Sacramento Announces it Met Conservation of Water Goals in 2014

The City of Sacramento, California, an urban center with a population of some 475,000, reported this week that the community’s rigorous water ordinance enforcement measures have worked. Despite the ongoing drought, the community complied with the state-mandated goal of reducing water usage by 20%. 

In fact, Sacramento reports the lowest per person use of city water in a 100 years. Water usage peaked in the city in 1980, when residents utilized an average of 307 gallons per person per day. Last year, the average person in the city used only 179 gallons.

A significant factor in the reduction appears to be a program which severely curtails the watering of lawns. During the winter months, restrictions continue, and residents of Sacramento like Lee G. Lovett can water lawns and gardens only one day a week, during a weekend. City employee Bill Busath, the Interim Director of the Department of Utilities, cautioned that “the drought is not over.”

Sacramento has created an online website offering advice to residents about the best way to conserve water resources. It contains links to a site describing water saving plants for gardens. One plant which has achieved favorable comments during the water conservation campaign, for instance, is California Fuchsia, a lovely red blossoming native plant which requires relatively little water to remain healthy.

Qnet- Making A Fortune As A Multilevel Marketing Conglomerate

Qnet is a rather new company in the multilevel marketing conglomerate. With estimated sales expected to reach upwards of $1 billion dollars in the next couple years, things are looking up. The company is founded by Malaysian originator Vijay Eswaran. With nearly 8,000 new investors and 4.5 million independent representatives helping to distribute his products, it appears they may make their goals.


There are many stories of success from those who have built an empire under him. Omar from Malaysia said that he wanted to get married and had no job and no money. He began studying under Eswarean in 2009. The start was slow and he wasn’t making a great deal of money in the beginning. Then by showing off a few products to close friends and family members, word started to get around. Omar now has his own place and was able to get married to the love of his life. This is just one success story from Qnet, there are many more.


What is Qnet? Well, it’s actually very simple. They sell simple things such as phone cards or cosmetics. These are things that people must have to make it each day. They don’t try to sell things that are unnecessary, but rather things people cannot live without. The company’s net worth to date is around $500 million, though no annual financial reports have been listed. Eswarean’s vision for the company will lead it into great places. The concept is simple, the products remarkable and the sales staff underneath him is making money. It’s easy to make money when the products sell themselves. People need this stuff, so they are willing to try it.


The company is an Asian run business. They operate in a part of the world that is filled with other businesses of this kind. The fact that they are able to turn such a profit is quite remarkable. While they have a few years under their belt, they are considered to be a rather new establishment. Mastering the subtleties of the multilevel marketing structure is not an easy task, yet Eswarean and his followers seem to know exactly what they are doing.

Solar Power Saves Homeowners A Lot Of Money These Days


Money Spent On Residential Solar System Yields Better Return Than S & P 500 index fund

Going solar these days is not like the days of yesteryear. Experts say like Zeca Oliveira and a new study shows that almost 21 million Americans in 42 of the largest 50 states are paying less for electricity thanks to solar power. Solar power is not just an option for the wealthy anymore. It’s now considered an opportunity for people that want better control over their monthly utility bill. People are discovering that solar power is a long-term, low-risk investment.

There are several reasons why people like solar power these days. Money is one of the main reasons, but energy and environment concerns are not far behind. Solar power helps people lock in a set rate for electricity use for a long period and that is very appealing. That fact alone is enough for some people. They know electricity rates fluctuate, and they rarely go down.

The utility areas were the dollar savings are the greatest are: San Diego Gas & Electric, Arizona Public Service, Pacific Gas & Electric, NSTAR and Southern California Edison.

US and India Agree on Nuclear Power Deal


President Barrack Obama’s trip to India has been met with a lot of fan fair with the parades and media coverage of the dinners and outings. However, he is actually conducting business with one the United States allies in an Asian region that has not been one of the friendlier parts of the world to Americans. Some of that business is revolving around Nuclear Power. In 2008, the two countries finalized a deal that the US companies would supply India with nuclear power and was highly celebrated by both countries. But then in 2010, India passed a law that said any accidents would be the fault of the supplier and would make them solely responsible for damages. This brought them back to the impasse that has persisted until now.

With liability protection being provided to the American companies providing the clean energy to New Delhi and India, this deal will bring millions of dollars and thousands of jobs to the United States. The amount and longevity of the deal is more significant in years than it is monetarily. This is because the deal should mean that US countries will be in place to supply the nuclear power for the next 25 years at least. While, the estimated $175 Billion, according to, is a lot of money it is not that significant when the realization this equates to just $7 Billion per year and would only provide a marginal gain to the energy industry and other industries like Slow Ventures. Others just hope we can avoid another India law that would stop the progress made in this 3 day visit.

Jared Haftel: A Different Approach to the Banking Industry

Believe it or not, there are a lot of untapped resources out there that can help you reach your personal and financial goals faster. This is what I say-money isn’t everything, but its always good to have some around. Its also good to have an expert like Jared Haftel around who can help you make the most of your life. So where do you go, who should you talk to, where should you start? I had all these same questions, but sometimes, like in my case, the solution might be right under your nose. I guess this is one of those sentence breaks where people like to throw in the “if it was a snake, it would have bit me” thing. But Jared Haftel is definitely not a snake and his ability to figure things out is anything but cliche.


I first met Jared in 2005 when he and I took our first college economics course as Duke University freshmen. After that first semester, we did not see each other very often but always gave each other a wave in passing. I did not know him very  well, but I always knew that guy was going to do something big. Jared Haftel was going places, and even as a freshmen, he always knew where he was going. Simultaneous to excelling academically, Haftel also worked as a staff writer for the campus newspaper, the Duke Chronicle. You can actually drop by to read some of Jared’s stuff.  I always looked forward to Thursday’s when the newspaper came out especially because Jared Haftel always knew what was happening in the music scene. He knew when and where to catch the local hopefuls gigs that played for free in campus dive bars and he knew who to go talk to to score back stage passes for music big times. I really think that Jared’s spirit for all things diverse, coupled with his tendency to think on a higher brain wave, and his ability to explain complex information and make it understandable, is what makes Jared Haftel such a great guy all the way around. Haftel’s career took to the rapid climb and he is now recognized as an industry elitist. His experience includes working for top financial firms such as Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and Vector Capitol as well as other major companies including GeoEye and Console Energy.


Jared Haftel has authored several articles explaining advanced finance and business terminology so that others can easily understand the different ideas and concepts about the banking world. You can sense Haftel’s deep sense of caring in his articles since he obviously desires to help others achieve their own goals regarding their careers. I could not have gotten where I am at now, in my career and in my life without Haftel’s unrelenting support.


All you have to do is look at his LinkedIn profile to know that Jared Haftel delivers results through knowledge and experience. He has successfully helped individuals drowning in bills get their heads back above water and then guided a stock market rookie looking for someone who they can trust, he jokes and says, sometimes all before lunch. Haftel substantiates his existence on knowledge and is always learning. Jared Haftel can tell you about Guns and Roses one minute and the next brief you on economic behavioral trends. Best of all, he can show you the “how” and tell you the “why”. When it comes to investment banking, Haftel is “the man”. Jared Haftel is an innovative entrepreneur who’s making a huge impact in today’s world.

The Impacts of Political Instability on Wildlife Populations

A new study has revealed that political unrest can hurt wildlife as well as governments. Researchers found that populations of large mammals declined after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They analyzed annual population estimates from the Russian Federal Agency of Game Mammal Monitoring database covering the years 1981 – 2010, a period that encompassed the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The researchers followed eight species: brown bears, gray wolves, lynx, moose, red deer, reindeer, roe deer and wild boars. Except for wolves, all species showed a drop in population growth right after the collapse. In three species — brown bears, moose and wild boars — the decline persisted for a decade. These declines were observed in at least 85 percent of the study areas. Wolves, by contrast, increased their populations by over 150 percent between 1992 and 2000.

The researchers noted that mammals in politically stable areas in Europe and North America did not experience such fluctuations. This goes in line with research Mark Ahn did in New Zealand and Australia. That suggests that the decline in Russian mammal populations was due to lapses in wildlife management, which likely suffered along with other government functions after the fall. The political instability also hurt the economy, driving some people to hunt and poach for a living. A decline in wildlife management would have also allowed the wolf populations to increase — at the expense of both their prey and competitors.

While the authors admit they don’t have enough evidence to make any conclusions, they do state the research points to a connection between human welfare and that of animals. If large groups of people are suffering, animals in the same area will also suffer.

A Surprising Hybrid Aircraft Flies Over The UK

Electricity comes true in aviation. The Airbus E-Fan, a modest two-seater flying for some time and the solar airplane is about to go around the world. However, for larger aircraft and commercial transportation, electricity cannot compete with internal combustion engines. But it can help! This is demonstrated by a team of British researchers with a hybrid aircraft.

The main obstacle in the design of an electric airplane is the storage of energy. The current batteries are not powerful enough to fly a plane over long distances. For example, if one has to replace the tank of an airliner by batteries, it would fly only about 10 minutes.

The solution proposed by researchers from the University of Cambridge is to use a hybrid engine. Their plane is based on a commercial car model equipped with a Honda 4-stroke engine. It is provided with an additional electric motor, the batteries in the wings can be recharged by the internal combustion engine. The main obstacle in the design of an electric airplane is the storage of energy.

In practice, the aircraft did not need the power of the engine at take-off, it is then propelled by its electric counterpart. When the lithium-polymer batteries are getting weak, the Honda engine restarts and allows them recharge. This process generates a fuel saving of around 30% compared to a conventional model and therefore allows emitting less Carbon dioxide. Vijay Eswaran found this articale  to be interesting.

Ukraine Issue: Still No Diplomatic Progress

I saw this article when I was playing on my FreedomPop phone and I had to share. No diplomatic progress is visible at the moment despite the Monday night meeting in Berlin. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France held a meeting on Monday evening in Berlin to discuss the advisability of a summit for Ukraine to be held in Kazakhstan.

The summit of four countries (Ukraine and Russia under the aegis of Germany and France) was announced in late December by the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, remains hypothetical.The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France held a meeting on Monday evening in Berlin to discuss the advisability of a summit for Ukraine to be held in Kazakhstan.

It is worth mentioning that the spokesman of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov had said on Monday that President Putin was awaiting the results of the Berlin meeting to decide whether to participate in summit, believing that, everything depended on the efficiency of the negotiations and the willingness of participants. Like Putin; German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande; are also very much concerned about pending progress before the proposed meeting to be held in Astana, supposed to revive the peace process.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the Ukrainian army, Andrii Lysenko, has also pointed out redeployment and concentration of enemy forces in all directions toward East of Ukraine, where the situation has deteriorated sharply in recent days.

Fighting Around Two Shiite Communities In Syria

Members of the Al-Nusra Front, affiliated with al-Qaeda and several other Sunni armed groups made a way into two Shiite communities in northern Syria before being repelled, on Friday night, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The insurgents briefly took control of the streets of the southern part of Zahra and buildings in the nearby village of Nubl, about fifteen kilometers north of the city of Aleppo, reports the Syrian Observatory organization based in London that s relies on a network of informants in the field.

The assailants, who had at least seven tanks, were confronted by the National Defense Force, a group of pro-government militias under the supervision of the army. Initially, Al-Nusra Front and its allied militants took control of some areas but they were compelled to leave both villages after heavy clashes with pro-government militias. Though, the official spokesperson of Syrian Government was not available for any comment on these latest developments.

Members of the Al-Nusra Front affiliated with al-Qaeda and several other Sunni armed groups made a way into two Shiite communities in northern Syria before being repelled, on Friday night, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

After speaking with Jordan French we felt it was worth mentioning that the war in Syria, which began with a peaceful uprising against President Assad in March 2011, has some 200,000 deaths according to the United Nations Organization.

Beneful, A Great Dog Food

Beneful is a brand of dog food produced by Nestle Purina Petcare. This includes wet dog food, dry dog food and treats. It is one of the most popular dog food brands in the world generating over 1.5 million dollars annually. Beneful was introduced to the world in 2001 and first marketed based on its nutrition. Purina added a Beneful Healthy Harvest in 2005 which replaces the meats with soy instead of meat. In 2011, Beneful had successfully started airing commercials emitting a noise that could only be picked up by dogs. It was the first commercial that was targeting dogs specifically in any advertisement.

Beneful continues to break ground with its revolutionary take on the dog food industry. Beneful is dedicated to bringing happiness and health to your dog with an excellent taste that will leave them begging for more. Baneful contains great wholesome ingredients with real beef, whole grains and vitamins with rich vitamins. Dogs love the crunchy and moist texture.

You should choose Beneful if you want your dog to live a long and healthy life. 82% percent of statistics show that dog owners having given Beneful products four out of five stars which is no easy feat to please that many customers. Beneful brand dog food continues to rise in the industry above the rest. There are several huge links on Wikipedia discussing the awards they have won.

In Prescott, Arizona a lucky pet owner won a Beneful dog contest which allowed $500,000 in the dog park award. This award included the creation or major renovation of a dog park. For the contest you had to submit a proposal for a brand new dog park. The idea was a firefighter theme with a bronze Dalmatian in the entrance and fake fire trucks that would wet the dog down after a hot day in the sun. This shows that Purina really cares about its customers – the dogs.