Walmart Sells Variety Of Purina Products

What better way to let your dog know you love them than buying them Beneful brand dog food. Beneful is one of the most sought after dog foods by avid pet lovers. This product is widely available all across the Walmart chain. Not only do they sell Purina Beneful dog food at one of the best prices, they also have coupons and a great variety.


Beneful dog food has two main types. The first is a dry dog food blend. The dry dog food is made with all natural and real ingredients, not to mention its all natural. The three main flavors available for purchase include flavors like real chicken, beef, and real salmon with a healthy weight option. The bags are sold anywhere from $13.98 to $33.98 depending on what size you get. The bags come in sizes ranging from 15 pounds to 40 pounds.


Wet dog food is available in the same flavors and is also sold in a variety of sizes. They have 3 ounce cans as well as 10 ounce containers. The price changes depending on the size you buy, but not on flavor.


Coupons are offered right now on the main BenefulWalmart website. This means you can save a ton of money on products you’ll love.

Greg Secker Generosity and Ability to Invest in Others Has Been a Sure Recipe for His Success

Greg Secker has found a standing in all sectors of his undertakings. He has over the years mastered his skills as a trader. His generosity has seen him become an exceptional philanthropist and a public speaker. He has always been driven by his passion to make other people’s lives better. All his companies under the conglomerate Knowledge to Action Group seeks to achieve this desire. His companies include Learn to Trade, Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, and The Greg Secker Foundation.


His Motivation


The beginning was not smooth. He had to reassess his steps over and over whenever he failed to hit his target. This experience led him to create workshops that would ensure other people succeed with their first attempt. He understood the required skills to conquer in this field. He was also aware that acquiring these skills was costly. After studying the market, Secker realized that there was no place that people could get training at affordable rates. This realization led him to start a company that allowed people learn the tricks of the foreign trade. His aim was to provide a low-risk platform for betterment of their lives.


Continued Growth


Greg Secker notes that the biggest trick in foreign exchange is to know how and when to invest. With his skills, his business was able to rise in a very short time. In just three months, he was able to make a massive turnover. He added into his capital by reinvesting his profits. This move broadened his money-making platform. His close partners were the first to witness his success and sought to learn the skills. They made his first trainees. His quest to learn something from the people he meets has always been an essential recipe for his success.


About Greg Secker


Greg Secker kick-started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services. Soon after, he ventured into the foreign trade industry. Greg was the first to create a one of its kind real-time forex trading system, The Virtue Trading Desk. He then Worked for Mellon Financial Corporation.


Greg Secker started his business on a simple note, operating from his home. He has since grown his business extensively with offices in South Africa, London, and Australia.

Clay Siegall Is Doing A Lot Of Work In The Healthcare Sector

Cancer is a deadly disease that continues to kill people all across the world. This is why many organization, as well as research centers, are working hard to research and analyze in order to find a cure for this deadly disease.


Clay Siegall is well-known as a leading scientist. He has invested a lot of his time and other resources in conducting research. His focus is on eradicating cancer from the world. He is the President, Chief Executive Officer as well as Chairman of the Board of Director of Seattle Genetics.


It was in 1998 that he co-founded Seattle Genetics. Since then the company has continued to develop some of the best antibody-based therapies for people suffering from cancer. This treatment has helped to mitigate the effects of this disease.


Clay Siegall has done his graduation in Zoology from the Maryland University. He has done his Ph. D. in Genetics. He earned this from the George Washington University. After that Clay Siegall built his career in scientific research. Today he is among the most successful as well as recognized scientists in the field of medical research with regard to cancer therapies


He is responsible for securing funds for his company. Clay Siegall initiated it through public participation. It was in 2001 that he helped Seattle Genetics in raising more than 300 million dollars. This was from the general public. This money was used to improve research in his center.


Clay Siegall has contributed personally and professionally at Seattle Genetics. This is why they continue to improve on their results.


Clay Siegall also contributes by signing agreements in order to form a partnership with several other multinational companies all across the world. This is done in order to improve service delivery. Seattle Genetics has just entered into a partnership with Genentech. This deal is worth $800 million.


He had worked in many other organizations before he founded Seattle Genetics. He was with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 to 1997. What he learned here helped him to reach great heights in his field of research and analysis. Clay Siegall has helped in the mitigation of cancer in a big way.


Matthew Autterson Success as Investment Advisor

Investment management can be said to be the professional management of assets and securities with a specific goal, beneficial to the investor. Assets can be real estate or other assets. A full package of investment management consist of financial statement analysis, asset, and stock selection, plan implementation and monitoring of the investments.



Institutions like insurance firms and education establishments can benefit by being investors. They pay an investment management firm to advice on the best investment to take and how to go about it. Private investors, too are allowed to invest either through investment contract or collective investment scheme like the mutual funds.


The top firms

Investment management firms are companies that at a fee offer professional management consulting service, liquidity and diversification of asset management, depending on the investor’s goal. To succeed these companies have skilled and experienced professionals to ensure every aspect of the investment is taken care of. The fund managers who are the primary advisers on the investors, compliance team to ensure all legislation and regulations are followed. Internal auditors work is to keep eyes on the internal control systems, track and record transactions.


About Matthew

Matthew Autterson is an investment management professional with over twenty years of experience in investment, accounting, and finance. He is also the co-founder and the principal wealth adviser at WIN Wealth Management. Mr. Autterson assists clients to identify appropriate risk profile for their portfolio, provide consultations especially when markets are not going so well and advice on tax and estate planning issues. As a life insurance agent, Matthew Autterson also offers to give advice on life insurance and long-term care insurance.


Before co-founding WIN, Matthew Autterson was the Vice President of Registered Investment Adviser in Minneapolis and was also a registered representative at American Express and Royal Alliance. He was a practicing CPA and an adjunct professor of financial management at North Iowa Area Community College. Matthew Autterson graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the Buena Vista University.

Felipe Montoro Jens: Infrastructure Specialist

Infrastructure specialist, Felipe Montoro, has revealed that waste levels have decreased in Brazil. It was revealed that the Brazilian water sector had received the concessions generated by the BNDES program well.


The concessions are the result of the Brazilian government collaborating with BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development). The Trata Brasil president, Edison Carlos has also confirmed that the provision of the services will develop the sanitation and water departments immensely. Trata Brasil is an organization that deals with essential sanitation services.


Currently, 90% of Brazil’s sanitation services are provided by the public sector and 70% of the people who use them depend on the states’ services. However, if both the public and private sectors co-exist then they will work more efficiently. Mr. Carlos also stated that the private sector would gain a lot of knowledge through the experienced government workers.


The scarcity of water in Brazil is caused by lack of efficient water management. Although the government provides finances to the water department, there’s still room for the private sector to add more resources to the limited assets. Felipe Montoro Jens pointed out that with competent management the water sector will stand to gain a lot and the issue of water scarcity will be solved.


In addition to this, the agreements of both entities should be done in a transparent and efficient manner. Each contract should also have clear objectives to provide ease of by the Brazilian government.


About Felipe Montoro Jens:


Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian infrastructure specialist. Mr. Montoro has worked with various reputable organizations as an infrastructure planner, financial adviser, and strategist. He is also affiliated with a variety of boards and he sits on some of them under various roles.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens attended the Fundao Getlio Vargas and attained a degree in business administration.Felipe also holds a Masters in international management which he attained from The American Garvin School of International Management in the USA.



Eucatex Providing Eco-Friendly Solutions for a Sustainable Environment

It is only recently that industrialists, and other global environmental bodies have revamped their efforts of mitigating the impact of industrially manufactured products on the environment. Eucatex Inc. has been in operation ever since 1951, a time when there were no stringent regulations on environmental concerns. The company has been relentless in its quest to produce goods aimed at satisfying the needs of the construction industry with a concern for the surrounding.


What Makes Eucatex a Leading Brand?


Ever since its inception, the company has grown to be a renowned producer of flooring materials, for instance; tiles made from the Eucalyptus plant, paints, wall partitions, hardboards, aperture panels and doors. Its exponential growth is mainly owed to their commitment to maintain an eco-friendly approach to its production systems, and good leadership from its President, Mr. Flavio Maluf.


Hatched from Americana Saw Mills, Eucatex Inc. made the absolute resolution to use softwoods in manufacture of products, because cultivating softwood trees was much less involving, for the seedlings mature rather faster than other hardwoods like Mahogany. Eventually, that move eased pressure on the incessant logging that was progressively reducing the Amazon.


The Current Situation


Today, the company boasts of being the No. 1 leader in the production of construction and building supplies in Brazil and the greater South American continent. As a matter of fact, the management initiated a project designed to nurse Eucalyptus seedlings meant for growing within their property. The project’s objective was to create an environmentally sustainable production system.


About Mr. Flavio Maluf


Born in Brazil in 1961 to a political family, Mr. Maluf went to Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation located in Sao Paolo. It was there that he earned an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He later joined The University of New York, where he studied Business Administration. He assumed a position in the university as a professor: a position he held for a short term.


The year 1987, marked his successful career as an entrepreneur, for it was then that he was affiliated to Eucatex. He served as an official in the head offices, but later on, he moved to the industrial line of the company. He was eventually elected by the Eucatex Board of Directors as the President in 1997.

Honey Birdette Has Got the Goods

Honey Birdette is a lingerie brand that began in Australia in 2006. They have just dedicated their new e-commerce site in response to the 374% increase in 12 months form their US customers. The new site will have faster shipping, easier returns, and even offers free shipping on purchases of over $50.

Honey Birdette is planning on expanding it three stores to 40 in the UK by the end of 2018 and is even targeting the US for new retail openings. Honey Birdette opened its very first store outside of Australia and it is located in London’s Covent Garden. There are now two more locations-one in Leeds’ Victoria Gate, and one in Westfield White City. Honey Birdette is expanding to 10 more locations including in Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Westfield Stratford, to name a few. Honey Birdette is expected to have as many as 40 stress by the end of next year and already has 55 stores in Australia. Europe is not out of the picture, either and they pan to expand there in the future.

Honey Birdette came to be because two friends weren’t going to settle for anything less than grand when it came to their lingerie needs. They decided to take it upon themselves to create an entirely new lingerie market that didn’t blend into all the rest already out there.

Honey Birdette is much more than just a brand, but is rather an experience. When you walk through the glossy black door into one of Honey Birdette’s parlors, you will feel pampered by the lush décor and you can even sip champagne as you browse the sensual collections of lingerie and bedroom items that will bring some spark into any bedroom. Honey Birdette is all about feeling sexy and embracing the sensual side of your relationship.


Find more information on Honey Birdette on their YouTube channel.

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasistha Is On the Cutting Edge

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasistha is a licensed medical practitioner who accepts Medicare assignments. He has been licensed by the state of New Jersey where he practices medicine at Evesham Road in Voorhees, New Jersey. He is a part of a practice group known as Eastern Neurodiagnostic Assoc Pc where he works with his colleagues to provide life changing medical treatments. He is a renowned expert in the fields of neurology and psychiatry.


Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishtha’s reputation has spread over a period of 38 years. In that time he has accumulated diverse experience that helped him to master his field. He graduated from medical school in the year 1979 from Government Medical College Nagpur. Furthermore, he has an association with Kennedy University Hospital where there are many doctors working together to advance the field of neurology to help people.


There is a new line of research in Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta’s field of expertise that provides hope to those suffering from multiple sclerosis. Patients were given a dose of therapy to suppress their immune system, then they were given stem cells. The researchers in charge of this study hoped that this would somehow stop their immune systems from attacking their central nervous systems. It worked.


The patients were called back in 5 years later. 69% of the patients had survived this terrible illness that normally kills people within two years. Their symptoms had not gotten worse because they had no relapse of their multiple sclerosis and no additional brain lesions. Compared to other studies in the field, this study was a resounding success. If you know someone who is suffering from multiple sclerosis, a doctor like Shiva Gopal Vasishta may be able to use this new method of treatment help. He accepts medicare and works hard to remain on the cutting edge of treatment, so he can save people’s lives.

Red Carpet Fashion in Don Ressler’s Eyes

Every now and then, there are people that push the boundaries of fashion. Often times, the results are met with ridicule. However, after all is said and done, those people are often considered heroes and heroines for pushing fashion in the direction it eventually goes in. One of the examples of pushing the boundaries of fashion is the rare celebrity on the red carpet. For instance, Lady Gaga was daring when she has showed up to the red carpet in a lamb chop dress. This has caused a lot of attention. Many people have had things to say about it. However, this has given Lady Gaga a lot of attention and a reputation for self expression.

Don Ressler is hoping to do something similar with fashion by pushing the boundaries and getting it to go in the direction he wants which is a free for all. Ressler wants there to be a huge diversity of clothing so that anyone can enjoy fashion. One of the goals is to bring society to where people can dress in all kinds of ways and be accepted. While society does have a long way to go, it is making progress for both men and women.

Read more: JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group – Business Insider

With TechStyle, people are getting to see some very unique and likable items in their closets. According to Don Ressler with a lot of thought and creativity being put towards the designs of the clothes, people are very likely to enjoy wearing outfits that are out of the norm. Many people have discovered that there is a lot of beauty and unity in diversity. The same can be shown in fashion according to When people are dressed in different ways that are a representation of who they really are, they are going to be more at peace with themselves. At the same time, they are going to get along better with others.

Learn more about Don Ressler:

Felipe Montoro Jens: Expert in Sanitation and Business

Felipe Montoro Jens participated in the GLA forum for increasing opportunities in Brazil. The form was a meeting of some of Brazil’s most influencial businesspeople. Financiers, bankers, brokers, and government infrastructure contractors were attendance. Felipe Montoro Jens said that certain companies have the best structure in terms of government contracts for infrastructure. About the forum, he said, “CO & CIO are good writers and write good articles about infrastructures.” He feeles that the best format for a seminar is one that brings together the elements necessary for open discussion and meeting of the minds.

Many events going on in the same place. The GLA is set up so that proximity of buildings is efficient; one event will be held in a specific location and the hotels or other seminars will be close by. Many benefactors are able to meet and discuss new projects, private conversations, and more general views of organizations. Opportunities to talk to investors are in abundance. Banks, multilaterals, and portfolio managers were there to help facilitate the flow of funds into infrastructure projects. Felipe felt this was an invaluable opportunity to get funding and exchange ideas for projects in infrastructure.

Felipe Montoro Jens began working in the public sector in the field of finance. After this, he decided to work in the high-profile private sector. He is now an infrastructure expert. He also held a rewarding position as Director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A. where he operated, oversaw, and maintained the Trasvase of the Olmos project (water irrigation systems in Brazil). Of the water irrigation system, and possible improvements, Jens has voiced his professional opinion that the lack of water is the main cause of funding for infrastructure projects by public companies. The president said that the present Brazilian circumstance requires the average meticulousness of such associations so that there is a huge change in the budgetary circumstance of open foundations, says Felipe Montoro Jens.