Securus Communication Systems help to Capture Wanted Criminals

Communications is a very important part of the prison system. Prisons would be a much dangerous place for inmates and corrections officers if there were no communications. One way that prisons are kept under control is by allowing inmates to contact their loved ones. Securus realizes that when prisoners have connections to the outside world; they stand a better chance at being rehabilitated and not returning to jail. However, some inmates abuse this system.


Securus clients includes correctional officers. At one particular prison guards became suspicious of an inmate’s behavior. He was using Securus to make calls home. During the calls, the guards who were monitoring this inmate noticed that he kept talking about strange events that took place before he was incarcerated.


However, the inmate never made it clear about what he was referring to while he spoke to his family member. Anyway, the correction’s officers were able to get clearance to screen the call. They quickly discovered that in the background an older sibling was coaching a younger sibling.


The older sibling was informing the younger sibling about what they should say in regards to a serious offense that was committed by the inmate. The crime happened before the inmate was jailed. Corrections officers at the prison discovered that the siblings were frequently having this exchange in the background whenever the inmate called.


The corrections officers quickly brought the matter to police who investigated the situation and an arrest was made in regard to the crime that was committed. You see, Securus technology helps law enforcement officials to stay on top of their game and to apprehend offenders who might have gotten away from the law.


The correctional officers who discovered this problem were happy to have discovered the inmate’s crime. This individual was promptly charged, tried and found guilty of the offense. This is another good reason why Securus technology is well received within the penal system.

How Yanni Hufnagel has beat the odds to make it big in Basketball

There is a stereotype that goes round regarding people of Jewish origin and the fact that they are not good in basketball. Well, this is a stereotype that one Yanni Hufnagel has managed to beat despite all odds being stacked against him. Yanni was a college lacrosse team member; he was dropped from the team before he could get a chance to play professionally. To make matters even worse, there is the fact that he comes from Scarsdale. However, the young man has somehow managed to rise to the position of assistant coach at Harvard, a position that could be the stepping stone for him to achieve bigger and better things.

Yanni has become quite the sensation in the world of basketball, especially after the four seasons that the team has won the Ivy League tournament. What is rare about Yanni is the fact that it is close to impossible to find a Jewish player making it to the NBA. In their ranks, 30 division one coaches are part of their ranks. There is a sports survey that had been carried out by CBS in 2011 which showed that Yanni was the people’s favorite to make it huge in the world of coaching basketball. He is made even greater by the fact that he is an excellent recruiter. There was a time that Pastner admitted that Yanni will make a better coach in the long run because he is excellent at recruitment.

The one thing that guided him towards the path of being a great assistant was the skill with which he analyses the game. This made even people who have been in it longer than himself declare that he had a special level of talent. There are many other experiences that he has had and which have led him to the current position and he is going even further.

Simplicity and Customer Satisfaction with Stephen Rotella

Meet Stephen, a graduate of New York University with a degree in economics. Currently, he is the president and CEO of Stone Castle Cash Management, LLC. He has over three decades of experience that he has utilized to take Stone Castle to greater heights in the business sector. Besides the expertise gained while working in different institutions, Steve Rotella is a strong believer of simplicity. According to him, one of the aspects that have made him successful is the simple strategy of listening to the customer and giving them exactly what he/she needs. Stephen acknowledges that as a businessman, you should not offer what you think might be good for the client but strictly sticking to the customers’ demands.


One of Stephen’s greatest success is Stone Castle’s latest move of purchasing Intermedium’s sweep business, which strengthened the company’s position as a leading administrator of insured cash solutions services. The firm has been offering these services to institutional investors including big investors and local governments. The broker-dealer sweep program is yet another smart move that Stone Castle has made, which allows it to expand its operational and technological platforms. It allows this sweep program to be accessed by many financial stakeholders such as brokers, clearing firms, and other financial intermediaries.


Steve’s Previous Jobs

His valuable business experience was acquired while working as the CEO and president of WMI Holdings. He has excellent knowledge in strategic and operating leadership in financial institutions, is well equipped with retail and internet banking concepts as well as skills in large-scale operations management. He worked as an Executive Vice President of Servicing at Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company from where he gained experience in both mortgage line of business as well as marketing.


Community Involvement

Stephen’s happiness comes from knowing that his actions will yield a positive change towards someone else’s life and improve their life. He serves as the chairman of LIFT, an organization whose primary goal is to eradicate poverty. He is also a strong supporter of arts and, thus, had been a member of ArtsFund as well as BalletMet Columbus the Seattle Foundation. Steve believes in not looking back as an entrepreneur, but always strategizing and working towards success.




Swipe Left for Dating App Misogyny

The story is all too common among women who use any form of online dating, hidden among the potential to meet that special someone lurks perpetrators of online harassment and abuse. Unwarranted and unrequested photographs of an overtly suggestive nature, harassment and misogynistic language, and the very real threat of potential harm plague almost every online dating service, so much so that the term “Tinder Horror Stories” reveals troves of accounts of online harassment, abuse, and degradation at the hands of those who use the platforms less as a means to connect with love interest and more as a soap box to extend their cat calls across the web.


The Sign Of Change


One app has set out to redefine the experience women have while engaging in online dating and has created quite the buzz in doing so. Bumble, the creation of dating app professional and former member of the app that started the initial craze Whitney Wolfe, has done away with the opportunities pounced upon by online misogynists by putting all of the power safely in women’s hands. Every connection and conversation begins and ends with the decision of women using the app. Think your high school “Sadie Hawkins” but now online and without the awkward chaperones.


Whitney Wolfe created the new app directly in response to the complaints many women had while using other dating apps and took into account creating an experience that would feel safer and actually lead to meaningful connections.


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The Woman Behind The Movement


Whitney Wolfe has lead a successful career in helping create tools to better connect human beings to potential love interest. Whether it was her indispensable work while helping Tinder grow to creating the newer and in most circumstances better online platform, Bumble. Her success led to her being named one of the top 30 under 30 for Forbes Magazine.



White Shark Media Offers Many Features that Sets Them Apart as a Leader in Digital Marketing

White Shark Media, or WSM, has become one of the leading digital marketing companies in only six years. WSM was founded in 2011 and is recognized as one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the U.S. Their high-quality tech services and incredible customer service sets them apart. They have helped thousands of businesses grow while increasing WSM with superior and attentive services.


WSM is designed to meet the online advertising and marketing needs of their clients. Online advertising uses SEO, SEM, and PPC, which can be a challenge for the business owners, but this is what WSM excels in. The business owner is then able to focus on their website and sales while leaving the marketing up to WSM.


White Shark Media is a premier, Adwords Partner, which is an elite position because there are only 29 partners. The phenomenal tech team and staff work from Miami, FL. WSM was founded by three Danish advertising and marketing experts, each one experienced in both brick and mortar and online marketing. When they formed the company, they all agreed that their goal would be to create a world-class experience for each client, and this is what has set them over the top. It is their trademark. WSM has become a leader because of this fresh attitude and by using professional marketing tools and tactics.


The Founders of White Shark Media


Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolt together changed the online digital marketing industry with their business protocol. Garth, the CEO, explains that the success of their clients is their primary goal, and they are committed to their continued success.


WSM offers a one-time cost-effective flat fee for their innovative solutions. They require no contacts, which is unusual for this field. Digital marketing is an extremely competitive industry, but WSM responds saying that they are totally up for the challenge.


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Reviewing The Progress White Shark Media Has Instilled Among Small Businesses

Small businesses often find themselves on the receiving end of bad practices in the market and challenges that further push them down. This is one of the worries most entrepreneurs don’t want to encounter and to have a successful business, they opt for expert support to overcome such challenges. One of the companies that have been offering support to small businesses is White Shark Media, a popularly known digital marketing agency in North America. White Shark Media has been using some of the latest technologies and methods of advertising, which include AdWords and SEM plans that are tailored uniquely to help clients to realize their goals.


In 2012, Google noted the rapid growth White Shark Media was enjoying together with the big plans the company had for its clients. This inspired Google to make the company part of their Premier SMB program, making White Shark Media one among 29 agencies in the U.S. selected by Google for this program. White Shark Media works with many advanced tools that allow the company to maneuver through majority of the marketing challenges that are brought by clients. Another factor that has placed the company on a high platform is the high success rate of the clients who sought marketing help through its system.


Creatively crafted Ad Copies to generate sales

Ad Copies are a vital part in the development of a marketing campaign and this is something White Shark Media considers vital. All the Ad copies produced by the company are carefully handwritten and designed to drive engagements and conversions. Having powerful designs makes it more convincing and capable of attracting activity within a short duration.


Strategic optimizations

Marketing campaigns also call for strategic optimizations to ensure all the information included in the campaign reflects the situation present in the market. With trends shifting so frequently, it is also necessary to adjust the campaigns often to ensure they are in line with the changes made to the market. This increases effectiveness and ensures the business is able to consistently pursue its marketing campaign to achieve optimal results.


Ecommerce Ad extensions

White Shark Media offers unique deals to eCommerce businesses. The company provides Ad extensions, which allow businesses in this market to easily and effectively pursue their marketing needs. The reason eCommerce businesses are given a different deal is because their specialty is complex and demanding, making it necessary to embrace measures tailored towards enhancing the performance of the business.

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Avi Weisfogel; a dental health expert with a difference

Avi Weisfogel has been practicing as a dentist for several decades now. The community of New Jersey, where he has a dental practice knows and respects him a lot. It is during his practice as a dental health practitioner that he developed an interest in sleep apnea, a condition that makes sleeping complicated for many people. He set up Dental Sleep Masters to research more into the field and understands the cause of sleep apnea and the therapies that can be used to either prevent or cure the condition. He has made major strides in the area, including getting a drug that stimulates the upper airwaves approved by the FDA.

Dr. Avi brought together a group of dentists so that they could study sleep apnea in detail. The first thing that they found out is that more than 80 percent of people that suffer from the problem do not even know that they have an issue. He stated that it is only through the proper screening processes that one can figure out they are suffering from sleep apnea and start looking for treatment.

Sleep apnea is not the only cause that Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been engaged in. Another cause that he has been deeply engaged with is the operation smile campaign. He joined this initiative after realizing that there are many children that are born with conditions such as cleft lips and cleft palates but do not have the means to pay for the operation procedures that fix the problem. Most of these people are located in third world countries and especially in Africa. He started a go fund me campaign whose aim is making sure that needy cases of people with the condition get the operation at no cost. Thousands of patients have passed through this program successfully. Dr. Avi hopes that with the funds that will be raised by the campaign, he will manage to support several thousands more through the procedures.

These and many more are the initiatives that Dr. Avi has been taking part in. He is one of the most transformational leaders in the world of dental health care and the treatment of conditions related to the entire system.


Talk Fusion Changes The Face Of The Corporate World

When people think about the corporate world, the image that usually comes to mind is that of suits that are more concerned about the bottom line than they are about the people. Often times, the corporate world is seen to stifle even creativity. One of the common stories is that of a company or a concept that starts out really good but then is reduced to a mere shadow of what it used to be because of corporate involvement. However, there are corporations that are operating with the intention of changing the corporate stigma. One company and business owner is showing that his business is more geared towards serving customers and helping people. This company is called Talk Fusion. The owner of this business is Bob Reina.


Talk Fusion has been established with the purpose of helping others. One of the ways they intend to do this is by growing businesses and creating opportunities throughout many different countries. They also take the time to encourage people to pursue anything that gives them their passion. If they are able to move forward towards their goals, then they will be more fulfilled in the lives they are trying to pursue. Among the things they will be encouraged is to find their underlying purposes.


Talk Fusion is also willing to make donations to charities. They have gotten involved in many nonprofit efforts that are geared towards many different purposes. One of the best things that one could hope for is to be able to live a life that they have control over. One of the underlying dreams for most people is to be able to live life on their own terms without having to answer to anyone. This is a far cry from the corporate world that only thought about making enough profits to build more locations.

Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management, formerly known as Protective Asset Management is a company that was founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada 24 years ago. It is a registered investment and credit advisor for a wide client database that covers pensionable plans, corporations, financial institutions, foundations and even the government. It has, over the years grew to become one of the biggest credit managers globally with a focus on fixed income markets and the management of highly secured bank loans.


Highland Capital Management highly invests in leveraged loans, structured products and high yield bonds. It is rapidly growing and has employed more than 180 people around the world. Through its operations, the firm aims to provide value to investors out there by presenting them with original products and enabling them to pursue their unlimited potentials in different and new opportunities arising as well as protecting their capital.


Its partnerships with Columbia Asset Management over sixteen years ago saw it transition to new frontiers that enabled them, up to date, to help its clients realize their perils and bring back objectives through the novelty of strategies and value-driven investment vehicles. The company is headquartered in Dallas and has branches in New York, Seoul, Singapore and Sao Paulo in Brazil.


Highland Capital Management not only takes by investing but it also gives back to the society. It has endorsed several foundations including the Tower Scholar Fund at Southern Methodist University. On top of that, Highland has partnered with The Dallas Foundation that aims to improve the standards of living of the North Texas communities. Committing to make lives better, it Highland Capital Management has donated over ten million dollars to foundation, organisations and charities around the world. Through the volunteer’s program, the advisory and board involvement and financial donations to both local and national NGOs, it aims at enhancing its bid to make people realise change and better their lives.


The company is and still continues to soar with profit margins increasing as shown by their fiscal prospectus. Since it acquired the Cap Equity Fund from GE Assets Management in 2010, Highland Management Capital has seen significant years that projects its cost of operation waivers to be constant for at least a few years to come.


The firm continuously carries out recruitments on multiple positions to qualified individuals. The hiring process disregards one’s background and or level of experience. Open jobs are posted on their website with many being positions of Directors that could advance later to a Managing Director role. They prefer a word document resume when one has successfully applied for an open position online.



Betsy DeVos – Softly Protesting the Overturn of Bathroom Bill to Show Her Support for LGBTQ Community

Betsy DeVos is one of the most knowledgeable, compassionate and modern opinion leaders of our era, and she has already started the much-needed reform in various areas in our education system as Education Secretary. The recent rollback by the Trump’s Administration of the guidelines issued during Obama’s era of protecting the transgender students and allow them to use the bathroom and locker rooms as per their gender identity instead of birth gender has attracted mixed opinions from students, school administrators, parents, and public in general.


The letter jointly issued by Department of Education and Justice mentions that the guidance delivered by the Obama’s administration has attracted legal challenges from many states and violates the Federal prohibitions and clauses about sex discrimination. Betsy DeVos is known for her support socially conservative causes and protecting LGBTQ community, which has also found her admirers from the left-leaning supporters and political figures. She has been open about her support for LGBTQ community for a long time, and she indeed opposed the overturning of the bill. As the bill was to pass through her desk before issuance, I have researched and found that Betsy DeVos hesitated and contested the overturning.


It is natural now that many of the students would feel that Betsy is not consistent in her support for LGBTQ community, but that is clearly not the case. She wanted to leave the guidelines issued by Obama as it is, but also understands that the legal challenges brought upon by the instructions must be taken care of. Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos mentioned that it is an issue that would reach its conclusion when solved at the local and state level. Betsy DeVos has been one of the major voices in the country for education reforms, protection of students and expanding the outreach of quality education across the length and breadth of the country. Even as the bill rollbacks, she has assured transgender students that their rights are protected and that they would be able to continue their education in the safe, secure and protected environment. Read more on CNN for more info.


Betsy DeVos, apart from her plans for education reforms and support for LGBTQ community, is known widely for the role she plays as one of the top philanthropists in the country. She co-chairs the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation with her husband Dick DeVos, who is the son of the co-founder of Amway Corporation, Richard DeVos Sr.


Betsy DeVos along with her husband has given $44 Million in donations to the different social and charitable causes in Michigan area alone, and the total giving of DeVos family surpasses well over $139 million. Betsy DeVos aims to work hard for varying social causes that have infected and halted the country’s growth in many segments including human rights, education system, the justice system, and more. And, I firmly believe she would ensure that she would fulfill her commitment passionately and without fail.

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