor you need protection from this chaos. Gold has always been a sound investment in times of uncertainty.

Where to Buy Your Gold

The US Money Reserve is one of the best firms for buying your gold, silver and platinum coins. The company is staffed with professionals who can work with you on an individual basis to set up a portfolio that meets your needs.

The coins they sell have all been graded by an independent grading service. Gold coins are graded from 1-70. US Money Reserve sells coins graded 70 and 69. This means you are buying the finest coins on the market.

US Money Reserve offers a Price Protection Plan. You can re-price your order within 7 days if the US Money Reserve selling price for these qualifying coins decreases during the 7day period. They also offer a full money back refund if you are not satisfied and return the coins to the company.

Top Tips On Investing Wisely

The best investment is a smart investment. With that being said, knowing HOW to invest money wisely is vital to financial freedom. Every wonder how the rich stay rich, and the poor… well, that speaks for itself. This article should point you in the right direction to smart investing.

Whether you work for someone else or have your own business, it is never too late to invest in your financial future. Even if you are a long way from retirement, the more you invest now, the more you will have when you reach an elderly age. You should avoid investments that are illegal or unethical because you lose out in the end, and you could have legal troubles. Choose a qualified investment banker who can help you make smart investments. You would then monitor your investments and build on them throughout the year.

The first step in wise investing is figuring out why you are investing. Do you want to save up for your retirement and your child’s college education? Are you trying to purchase a building so you can expand your company? When you know the purpose of your investments, it becomes easier to stick to your goals and not get too distracted with activities that take you away from your financial goals. Then you should create a workable investment plan for the future.

You want to meet with a professional banker who can help you with investing. One such company is Madison Street Capital. This international investment firm offers financial planning advice for investors and it specializes in mergers and acquisitions of major companies. This company also offers asset management services and it allows you to ensure that your assets are earning revenue for you. Madison Street Capital also helps your business stay in compliance with federal tax laws.

You must utilize diversification when investing because it means greater financial success. You can invest some of your funds in a rental property while putting your other funds in your retirement account. Then you can put all other surplus funds in savings bonds. Or you might decide to try the stock market. By diversifying your investments you protect yourself in the event of losses.

Consider annuities when making investments. The two kinds of annuities that exist are fixed and variable. Fixed annuities offer you a steady stream of income and this is especially beneficial for retirees or even working families. Variable annuities give you a greater return but are high risk. The earnings from variable annuities are based on how well the funds perform. In conclusion, with the above mentioned steps you will be a wise and fruitful investor.

Tips for the Best Online Dating Experience

Getting in touch with information and people has become easier and more fun. This is attributed to the technological developments that have happened in the recent past. The development of the online arena is a great milestone to enhancing the art of communication. There are many websites that offer products on different categories. Most importantly, social sites have made life fun and more enjoyable. One of the most notable advancements that have occurred in this light is the development of dating websites, where people can meet with potential dating partners. To tread seamlessly, one needs to have some information that can help to make the process easy and beneficial. Here are tips that will guide through when searching for love online.

The first things that one needs to put into consideration are the fact that there are different types of people online. The fact that it is a dating website it does not mean every member who joins does so with the intention of finding a partner. Some are merely interested in swindling other member and their profiles are not genuine. This is the lot that anyone needs to observe keenly. But how can one identify fraudsters? This is the greatest challenge when it comes to getting love online. It is necessary to search for information about a person before connecting with them. In most cases, people are swayed by impressive profiles that are made to look beautiful and professional. It is advisable to request for video calls to confirm the photo used on the profile belongs to the person.

In some instances, it becomes difficult to attract the right people and this is mainly attributed to the way the profile is set to look. Long descriptions that offer ambiguous details make it difficult for people to trust you and will only repulse potential partners. The photo used should be original and not downloaded images as this attracts suspicion from other partners. Also ensure the language used on the profile is clear and reflects directly to the target audience. Otherwise, it will be difficult to spot serious individuals who match the qualities presented.

Browse through different profiles to make a more definite choice. Applications like Skout offer one an easy procedure when linking up with individuals who can make potential partners. Skout is designed on INSTAGRAM  in a unique manner that makes it easy for members to connect with other users on the website. There are many search options with one of them being the sorting criteria that are based on age.

Also don’t go crazy after seeing pictures. Most people do not use their exact details when joining dating websites. This should tell that one needs to first get the credibility of a member before trusting one. Even when the pictures look great, one can miss on a god person because of the way pictures look, which might be misleading in real sense. Get facts before jumping into conclusions so as to save yourself the embarrassment of having to deal with a fraudster.

FreedomPop Is Expected To Do Well In The UK

FreedomPop, a company that offers free mobile services, has recently begun the process of bringing the company over to the UK. The company is excited to be able to do that, and it is excited to be able to keep expanding out. The company wants to be able to keep growing and moving all across the globe. And people can get excited about that because when they are using FreedomPop’s services they will be able to save a lot of money.

FreedomPop on is offered for free, but there are also some upgrades available to those who choose to use them. The upgrades are available for a low price, and so even when someone wants something a bit better than what FreedomPop offers for free, they will still be able to save a lot of money. This company has gotten many people interested because of that, and people in the UK are finally able to experience what FreedomPop is all about.

FreedomPop has been able to grow very quickly in the United States, and it expects to do just as well in the UK. The people behind the company believe that once people in the UK find out what the mobile service is all about that they will be quick to join up with it, and that the company will be able to get just as many subscribers over there as it has in the United States.
All of these things about FreedomPop and how they are expanding into the UK were originally posted in an article released on Digital Trends.

Women Fighting for Human Rights

The United Nations is one of the largest human rights organizations in the world. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is listed on the organizations website and was started after World War 2 when Hitler still roamed the earth. The idea behind the creation of the Declaration was to help protect every human on the earth and to keep things like the Nazi’s did during the war from ever happening again. There are several other organizations that now help to promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some of these groups include the International Federation for Human Rights, Amnesty International, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and the American Library Association. Along with the organizations that fight for human rights there are some amazing individual humans that dedicate their lives to advocate for these same rights.

Before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ever thought of Ms. Angelina Grimke was fighting for the rights of human beings to live free. Grimke was born in February of 1805 in South Carolina. spent her time advocating for the rights of slaves to be free as well as for the rights of women. She began by just standing on her soap box and sharing her opinion on these subjects with others, but since many would not listen she turned to writing columns in local newspapers. In 1835 she joined a group that had the same ideas that she did called the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society. Angelina and her sister both spoke at lectures around the United States in hopes to end slavery and this opened the door to many other groups with the same opinion to start up. Although Ms. Grimke passed away in October of 1879 that did not stop her from being inducted into the National Hall of Fame and this occurred in 1998.

Yeonmi Park is another brave young woman that has been dedicating her life to fight for human rights. Yeonmi Park on nknews and her mother are both escapees from North Korea, which happened when she was only 9 years old. Since the moment that she found a taste of freedom in South Korea young Park has been advocating for freedom of all of the citizens within her home country.

Aung San Suu Kyi was born in June of 1945 in Myanmar which is now known as Burma. She was a politician as well as a very large advocate of human rights as well as an advocate for non violence. She wished for her home land to have a democracy and that is why she chose politics. She helped to start the National League for Democracy because of her ideas. In July of 1989 Aung San Suu Kyi was arrested and she would serve her sentence in her home. She was given options while arrested that would allow for her freedom but this meant her leaving the country to get it. She chose to stand by her people. During this time Aung San Suu Kyi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as well as the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. The house arrest of that time would not be her first trip to incarceration and many attempts were made to end her political career as well as her life. Despite the years being held prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi never gave up on her fight to help mankind.