The Greyhound Diaries: Doug Levitt’s Struggling Americans

At first glance one might think that The Greyhound Diaries is an expose on dog racing. Or it could be a history of greyhound breeding. But neither of those opinions is correct. The Greyhound Diaries is a book and an album put together by singer-songwriter Doug Levitt. Levitt has spent more than twelve years traveling on Greyhound buses across the United States. He has logged over 120,000 miles over a decade to collect stories and memories of his fellow travelers who were all just struggling to get by. He has collected pictures and written songs about the people he met on the bus.


In 2004 Doug Levitt saw the poverty statistics and watched the number of people in poverty rise from 37 million to 49 million. However, numbers can tell you just so much, and Levitt wanted a better picture of this culture of poverty. He was inspired by WPA projects of the 1930’s to help folks escape the poverty brought on by the Great Depression. One thing that struck him was the diversity of people he met on his journey. He met urban, rural, black, white, Latino, Amish, veterans, elderly, and many more folks. The one thing they all had in common was that they could not afford to drive or fly to their destination. They had no smart phones, no laptops, and they couldn’t afford a car. His stories, songs, and images are collected in his digital memoir known as The Greyhound Diaries.


In 1972 Doug Levitt was born in Washington, D.C. where he attended D.C. public schools and he graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. Levitt says that when he was just 16 years old father committed suicide. This event was influential in his journey to becoming an artist. Levitt enrolled in Cornell University where he took classes under the great astrophysicist Carl Sagan. He later obtained a Fulbright Scholarship which allowed him to earn a master’s degree in International Relations at the prestigious London School of Economics. While in London, Levitt became a foreign correspondent. He reported for a number of news outlets such as CNN, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC. He moved to Nashville when he decided to switch careers to singer-songwriter. He worked with famed producer David Henry to produce The Greyhound Diaries. Levitt has performed at The Kennedy Center, the Woody Guthrie Center, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center, as well as homeless shelters across the nation.


Thor Halvorseen: A Defender Of The Oppressed

Thor Halvorssen is the president of Human Rights Foundation. He established the New York-based organization in 2005. Thor unwaveringly supports human rights causes and individual liberty for he considers them vital in any society across the world. When it comes to defending human rights, Thor is more knowledgeable about what it takes and the price that some of the people he knows have paid. However, that has never deterred him from pushing on. Thor’s family beginning with his grandparents has helped in various ways in upholding justice and liberating people. Therefore, it is not surprising of what Thor is engaged in presently. He loves people and that is why he endeavors to help them out.


In particular, Thor loves helping out dissidents and defectors that stand against tyranny. He appointed Vaclav Have to work as the chairman of HRF. Vaclav died in 2011. Thor replaced him with political activists and Russian chess veteran, Garry Kasparov. The work that Thor and his associates do has never been easy. For instance, Kasparov had a rough time with Russian Police in 2012. He was repeatedly punched while protesting against the verdict on Pussy Riot band. The Moscow-based band was sentenced to serve two years in prison for singing a song that was anti-Putin. In 2010, Thor himself had a rough time with Vietnamese authorities when he visited Ho Chi Minh City to interview Thich Quang Do, the patriarch of Vietnam’s Unified Buddhist Church.


He considers himself to be a classical liberal. That is why the political inclinations of the 12 people that work with him at Human Rights Foundation do not bother him. On a daily basis, they strive to highlight authoritarianism and offer a voice to political prisoners and dissidents. The foundation organizes the Oslo Freedom Forum annually. It has become an important forum for human rights activists.


About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a leading human rights advocate. He is also a film producer. Thor has made immense contributions to the fields of pro-democracy advocacy, civil liberties, public policy, individual rights, and interest advocacy. He is the Oslo Freedom Foundation’s founder as well as the Human Rights Foundation that that organizes the event.


He is the producer of “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress“, an adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s science fiction book. Additionally, Thor has appeared as a speaker at the University of Pennsylvania, TEDx. He has also appeared on leading television outlets such as BBC News and Fox News. His opinions have been published by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

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Covers.Com Is Taking Care of Business

No matter what the sport is, knows the right information for bettors. There has been a lot of talk about their football knowledge, but one thing that often gets overlooked is their knowledge of the NBA. They follow the NBA throughout the season all the way until the finals. The great thing about the NBA is every team plays 82 games. Of course, some games are more important than others and some games have more meaning. There might be two teams battling it out on a high profile Friday night game. Those are the games that NBA bettors really get into and really have a lot of fun with when it comes to NBA odds.

All anyone has to do is look at the NBA Finals the past two years. It has been the Warriors and the Cavaliers. Two years ago, the Cavaliers had a 2-1 lead, but they lost in the finals. Last year, the Warriors were up 3-1 and became the only team in NBA history to lose a 3-1 lead and this was after having a 73 win season, which was the best in NBA history. During the end of the season, a lot of those games meant a lot to NBA bettors that were betting on basketball odds.

Everyone wanted to know the NBA odds of them defeating the Chicago Bulls record of going 72-10. That is some real fun right there and that is what basketball odds are all about along with winning. It is fun and it is even more fun when someone wins and they see something they have never seen before. With a seven game series, there can be plenty of twists and turns along the way. If you are a diehard NBA fan and really, truly care about the game and everything that comes with it, will not lead you down the wrong road.

In fact, they will lead people down the right road and they will help people make sound and smart decisions. When it comes to matters like this, this is not the sort of thing that someone would trust with just anyone. They want to trust someone that has been there and done that. They have a ton of great columns on their website right now that are worth reading and after reading them, you will know a lot more about the NBA and how the game works.

The Leading Wikipedia Edited Articles in 2016

You will find a Wikipedia entry among the top ten results on almost everything that you search on Google or any other search engine. Wikipedia editors run the online encyclopedia to ensure that it provides the most credible information about individuals and companies. To make a Wikipedia page, you must have notability that comes from having a high record of accomplishments. You risk removal of your page by the Wikipedia administrators if you create a page that does not meet the notability guidelines.


Leading Wikipedia Edits in 2016


There are hundreds of thousands of Wikipedia revisions every day. Spammers and Fake News website have been on the increase on the internet recently. To curb this problem, individuals and business owners rely on the Wikipedia writers to edit their information. Wikimedia Foundation released the most edited pages on Wikipedia in 2016 with “Deaths in 2016” taking the lead with 18,230 edits. Several prominent personalities in the world passed on in the previous year hence the high number of edits.


The political articles that achieved the top ten positions include stories about Donald Trump at second position with 8,933 edits, Hillary Clinton endorsements during her 2016 campaigns(6,527), and the 2016 presidential elections in the U.S ( 6, 162). At the fifth position, was the Republican Party presidential primaries with 5,715 edits, while the Donald Trump endorsements during the 2016 campaign took the eighth place at 5,328. Other pages that appeared on the top ten list include the Orlando nightclub shooting (5,540), Bailando 2015 (5,342), sports in 2016 (5,277), and at the tenth position was South Korean Music with 5,074 edits.


Benefits of a Wikipedia Page to a Family


Business and individuals that intend to improve their reputation online should consider hiring Get Your Wiki to make a Wikipedia page for them. Small business may not meet the notability criteria and an editor would decide to merge the content of the company or brand with another similar enterprise instead of getting a parallel space on the web. The companies will always get benefits from the Wikipedia edits regardless of where the editors choose to put their content on the page. Advantages of having a Wikipedia page include:


Reputation management – High level of exposure


• Reputation management – business owners can edit a Wikipedia page to correctly reflect any inaccurate information about their company or brand. Most people use the web page to learn about a company or business.
• Increased credibility and trust among clients and search engines.
• High level of exposure- millions of people visit Wikipedia every time. Therefore, having a page about your company would attract more traffic to your information.
• Improvement of a personal brand/business leading to increased sales.

It is, therefore, important to hire Wikipedia editors such as Get Your Wiki to run your business or personal page on the online encyclopedia.

Betting On NBA Odds With

Every gambler who wishes to bet with will find what they need upon entering the site for the first time. The site has a list of NBA odds, and this article explains how gamblers may make quite a lot of money on the site by betting any game on the schedule. Everyone who enjoys the NBA must ensure they have considered how they will bet on the site for their own benefits.

#1: How Are The NBA Odds Set?

NBA odds are set in Vegas by sportsbooks that are getting lines every day, and the lines are used on to ensure everyone may bet properly. Betting on the site is simple as all the lines are printed for every game, and the lines change until they are locked just before the game begins. Someone who is trying to bet on a certain may place several bets on the game, and they will find it simple to fill their account with bets that will make money.

#2: How Is Betting Simplified?

The site has quite a lot of information on each game, and gamblers may read about each game as much as they like. Using the site is simple as research may be done easily, and it is important everyone who is using the site has a list of their bests showing. They may look through their bets, and they will learn what they must do to make proper bets on each game.

#3: How Much May Gamblers Bet?

Gamblers may bet on as much as they like, and they will find it quite simple to bet often on games they believe are the best choice for them. They will find lines that are better than others, and they will begin sifting through the lines to find options that are helpful for them. Betting is simple, and gamblers may place as many bets as they like to ensure thy have the best chance of making money.

Making money on is simple, and everyone who is using the site properly will learn how to bet more effectively on each game. Games that happen around the NBA may become cash cows for the gambler, and certain match-ups are certain to provide winnings that will please every gambler. Betting on helps gamblers win their money, and the site has more than enough information for everyone interested in betting on basketball.

Role of Martin Lustgarten in the Investment Banking Industry

Investment banking is a business division linked to capital creation for corporations, governments, and individuals. Investment banks aid in trading securities and underwriting debts for companies. They also facilitate restructuring, mergers, and acquisition of businesses as well as serving as an intermediary between institutions and private investors. Besides, investment bankers guide securities issuer regarding the placement of stock.


Structures of investment banking

Recent studies indicate that most investment banks are affiliated with the world’s leading banking institutions such as Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs. Investment banks deal with complex financial transactions ranging from acquisitions, mergers, and sales of property. Through their financial analysts, investment banks assess the value of a company and advice how best to restructure during the merger and acquisition. Furthermore, investment banking aids in capital creation by issuing securities as a means of raising money. They also help clients in the preparation of legal documents for the Securities and Exchange Commission for a company to go public.

Through investment bankers, investment banks help corporations to manage large projects; thus saving their money and time by identifying the associated risks. Investment bankers are experts in investment banking and always have their finger on the pulse of the market trends. Therefore, corporations and individuals turn to investment banks for advice regarding financial planning and wealth management. Investment bankers can tailor their recommendations to fit the current state of economic affairs.


About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten has dual citizenship. He is a citizen of Austria as well as Venezuela. Martin leverages his dual citizenship to extend his services to as many investors as possible. As a stronger believer of the global-scale portfolio, Martin Lustgarten spreads his wealth across countries. As such, he limits the expected risk while riding on the success of the local economy.

Furthermore, Martin has a veteran eye when it comes to navigating market shifts. Through his ability to predict oncoming market trends, Martin acts quickly before the market fluctuates. Martin works incredibly hard to find the possible investment opportunities in the future. As a visionary investment banker, Martin embarks on international investments to increase his wealth quickly.


Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

For those who need non-purpose capital, Equities First Holdings has gained popularity as one of the best issues of fast working capital using stocks as collateral. The company has also increased their lending capabilities and loans, using margin and stock-based loans, to individuals and business across the world. The company, through its numerous offices, has its presence in all the continents of the world. As a matter of fact, they have also worked to make itself a trusted company concerning the stock-based loans. Al Christy, the Founder and President of Equities First Holdings, has found out that the stock based loans and margin loans have gained adoption on a massive scale during this harsh economic times in the world.


No one can deny that the United States and other countries are experiencing a harsh economic time. This is evident through the fluctuation of stocks in the economic market and the rise in price commodities. As a matter of fact, the situation was only made worse by the exit of Britain from the European Union. During these harsh economic times, the banks and other credit-based alternative sources of finance and companies have cut down their lending capabilities. As a matter of fact, they have also increased their interest rates to scare away most applicants. Moreover, those who don’t qualify for the credit-based loans are urged to consider the services of Equities First Holdings as one of the most popular companies issuing loans using stocks as collateral.


There are many individuals and societies gaining from the services of Equities First Holdings. For you to make the best use of the company, seize the low-interest rates offered by the company’s loan capabilities during the harsh economic crisis. The stock-based loans are also characterized by a higher loan-to-value ratio. For this reason, they allow the user to secure fast working capital using stocks as collateral. There are many benefits associated with the stock-based loans. With them, you are not required to state the intended use of the loan as a way of qualification. They are also characterized by the low interest rates to allow you to enjoy the benefits of the loan maximum. For the company, you don’t have to state the use of the loan acquiring the initial pre-qualification analysis. Therefore, you are just allowed to sign the papers to indicate the intention of the money.


There are many marked differences between the margin and stock-based loans. However, many people think that the two are autonomous.

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More Legal Trouble For Laidlaw & Company

It’s interesting to see the case filed against investment bank Laidlaw & Company by Relmada Therapeutics continues to simmer in Nevada District Court. Relmada is in the clinical stage of developing a treatment for chronic pain and used Laidlaw for financial services. Recently, Relmada was granted a temporary restraining order and an associated injunction against Laidlaw, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, who both hold high management positions in the company. It didn’t shock me to hear Relmada accused Laidlaw of distributing false and misleading proxy materials because that seems to be Laidlaw’s standard business behavior. Now the complaint has been amended to include breach of fiduciary duty.


Laidlaw & Company is based in the United Kingdom with a worldwide network of offices. The company has existed under varies names since 1842; however, it became a full-fledged investment and brokerage firm in 1902 and has been tagged with over 60 customer complaints since the early 2000s. Laidlaw specializes in serving healthcare investments, which is probably why Relmada got caught in their sticky financial web.


Finally, let’s pay a visit to the characters of Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. Either is currently the CEO, has an extensive background in investment banking, and has been with Laidlaw since 2010. His major entanglement appears to be the Relmada case. However, James Ahern, who is listed as a Laidlaw Managing Partner and Head of Capital Markets, has a more colorful history. The state of New York filed tax liens against him in 2011 and 2012, and the IRS was also after him in 2012. Ahern also has four customer complaints that were resolved with payments and involved breach of fiduciary duty, unauthorized trading, and fraud.


Overall, Laidlaw & Company has a checkered history of failing to comply with security and hiring laws, working with rogue brokerage firms, and numerous violations of FINRA.

The Benefits of Investment Banks and working with Martin Lustgarten


Investment banks are able to offer the best financial services through their proper financial baking structure and plans. The structure of an investment bank can be split into three areas. Each are covers a particular section in banking. Through the three critical areas, investment banks can offer additional banking services. All these services fall under activities similar to banking services. The difference between an investment bank and a regular bank lies in the amount of investments. Investment banks are known to deal with people handling a lot of money and have a high net worth. There are many banking positions in an investment banking firm. One of the most important positions is that of the investment banker. The success of the investment bank lies in the working of the investment banker. He handles all the operations regarding the investment bank.


Martin Lustgarten is an example of an investment banker who works for his company. He found a market gap in the industry at the time of the great recession. During this period, many people found it a big challenge to retire. Through the advice and help of Martin Lustgarten, many people can retire at peace. Martin Lustgarten has created an international investment plan for his clients in different parts of the world. Martin has dual citizenship and is both Venezuelan and an Austrian Citizen. His dual citizenship has been the reason for his success in business. It has enabled him to invest in different countries. The result is that he has reduced the risk of political instability and economic depression that are usually associated with one country.


Martin knows that every investment he undertakes as necessary. He can observe the current market trends and to act just at the right time. He has always considered the future and growth of his company. Many investors come to him for advice on financial markets. He advises several people on investment tips, especially about formulating a proper retirement plan. Martin has maintained several international portfolios. He has used this as a strategy to grow his business and expand his wealth. Martin’s tips have assisted investors to explore several lucrative opportunities in the future.


The Top 4 Tropical EOS Lip Balm Flavors

EOS’s,, wide range of lip balm flavors has made the company one of the top lip balm brands in the world. Their selection includes some simple but popular flavors, including lemon twist, tangerine, and grapefruit. But what if you want something a little more exotic? We’ve ranked the top tropical fruit flavors that make you feel like you’ve just stepped into a rainforest.

  1. Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

The blueberry acai flavor blends the sweetness of blueberries with the health benefits of acai. It’s a fresh, fruity combination that’ll keep your lips hydrated and moisturized.

  1. Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

It might seem like an unlikely combination, but the pomegranate raspberry flavor perfectly blends two tangy fruits into one scrumptious treat. This fruity, refreshing EOS lip balm is made with all-natural ingredients including natural oils and shea butter.

  1. Passion Fruit Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

The passion fruit flavor might sound simple at first, but it offers a rich tropical flavor that nourishes and moisturizes. It’s tangy but not overpowering, and just as delicious as a juicy piece of fruit.

  1. Coconut Milk Visibly Soft Lip Balm

For a truly unique experience, the coconut milk flavor is a lip balm like no other. This exotic flavor is smooth and creamy as a glass of milk, with a special formula that keeps lips soft even in the driest weather. For tropical flavors, you can’t just much more exotic than this. More products are available on Amazon.

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