Omar Yunes – Sushi

Omar Yunes is a top businessman and food service experts with global recognition for his multiple efforts. He has won countless awards. The most common are the BFW – Best Franchisee in the World – awards, which he has won on several occasions. The most recent was in Italy, in which a secured a top spot; this competition is held every year. Omar can only await the next one with greater anticipation.

Omar could not have done it alone, for everything that his business – Sushi Itto – does is a team effort, and he will say no less. Everyone has a part. He also holds that his team has only hired some of the best people in areas of hospitality and customer service combined, not to mention top-notch food service experts.

These employees were new recruits who have never worked in such divisions before and even skilled veterans of their trade. In a recent video interview following the award, Yunes mentioned many of his life goals. One of them has been international recognition and success, if not the most important. He has accomplished this dream and still lives for another fight. Wonderful sushi rolls in warm sauces are what his company specializes in, and it does it like no one else: Such a degree of excellence and care has brought Sushi Itto its best reputation and repeat customers so far, and it promises to retain such standards for years to come.

Omar has likewise held that innovation is always a step ahead into finding the virtues that characterize any leaders and their businesses, excelling them to become more than mere hosts. These experts are genuinely sent to give the fullest attention to each detail for the guest’s pleasure. Quality, thus, is not merely an end but a way of doing things – and a journey as opposed to a destination. recently posted all information from Omar Yunes’s interview and from his most recent success as BFW. Sushi Itto hires waitresses, waiters, servers, hosts, bussers, chefs, sushi preparers, greeters and more. You may find out more on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Omar Yunes: Taking Home a Prestigious Award

Sushi Itto is one of the fastest growing restaurants in Mexico today. The restaurant offers authentic Japanese cuisine, and it has a huge following because of the extensive choices of delicious food that they offer. Sushi Itto has several branches throughout Mexico, and some of these branches are being franchised by individuals. One of the most successful franchisers of Sushi Itto is Omar Yunes, a young, Mexican businessman who has grown his Sushi Itto branches to more than 13 locations in key Mexican cities– Mexico City, Puebla and Vera Cruz. According to the chief executive of Sushi itto, the stores being owned by Omar Yunes represents 10% of the entire total unites of the brand. Omar Yunes has been recently recognized as the Best Franchisee of the World, and he received the award in a competition held in the city of Florence, Italy. The competition awarding ceremony took place in December 5, and Omar Yunes could not hide his joy in winning the prestigious award. According to the organizers of the event, they decided to choose Omar Yunes as their winner because he possesses the characteristics that a successful franchisee has. The organizers have pointed out how at a very young age, he already managed to expand his business and gain more revenue, contributing significantly to the company. They also added that Omar Yunes have managed to affect the brand positively as a whole, influenced the industry along with his contribution of knowledge in franchising, produced a lot of savings, treated the employees correctly and established a flourishing business model. He passed all of these categories, making him the ultimate champion.

After receiving the award, Omar Yunes thanked his skillful and passionate employees for making Sushi Itto one of the most successful businesses in Mexico. He dedicated the award to them, stating that without them, the business would fail. The CEO of Sushi Itto also thanked Omar Yunes for contributing huge sales to the company, along with promoting their business through the recognition that he received. The food franchising industry in Mexico would probably open up their doors to foreign chains now that the world has seen how successful Mexicans can be with their skills in franchising.

Nick Vertucci: Shifting the Economy

As a profound real estate investor, Nick Vertucci embodies what it means making the best out of any situation. At the age of 18, he was living out of his van. However, he didn’t allow his circumstance to diminish his drive for greater. Instead, he started to sell computer parts in order to make a living. Soon, his business would come to an end when the dot com crashed which hurt his finances. Having to deal with adversity in business taught him the importance of investing in your future. In 2017, Nick Vertucci founded his own real estate academy called NV Real Estate Academy. This academy served a purpose of teaching others the importance of taking control of their finances, providing for their loved ones, and living a life of prosperity.


Nick Vertucci years of experience cause him to be eligible to create solutions for what’s going on in California. From the surface level, California seems to be prospering: tax revenue is increasing, unemployment is decreasing, and per capita income is the best in the nation. However, California has also increased in its poverty rate and its beachfront property has lost its appeal. Giving these problems, Nick Vertucci has noted that something must change in order for the correction to manifest.


Every year the Sacremento agencies try to implement new housing construction it fails. Cities in California are still falling short of their needs. Nick Vertucci believes that 311,000 housing units will not satisfy the states need. This mundane cycle causes projects to be stalled and cancelled. Furthermore, due to zoning developments continuously fall below the number of housing units.


Affordable housing is taking a hit in California. Housing cost in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose has had a 75% increase in the last five years. Something must be done in order to turn this trend around.





Entrepreneurial tips to look out for from Jim Tanabaum

Jim Tanabaum has significantly contributed to the success of the health sector through the various companies that he has founded. He is currently the chief officer of Foresite Capital which mainly focuses on bringing together all health leaders and experts besides offering a;l the strategic plans and finances to cater for the health needs of individuals in the sector. Jim has a vast experience in the area of health and has a great determination towards bringing change to the field, aiming to make it better. He has done other inventions and launched many foundations that have significantly grown into prestigious companies.

Jim Tanabaum co-founded the GelTex Pharmaceuticals that became very successful and brought two drugs on the market at an affordable price. The company acquired over two hundred million dollars within a brief time, and this aided Jim to co found another firm. He has an amendable education background and specifically founded the Foresite capital with the aim of intermarrying all his other ventures to bring out a secure health care investment.

Jim Tananbaum is passionate about working together with entrepreneurs and academicians and believes that through paying attention to the ideas that the individuals share, or easily acquires all his goals and tactics to develop themselves. Besides, he urges entrepreneurs to involve themselves with successful investors to gain skills to make their businesses better and grow them into better firms.

On the other hand, the prolific entrepreneur believes in the idea of associating with people who bring motivation and hope in one’s life. He insists that pessimistic individuals bring a positive outlook on life and with a positive attitude; one is likely to achieve their dreams and accomplish most of their targets.

Besides, Jim urges entrepreneurs to take risks as it is one of the ways that they learn their points of weaknesses. Besides, he believes that investors who shy away from taking risks and trying new things barely develop themselves and tend to practice the same old ways of conducting activities. He believes that change is also one of the bases of success in business. You can follow Jim Tanabaum on Facebook.

MB2 Dental – A Leading Organization In Dental Care Management

MB2 Dental is a dental service organization that specializes in being a partner of an affiliated dentist and dental practice owners across the country. This company provides affiliated dental offices a number of services to help them run their practices. When doing this, MB2 Dental ensures that they are not pressuring practice owners to give up control of patient care and the standards used in their practice. The offices that MB2 Dental are affiliated with are 100 percent autonomy. With the help of the team, they are effectively running every facet of their practice.At MB2 Dental, the staff recognizes that patient care and satisfaction is the most important factor of MB2 Dental to those associated with them.


Due to this, they base their priorities around it. The role of this company is to do dental practice management. By this, they are performing tasks that can seem time-consuming and burdensome to the affiliated dental practice owners. This then allows those affiliated to aim all of their focus on dental care and dentistry without having to worry about anything else. The vision of MB2 Dental is to create a community that allows dentists to offer top quality dentistry. This vision is met by offering the affiliated dentists and dental practice owners their guidance and knowledge on the management spectrum.Someone affiliated with MB2 Dental is Dr. Akhil Reddy. Akhil was born in Lubbock, Texas and grew up there.


He moved to California after being accepted to the University of the Pacific’s Accelerated Dental Program. He had graduated from here with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences. Following this, Akhil attended the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. Here, he had received his Doctorate Degree in Dental Surgery at the age of 23.Following graduation, Dr. Ahil Reddy moved back to his home state of Texas. Here he started his practice of dentistry. Akhil’s versatility of skills allowed him to thrive in the field of cosmetic and family dentistry. When building his career, Akhil realized that his passion was to create quality dental care practices that could be accessible to all socioeconomic levels. To this day, Akhil is still connected to his colleagues from university. He is a part of an Alumni Board that works together for better access to dental care. His passion for dentistry is what allows Akhil to be so dedicated to offering care to others.


Honey Birdete The Sensual Brand

Honey Birdete is the lingerie brand that has taken over the market in many regions of the world. The brand is sensual, sexy, and stylish; hence its popularity within the short span in which it has been in the market. The brand is owned by Eloise Monaghan, who is an Australian entrepreneur. Eloise opened the first physical outlet in Brisbane Australia and hoped that it would succeed. His wish came to pass as classy women flocked the shop and bought the first stock within a short span. Eloise was forced to produce more and more leading to more branches in the region. Honey Birdete’s success caused the opening of new branches in Australia as well as other continents such as America and Europe.
Honey Birdete has launched a dedicated U.S. e-commerce site that will help it serve the customers within the locality better. The company has also said that it will change its UK portfolio from the current 3 retail shops to 40 outlets by the end of next year. The U.S market caught the founder’s attention because in the last one year it’s a sale increased by 374%. Consequently, the management felt it needed to come closer to offer faster deliveries and more personalized services than is possible when the market is served from Australia. The incentives available to the U.S. customers include free deliveries for all orders that are above $50. Moreover, the customers will now make faster returns on orders that fail to meet their expectations. There will also be a wider product range for the U.S. based clients.
The prices for the Honey Birdete premium label start at 35 euros for briefs and are slightly higher for bras, which are sold for 60 Euros. BBRC Investment Company backs up Honey Birdete operations, making it easy for the company to operate in the various regions.


See new information on Honey Birdette on the Crunchbase page.

Don’t Panic: Let the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Help You

A cancer diagnosis is scary. Someone who receives the diagnosis has a lot of his mind. He is probably going to go through all of the five stages of grief, and he probably has to contend with anxiety. What does this mean? Is it serious? Does this mean that the person who receives such a diagnosis is coming to the end of his life? People who receive this diagnosis may find it difficult to find a place of calm for a while, but when they do calm down from the moments of panic, they need to discuss treatment strategies with their doctor. The best treatment strategies included using the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Why should a patient’s treatment plan include this organization? It provides a holistic approach and focuses on providing patient-centered health care. No individual is the same, and much like each individual, every cancer is different. This is the core philosophy that drive the doctors and staff at each center. It allows the doctors to provide the best drugs to target specific types of cancer. In fact, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are working to develop treatments that target the specific mutations that are responsible for all of the over two hundred cancer types.

Panicking after receiving a cancer diagnosis is understandable, but it does not necessarily indicate that a person’s life is coming to an end. Such a person has a rough time ahead of him, but if he can persevere, he may be able to enjoy many years of life. No one should start thinking of the need for hospice care immediately after receiving this news.

Lime Crime Delves Into the Depths of the Sea with Their New Mermaid Collection

The makeup company that has walked the lands as the makeup company for unicorns, is now stepping into the sea to transform into the makeup collection for mermaids. Lime Crime’s latest collection this summer is a shimmery and beautiful mermaid collection. Lime Crime has created brushes, eyeshadows, lip colors, press on nails, and highlighters to be a part of their seashell inspired mermaid makeup.


The Lime Crime Aquatic Liquid Glitter mermaid brushes are made with a pale blue bristles. The handles are clear and filled with a pink glitter innards. You can watch the glitter move around the handle while you apply your makeup. The Aquatic Liquid Glitter brushes included in the set are for powder foundation brush, blush brush, pencil brush, lip brush, fanned out brush, angled brow brush, and eyeshadow blending brush. The brushes come in a pink glitter case.


The Mermaid Collection eyeshadows and highlighters come in their sea green palette. The case has some in imagers of a mermaid’s tale, seashell, and pearl. The shades in the palette are sparking lavender, sea foam, and ivory. These shimmery shades may be used on the eyelids or on the face as a highlighter.


The Velvetines lip colors for the mermaid collection are perfect for trips to the beach, out on the town, festivals, and summer days. The shades are a gleaming purple called Seashell Bra. The sea blue is called Mermaid’s Grotto. A shimmery conch shell hued Velvetines lip color called Siren is the third Velvetines mermaid lip color.


The press on nails for the mermaid collection come in shimmery oyster, lizard, camel, and storm. All of these press on nails will give your nails like a beautiful mermaid in the ocean.


To make you look extra mermaid-esque, you can use the hair color from Lime Crime. The bright hued hair colors from the beauty company uses vegetable dye and is completely vegan. It is long lasting and fades with a pleasant look. Some of the mermaid hues from the company are the Dirty Mermaid, Salad, Blue Smoke, and Pony hair colors. You can pick out any of these exciting new mermaid products from the company’s website:

Lime Crime Colors Let You Make a Statement Without Uttering a Single Word!

Every decade has its fashion trends, in the middle ages women kept their hair covered, during the 18th-century women curled, powdered, and piled their hair high. Today’s trend is an obsession with brightly colored, or even rainbow colored hair, but at least this trend is exciting and fun!


I love the idea of being different, the advantage of making a statement without uttering a single word, that moment when you know those who saw you will remember you. Though society tries to balk at things that are different, they can’t help but pay attention to them as well. I mean honestly, if having purple hair didn’t make an impression on people, then why did they notice it in the first place, right?


Now that we know today’s hair color trend provides each of us with opportunities to garner attention, and make ourselves known, let’s talk about this rainbow trend in more detail. There are several brands out there that offer bright rainbow colored hair dyes, but the one I like best is Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime. My favorite aspect is it is easy to use, just open the jar and apply to your hair, no mixing developers or applying heat.


The fun part is all the color choices Lime Crime gives you, 13 colors to choose from including Leeloo, Jello, Pony, Anime, Sext, Bunny, Chocolate Cherry, Gargoyle, Blue Smoke, Strawberry Jam, Dirty Mermaid, Neon Peach, and Salad. However, these colors get better because you can mix the colors to create new ones. Create your own new colors like Bunny mixed with Neon Peach makes Petal Pink, and Salad mixed with Anime makes Bright Turquoise.


If you want to be different, and stand out in a crowd like a Unicorn, then Lime Crime hair color is what you need. No other hair dye that I know of gives you the freedom of mixing colors and the ability to do it easily without making a huge mess. Plus, you can feel right with the universe because all their products are cruelty-free and vegan!

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Are Merging Multiple Technologies into a Powerful Whole

Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently announced something that should come as great news to anyone whose life has been impacted by cancer. They’ve completed work integrating multiple high tech treatment systems into a new singular whole. This new clinical operating system, or NantOS, is centered around the concept of individually tailored treatments. This type of treatment recognizes the fact that a patient is more than just a single diagnosis. A patient isn’t his or her cancer. Instead, a patient is a whole person who’s had a lifetime of experiences that come together in a unique biology. NantOS can sort through an compare a huge amount of information related to both a patient and other people facing similar challenges. It can help see patterns, and methods of treatment which might hold promise to people based on their shared experiences or biology.

Anyone familiar with Cancer Treatment Centers of America will instantly see why this is such a good fit for them. Their entire system of treatment has always been centered around individuality. One of the best examples of this philosophy is how patients are examined. Most treatment centers tend to concentrate only on one specific aspect of a patient’s health. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America instead use a multidisciplinary approach to every single patient. This means that a full team of experts in a wide variety of different aspects of health will be watching to see how a patient reacts to treatment.

It’s little wonder that Cancer Treatment Centers of America have developed NantOS. Convergence of technologies is right in line with their overall view of convergence of expertise. Even on a research level the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have looked at how individual differences and mutations within cancer cells will impact reactions to medicine. Their entire approach is based on the idea that individual differences matter and that the entirety of a person’s health needs to be looked after and taken into account.