Things You Ought to Know About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and CEO of the DAMAC Group. The company started as a specialist catering and expanded into real estate. It has its headquarters in Dubai, and also owns a couple of offices in places such as; North Africa, Middle East, Subcontinent, CIS States, and the Far East.

Since its launching in 2002, DAMAC Group has developed over 15,500 apartments and is currently planning to build 40,000 more. Today, DAMAC boasts of being behind the sale and construction of many properties in the United Arab Emirates and London. As a result, DAMAC Properties, today, is among the biggest real estate firms

The company has a listing in the London Stoke Exchange and is valued at $4 billion. Sajwani owns 72 percent of DAMAC properties and has a net worth of $ 3.2 billion. Sajwani is an accomplished business person with investments in real estates like the Akoya community. This particular property is located 15 minutes away from Dubai. The enormous project is expected to feature mansions, lavish villas, retail centers, and apartments with a golf course bearing Trump’s name.

Hussain Sajwani is a great marketer and started by luring real estate buyers with free luxury cars for purchase. Hussain Sajwani was not born in a wealthy family. He grew up in an ordinary middle-class family. His father was selling watches while his mother was hawking shirts, Parker pens, and goods imported from China. Mostly, his mother operated her business door to door in the neighborhood.

In 1978, Sajwani received a government scholarship to the University of Washington where he studied economics and engineering. Upon graduation, he worked for GASCO as a contract manager. Over and over again, Hussain has made many risky investment decisions, which have all paid handsomely.

Hussain Sajwani does not hold any political position or have any political issues. The CEO is married and has four children. Just like any other parent, he wants his children to get good education and morals. Sajwani is a board member of Majan University College located in New York. Also, he serves in the board of the US & Emirates Takaful company based in Abu Dhabi. Besides, he has been a close business associate of Donald Trump and promoted his brand in UAE.


Financier and Economy Predictor- Jim Hunt of VTA Publications

Recently the United States of America conducted a Presidential election that left many investors as well as business people in shock and disbelief. The President of the United States Donald Trump, in his campaign mentioned the rules and the regulations that he will enact once the people of his nation elect him as President. Some of the rules has have left investors terrified as they are sure they will affect the economy as well as the global market on President Trump promise to evaluate the laws concerning foreigners and foreign investors in his country. According to economist, the rules will affect organizations world over. In the history of the United States Presidents, Donald Trump is the only President who has been unpredictable something that will affect the world’s economy on

Despite the harsh predictions of the world’s economy and the way Trump’s regulations will affect the market, Jim Hunt has been a symbol of encouragement and hope to most investors all around the world. Mr. Jim Hunt VTA Publications has a weekly scrutiny, and he has been giving his clients information about the market in video form. In his videos he has been a great help to new investors as well as those in the market by showing them a different view of how the market and he assist them to know the financial future of the market. Jim Hunt has been able to achieve this by taking a calm and fair data of the international market that surrounds the investor.

Jim Hunt has been giving his customers and followers information in video form, and recently his information took a different turn. Mr. Jim took his clients back in the 80’s and the flashback has been of a great significant to his followers as it has helped them make clear comparison between the early market trend and the current market trend. Regardless of the hope and the encouragement Jim Hunt VTA Publications has been providing the investors with, he mentioned that there is hesitation about the world’s economy due to the political happenings. The United States politics affected the market days before the nation went to the elections. However the stock market thrived after the elections something that brought shock to most investors.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications was primarily established to offer distance learning courses and also as an event organizer for a specified field. VTA Publications can be described as a realistic publisher which was founded in 2012 and has been delivering their services allover the world. The company distributes tailor made products and services which are offered both in physical and digital forms at VTA also acts as a booking agent for events organized to teach on finance and economy.

One on one with millionaire Tech/Real Estate investor Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is one of the current managing members of the Madison Partners, LLC. Before he joined the company, he was working with Zinio, LLC, which is the largest digital newsstand on the globe. Accoridng to, he has also worked with NaviSite, which is also a digital company listed on NASDAQ. He has also worked as a private financial advisor for the Vera Wang Company for close to 7 years. He started his investments in both real estate and technology in 2011 when NaviSite was acquired by The Time Warner Company. We caught up with Arthur and asked him a few questions relating to the success that he has experienced in investing so far and this is what he had to say.

Where he got the idea of Madison Partners, LLC

When asked where the idea of his present company came from, he stated that after selling his first business, NaviSite, he decided that he wanted to switch gears and invest in technology. He wanted to expand by investing in the condominium market in New York and Florida. When picking a name for his business, he had to find something that would encompass all his interests.

How his typical day is like and how he makes it productive

He states on that he has been having an easy time running his business because his current business does not need fixed schedules for conferences and meetings. His current projects include the completion of several Townhouses in Sullivan Street, New York and also a luxury Condo in Tribeca.

The trend that excites him the most

When asked about the trend that excited him the most, he stated that biotech was his passion, especially the research being carried out on the treatment of cancer. He stated that even though he is not medically trained, he has an active interest in a number of approaches.

The one habit that makes him a productive entrepreneur

When asked about the habit he felt made him very productive as an entrepreneur, he stated that resilience was his string suit. Trying different businesses and failing in some has helped him know the things to avoid hence his current success.

His mindset and ideologies will take Arthur even further in the world of entrepreneurship.


Outstanding Contributions to Comparative Law

Comparative law is a discipline that studies and analyzes the differences and the similarities in between laws and constitutions of the different countries in the world. It involves the study of the various legal systems or ”families” in the world which includes civil law, common law, socialist law, Jewish law, Chinese law, Islamic law, Hindu law, etc. The field of comparative law has grown in importance because of the economic globalization and internationalism. The first professor of Comparative law was Sir Henry James Sumner Maine who was also a British jurist and a professor at Oxford University. Today, more and more law students are fascinated by the discipline of comparative law and its high importance in the world. See this:



According to, one of the most renowned and inspiring persons working in the field of comparative law is Sujit Choudhry. He is a former student at Harvard Law School and went on to pursue a highly successful career. He has worked at many prestigious institutions such as New York University School of Law, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, and Supreme Court of Canada. He is an internationally recognized authority on comparative constitutional law. He combines his wide-range research with practical knowledge and skills as an advisor to constitution building processes including Egypt, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Nepal, Libya, Jordan, Tunisia, and Ukraine. He has done lectures and speeches in over two dozen countries all around the world. He has inspired and educated thousands of law students who have chosen to follow in his footsteps. His research focuses on constitutional design as a tool to transition from violent conflict and unlawfulness to peaceful understanding and tolerance in societies divided by ethnical and religious differences. His wide-ranging research also includes topics such as federalism, semi-presidential, bill of rights, official language policy, minority and group rights, constitution building and many others. His work does not stop there. Sujit Choudhry has also hugely contributed to the field of comparative law with his edited collections which include titles such as The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation?, The Migration of Constitutional Ideas. He is currently a member of some institutions such as the Board of Editors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the Editorial Advisory Board for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law and Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review. Professor Sujit Choudhry will continue to contribute to the field and inspire law students all over the world.



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Troy McQuagge: USHEALTH Group’s Newly Crowned CEO Of The Year

Being a CEO of a company isn’t just about fancy suits and a title. It is about hours of countless dedication to an organization and the ability to help the company grow and prosper. Troy McQuagge is an example of a CEO who sets extremely high standards for himself and works hard to achieve it. His efforts and hard work have been recognized as Troy were recently given the award of CEO of The Year by One Planet Awards. The award is an internationally recognized standard of excellence for CEOs and people in business hailing from various fields and industries. One Planet Awards pays homage to notable people from different sectors and selects the winners for various categories based on how proficient they are in their field and how well they run their company.


Troy currently heads USHEALTH Group, a leading expert in providing health insurance. With its headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas, the company provides health insurance to small time business owners, entrepreneurs, small industries as well as individual households. Troy has been serving as the CEO of the company since 2014. Since his appointment to the position of CEO, Troy has helped the company achieve immense amounts of success. The company has grown significantly over the years, becoming the health insurance leader it is today. The share rate increase of USHEALTH Group has been a whopping 1,092%, and a large part of the credit goes to Troy McQuagge.


In the past, Troy has had numerous honors and awards bestowed upon him for his exemplary work at USHEALTH Group. He has been given numerous prestigious awards like the Most Innovative CEO of the Year by CEO World Awards and the award for Sales Growth Achievement of the Year by the Stevie Awards.


In an article that was published by soon after he received his award, Troy mentioned how ecstatic he was to be the recipient of this prestigious award. He further elaborated that this award belonged not only to him but every member of USHEALTH Group who has worked tirelessly to make the company what it is today.


Troy believes that the success of the company is significantly dependent on its workforce. Troy is known for being a great source of motivation for the employees within his company. His extensive work experience in the field of health insurance coupled with the incredible people skills he possesses is the main reason why Troy is regarded as one of the top CEOs in the entire world.


As he continues to carry on the long legacy of USHEALTH Group, Troy aims to keep the company’s name standing high as one of the best in the entire world. He believes that through constant and efficient customer care, USHEALTH Group can be the number one answer to customers looking for a solution to their expensive health care woes.


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Equities First Offers The Finest Loan Services For Large Businesses

Large businesses may need extra money to operate through a difficult time, or they may take the loan to improve their cash flow. The flow of money into and out of a business may change when they contact Equities First for assistance, and there are several loan companies that may use this company for a loan without condition. This article explains how Equities First offers their services to each new client.


#1: How Are Customers Served?


Customers are given a consultation for their loans, and they may ask the company how much they are willing to offer in a high-value loan. The loans that are offered to customers are quite helpful as they may be quite large. The size of the loan is between the customer and Equities First, and there are companies that may walk in the door knowing the exact amount they need.


#2: How Are Loan Applications Written?


Loan applications at Equities First do not require an explanation for the loan, and someone who completes an application need only offer basic information about their business. The information sent to the company is required quickly, and it is used to approve the loan in a short period of time. The clients need not wait for their money to be sent when they may have their loans closed in a matter of moments.


#3: Closing With Equities First


Closing a loan with the company is quite simple as they have a lawyer come to meet the client for each closing. They save quite a lot of time and money on each closing by ensuring the client merely signs on the dotted line, and they release funds to the client at the time of closing. The importance of closing is not lost on the firm, and they will ensure clients may close in days if they so choose.


#4: How Much May Be Borrowed?


Large businesses may take massive loans from the company at any time, and they will offer a package that offers the terms and conditions the customer prefers. Customers who have an idea of the terms they prefer may make a special request of the company.Equities First accommodates every customer with a need, and they are willing to loan millions where necessary to their large clients. The clients have built businesses that require extra cash, and they may walk away with the fund needed as soon as possible.


Arthur Becker

There are a lot of people today who are looking for investment opportunities. If you are ready to take your life to a new level, this is the way to go. Arthur Becker is a person who has invested in many areas throughout the economy. His investments range from real estate to technology, and he knows how to find value in a deal. If you are looking to learn from someone who has a lot of experience investing, he is the perfect person for you.

Arthur Becker

From the time he was young, Arthur Becker has always been concerned about money. He has made it his life mission to build wealth in a number of ways. Not only will he help you get to the next level in a variety of areas, but he will also invest with you for the future. If you want to learn from him, he has written a variety of books and articles on this subject. In addition, he is really active with his readers on his website. This is a great way to get started with all of the changes that you can make in your life to become a better investor.

Real Estate

Investing in real estate requires a lot of hard work and capital. The NY Times reveals how Arthur Becker has done a great job building an empire over the years. Not only does he want to help others, but he also wants to take things to the next level in a variety of areas. He is ready to start thinking about the future as it relates to real estate and investing. When you invest in real estate, it is a long term purchase that you must think about for many years. This is not the type of purchase that is easy to turn around and never think about again. Over the long term, Arthur Becker is the type of person who can help you learn anything.

From where he started, Arthur Becker is now in a great position financially. However, he still thinks that he has a lot of work to do in order to get to the next level. For more info,

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A New Mobile Application from David Osio and His Associates

The real estate market plays a very important role in improving the economy, but this market is becoming harder to understand with time. Because of this, many stakeholders in this industry including real-estate experts realize that they need to learn a lot so as to be able to be successful. Fortunately, acquiring the knowledge that they need has become easier with the introduction of a new tool by David Osio and his associates. With this mobile application, it is possible to make more sense of the world of real estate as people can easily consider various possible investments.


The objective of the new mobile application, just like many other tools that other David’s companies have produced, is to provide comprehensive financial advice for individuals and entities considering investing in the real estate market. When investors are looking for properties, they can bring this tool with them and watch as it provides them with specific insight about any given project. This tool can help also them understand the kind of return on their capital that they can expect from particular real estate properties.


About David Osio


David Osio is the founder and the chief executive officer of the Davos Financial Group in Venezuela. Incorporated in 1993, Davos has been focused on providing financial advice to an exclusive group of customers. Working at the helm of this company, David Osio helped the company to be more profitable. And this allowed him to strategically position multiple and licensed companies in many cities around the world such as New York, Geneva, Panama, and Miami. In 1981, David embarked on his stellar career and managed the coffee export program as the chief executive officer and president of OPED Enterprises. He subsequently moved to another senior position in Letco Commercial Companies. At this new workstation, David structured marketing programs for various industrial products in the U.S., and these efforts quickly helped him to rise to the highest ranks of this company.


The success of Davos Finacial Group relies on his ability to develop his company as a financial boutique offering services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. His training with both the American Banking Association and Swiss Bank Corporation and also corporate responsibility also plays a major role. All David’s companies collaborate with many non-profit organizations to support arts and culture. Other beneficiaries of David’s charitable efforts include Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, Fundana Foundation, UMA Foundation, and Miami Symphony Orchestra.




Copa Star Introduces the Five-Star Hospital Concept To Brazil

A new luxury hospital has been built in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, that weds the comforts of a five-star hotel with that of a technologically advanced hospital staffed with a highly qualified medical team. The Copa Star is now the most modern medical facility in Brazil while also offering comfort and privacy to its high-end patients.

The hospital was built by the D’Or network which owns and operates 22 other Brazilian hospitals. Copa Star cost $115 million and includes 150 beds, 45 Intensive Care Units, 9 operating rooms, and a highly advanced diagnostic center. Automation is built in throughout the hospital. The operating rooms include state of the art robotics in order to assist the Surgeons. Through the use of an iPad application patient’s are able to control their environment – including the lights and curtains – as well as to communicate with their medical team on They can also receive medical images, such as an MRI, on their iPad. In the ICU there are also high-definition television on sets in the room that can show real-time video of the outside ocean via the cameras on the hospital pointed towards it; this is done so that patients are more able to relax as ICU units can be very isolating and uncomfortable in other hospitals.

While luxury is a selling point of Copa Star for its wealthy patients, the hospital is focused on providing the highest quality medical care available. In addition to the staff having access to the most modern medical equipment, they are highly trained to meet the healthcare needs of their patients. The staff of Copa Star has been also specially trained in order to meet the unique needs of their patients, especially when it comes to providing a secure and private stay.

In another touch to help patients relax there is artwork throughout the hospital. The featured artist in the renowned Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota. He is known worldwide for his paintings, sculptures, prints, and innovative uses of plastic in creating his art. Throughout his career, and it shows in the Copa Star, he has worked with new materials, techniques, and technological discoveries in order to realize his visions.

D’or’s Executive Director, Rodrigo Gavina, has said that he is looking forward to expanding the five-star hospital concept to other cities in Brazil. Copa Star exceeds the standard of care at other hospitals in Rio De Janeiro and that would do well at a number of Brazilian cities.

Investing in Real Estate – Your New Financial Guide

There are tons of money-making opportunities in the real estate industry. However, success is not always guaranteed considering its highly volatile nature. For investors, this makes it necessary to know all the hoops and make smart investments. Unfortunately, even professionals make mistakes.


Fortunately, investing in this vast industry is set to become much easier thanks to another one of David Osio’s tools.

A Guide to Making Informed Investments

The new mobile application from the Davos Real Estate Group is designed to analyze the opportunities and risks of any given real estate investment. The tool takes into account different factors such as location to make its analysis. The user simply keys in the required data about the investment and initiates the analysis. The application then processes the data and presents a likely return on investment.


The new mobile application is designed by David Osio in collaboration with the Davos Real Estate Group. David Osio is particularly known for his vast experience in finance and the real estate industry. This, coupled with the input by the Davos Real Estate Group, lends much credibility to the new mobile application. The tool has been operational for several months now, and it has been changing to adapt to the changing real estate market.

In addition to being backed by leading players in the real estate market, the new tool is also convenient because users can take it anywhere. The application is easy to launch and use even without substantial financial knowledge as the analysis is direct.


About David Osio

David Osio is an acclaimed figure in the financial services industry with a vast financial background. He is currently the CEO of the Davos Financial Group. This corporation is a group of different independent companies that all operate in the financial advisory and asset management sectors.

Although it was originally founded in Venezuela, David Osio has grown its presence to an international company with a presence in the U.S., Geneva, and Panama, among other countries. His experience in finance, however, goes further back than with the founding of Davos Financial Group. He had previously served in several financial institutions and particularly as the vice-president of commercial banking for Banco Latino International.

On a personal level, David Osio is described as a loving and caring person. These virtues are particularly demonstrated in his numerous free-to-use financial tools that help professional as well as amateur investors in different industries.