Getting Great Investment Help from Laidlaw & Company

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You can feel confident that this is the right decision for you and can change the way you feel about investing. Because of the fact that investing is too tricky for most people, it is nice to know that Laidlaw is there to assist in all of your needs. They can work with you on an individual level and see what is best suited to your needs. Be sure to contact SEC if this is something you feel you can benefit from in the future. It is ideal for you to be working with a company that has the experience that you need to change your outlook.

George Soros and China Continue Battle of Words

Billionaire investor George Soros warned that the Chinese government’s moves to prioritize growth over reining in debt is eerily similar to the global situation before the market’s crash in 2008. The investor, as reported in Bloomberg, most recently made his remarks at an Asia Society event in New York in April repeating much of what he had said in January at a World Economic Forum in Davos, Graubünden, Switzerland. In his remarks, the investor who is called the Man Who Broke the Bank of England, George Soros says that a hard landing for China is practically unavoidable.

Soros is a supporter of many United States progressive and liberal political on causes along with being the founder of the Open Society Foundation working to promote human rights around the world. The war of words between Soros and China is nothing new although it continues to leave investors uneasy. Supporting George Soros’s position, Andrew Colquhoun of Fitch Ratings says that the rate of borrowing by Chinese banks may be what eventually derails the country fearing that the country is not committed enough to structural reforms. While Fitch Ratings continues to rate Chinese loans at A+ both Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investors Service lowered their ratings a notch in March.

Soros offers one positive note about the governmental strategy in China on saying that linking the yuan to a broad basket of currencies greatly diminishes the threat of competitive devaluation.

In defending China’s position, Ma Jun, the chief economist at the central bank’s research bureau, pointed out in a speech recently that fixed asset investment grew 10.2 percent from 2015 figures and rose 1.3 percent over the fourth quarter of 2015. Furthermore, George Soros pointed out that real estate development was growing at over 3 percent during the first quarter. Properties in China that sold during the first two months of 2016 were 43.6 percent higher than in the fourth quarter. He also announced that new development rose by 13 percent after falling slightly in the fourth quarter, according to Barrons.

Figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China shows that value-added industrial output in China rose 5.4 percent during January and February of 2016 while industrial production fell by 5.6 percent during the same period. Fixed-asset investment in non-rural areas of China rose by 10.2 percent. The recent bright spot of retail sales continued to climb by 10.2 percent. In an answer to George Soros by Tony Henderson published via the International Press Agency, claims that China’s reserves swelled by $10.3 billion in March 2016 to $3.21 trillion.

Regardless of who wins this war, there is no doubt that the battle will continue for the foreseeable future leaving investors very nervous.

Handy Helps Those Who Face Pressures Of Cleaning

Spring is here and for many that means it’s a time to clean! It’s a time for out with the old and in with the new. It’s also a time when people throw open their windows and let that fresh air blow through. Of course, none of this will feel good unless the house is clean. Cleaning can be an overwhelming task and that’s why many people put it off. They decide that they will clean once spring rolls around yet they still find themselves without time or energy to do so. Luckily, there is still hope with Handy.


Handy is a home cleaning service that is very easy to operate. A person logs onto their app and they can specify when and where they need cleaning. They can list which rooms that they need cleaned and when. A person can use Handy for just one room or for their whole house. Every now and then, people need help cleaning. Handy understands that. Handy is an app that’s all about convenience. People can log on and ask for help if they suddenly have unexpected company or they feel that their house is getting too dirty.


Handy is safe and secure. Everything is done over an app and therefore people don’t have to worry about passing cash hand to hand because that has been determined to be unsafe in a lot of situations. Handy has its cleaners go through a lengthy process to determine that they are safe. They undergo reference checks, background checks, and many interviews. The best part is that Handy is affordable. They aren’t charging people an arm and a leg. In fact, the prices are very reasonable especially considering that Handy only takes the best when it comes to cleaners.


Overall, everyone is happy with Handy. Those that are employed by the organization are making some easy cash doing what they love. The app makes it a lot less stressful for those in charge of keeping a clean home. It’s nice that they can know that there is help out there for them when they need it. No longer do they have to feel pressured to keep a clean home at all times.


Download Handy on iTunes and Google Play today!

Keith and Keely Mann Found Academic Scholarship

Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway publication, announced a generous scholarship being offered by Keith Mann. Mann is the managing director and co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners, a recruiting and placement service that combines talented individuals with hedge fund companies in the United States of America. He and his wife, Keely, recently began the Scholarship for Professional Achievement, which gives students in the Uncommon Schools’ in Brooklyn an opportunity to receive a four-year scholarship to college.


The goal of Uncommon Schools is to prepare students from low-income families to attend and graduate from college. Mann wants to do his part in seeing the student’s dream become a reality.


Applicants for this scholarship need to complete a 1,000-word essay stating how this generous award would benefit them. The fortunate scholarship winner will also have Keith Mann as a benefactor who could become very valuable in the future when the scholarship winner graduates from college, especially if the winner wants to enter the world of finance.


The award winner is announced at the end of March each year, and recipients receive $5000 to go toward admission at the college of their choice. Uncommon Schools manages urban charter public schools that are dedicated to preparing low-income students for the process leading up to entering and graduating from college. They are in charge of 44 charter public schools in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. Uncommon Schools has over 14,000 students, in grades K-12, in attendance at its numerous facilities.


This is not the first philanthropic effort for Keith Mann and his wife. In 2008, they founded a charity benefit for the Hope and Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund. This magnanimous scholarship makes the world a better place one student at a time.



Koch’s support for George Mason

George Mason University has just received a total contribution of $30 million including $10 million from Charles Koch and $20 million from an undisclosed donor in order to rename their law school after the Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia who passed away in 2016 and was considered to be a lion in the court for supporting various conservative cases.


Koch has supported many conservative causes of his own and has funded a wide range of political action committees (PACs) over the years to help various conservative candidates get elected. Overall, Koch selects candidates who are in favor of reducing the role of government at the federal level and is a big supporter of the U.S. constitution. He originally supported libertarian candidates in the 1970’s but has moved on to the Republican Party though he has been in disagreement with some candidates such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over the 2016 election cycle. This is notable as the groups that Charles Koch funded PACs are supposed to contribute are in the range of $900 million during this election cycle. Koch’s vast wealth comes from Koch Industries which was founded by his father, Fred Koch, and was expanded and grew under the guidance of Charles and his brother, David.


The contribution to George Mason University has not been out of the ordinary for Koch as he has given $48 million to the school during the period of 2011 to 2014 alone. While George Mason University has a solid reputation as a university, with a particularly strong focus in both law and economics, the contribution is out of the ordinary Koch who has generally sprinkled money around to a large number of schools rather than concentrating the donations in just one or two universities. Other than George Mason University no university received more than $1 million per year.


A spokesman for Koch indicated that there were no strings attached to the donation and that Koch was simply making an additional donation in a long history of making donations to various charitable causes. One can say that the criticism for giving away money is unusual for anybody and more tied to the political beliefs of the critics than the motives of the givers.


Still, George Mason University is undergoing a great deal of success and growth due to the contributions from Charles Koch and expect for further expansion in their law school as a result of these contributions.

Don’t Be One of the Walking Dead

VTA Publications’ site contains an interesting and motivational blog post. The author recently rode a commuter train out of a big city, and made sad yet cogent observations.

The author went through several stages of thinking about these employees and how they behaved at the end of the work days.

At first, the author is sorry for them. They’re sad and bored. They’re beat from their difficult days and the hard work at their jobs. They were all discontented, but clinging to their existence. They were the “lucky” ones who had jobs despite the economy. Yet their lives were just a continuous round of getting up, going to work, working, going home, eating and sleeping, and doing it all again the next day.

They continued to live like school children, doing their duty in school Monday through Friday, living for the weekend, which they would spend dreading the return of Monday. How sad.

However, the more closely the author observed these workers, the more the author’s feelings turned from sympathy to criticism. They had around an hour of free time. They were free of their jobs and didn’t yet have to face their domestic situations and duties. But how were they using it?

They were sleeping, staring out the window, gossiping and playing games on their iPhones.

The post’s author didn’t spot anyone working on a website business, calling potential clients for business or setting up a trade in the financial markets.

The author reflected how the economy is uncertain. Employees afraid of layoffs should be working on a backup Plan B, for extra money and just in case they do get the ax. But none of those commuters were taking action.

The future is uncertain and frightening. Major countries are threatening default on their bonds. Nobody can afford to stand still.

But these workers were all suffering from apathy. And if the post’s author or anybody else tried to shake them up, to warn them, to motivate them to start their own businesses, they’d be shouted down.

People who ride the zombie train try to keep other people from making more money than they do, just like crabs who won’t let other crabs escape the bucket.

VTA Publications is a distance learning company that has helped people make more money for retirement and from trading the financial markets since 2012. Located in Lynn the United Kingdom, it’s a private limited company and Geraldine Roberts works as the director. They currently sell a course on trading equities using stock charts and little-known techniques to make money from trading options. The SV-60 system they taught at a seminar last summer is now available on DVD in the VTA shop.

House Honors Ricardo Guimarães BMG

The President of the House Léo Bourgeois de Castro requested for the delivery of the award in a ceremony which was held by Daniel Nepomuceno. During the meeting, Léo Bourgeois de Castro cited the great work which was done by Ricardo Guimarães Clube Atlético Mineiro starting 2001 to 2006 as the President. He expressed his satisfaction and remembered that in 2004 Ricardo Guimarães received the Grand Collar of the Legislative Merit award.
Mr Fred Costa also highlighted the great work done by Ricardo Guimarães who managed to become one of the most successful individuals leading to the brand loyalty and ethics together with supporting the buff all sports, volleyball, tennis and national sports together with many others who had always supported and sponsored the sports.
There is nothing great than mentioning Ricardo Guimarães came up with Ricardo soccer BRI, an investment fund in football athletes in 2010. The fund which was considered to be the first in a CVM regulated nation same year it was created and had more than R $ 20 million in purchasing of the economic rights of most of the athletes who were part of the eight clubs. Because of Ricardo Guimarães we can confidently say that BMG is “the national sport patrons”.
Alberto Pinto Coelho, the deputy governor also revealed that the homage crowned deserved the saga of the important family that is always committed to the growth of different sports together with stating the great work of Ricardo Guimarães had the seal of citizenship and commitment. That’s a great example of our society. The House chairman thereafter made the reading of the statute terms before handing it over along with Daniel Nepomuceno whom together with whom together with Fred Costa awarded the Ricardo Guimarães the plate.
During the thanks you note, Ricardo Guimarães said that he had honored to maintain the tradition which had started by his grandfather front of the BMG. Most of the people around Ricardo Guimarães perceive him to be a great leader who is always ready and willing to assit where possible. The article can also be found at
About Ricardo Guimarães
Ricardo Guimarães is the owner and President of the BMG. Ricardo Guimarães started his career with the Grupo BMG SA de CV back in 1980 and has been the Financial Manager since 1989. Ricardo Guimarães also served as the CEO of the Banco BMG. He was later appointed to serve as the Vice President of the BMG Group in 1996.

Commercial Real Estate Combined With Crowd Funding

William Skelley alongside his partner Sohin Shah had the unique idea to form iFunding, by taking two very different market segments and combining them into one process and through this approach allowed people who were not able to partake in real estate investment to get a piece of the pie. Real estate investment required great capital as well as great risk taking in the past due to the volatility of different opportunities out there. Often times people who lacked experience and knowledge in the field were not able to get the returns they desired purely because of bad decisions that were made. iFunding and William Skelley take the guess work out of real estate investment and provide the staff that are professionals in all sectors of business who have the knowledge and experience required to decide whether a deal is an opportunity or not. Thanks to the internet and a clever platform, the iFunding innovation pools resources of many different investors together and then invests in large real estate deals which were prior to this opportunity not accessible to the general public.

William Skelley and his team are based out of New York and make property investments throughout the United States of America and have future plans to expand to other markets such as Asia. Their platform combines the best of crowd funding with the best of real estate to provide their clients with a positive return on their investment. With a low minimal startup of only $5000, any individual can make an investment on a property of their choice. Choose from a large list of pre-vetted institutional quality real estate ranging from simple family homes all the way to retail and office space. All types of investments are available and many investments larger than a $5000 minimum are also available.

Alone in 2015 iFunding paid out a whopping $5 million in capital back to its investors which is indeed a great milestone for the company as they show steady growth towards the future. This type of investing has become very attractive to both the investor and the real estate developer as a means to create a profitable return. With a simple account any person or organization can get started in real estate investments and create and on going income. All that is required is a small learning curve to get a greater understanding.  Check them out on Facebook for more information, or the iFunding Twitter which Skelley himself operates.

Global Financial Markets Are On The Verge Of Suffering Another Crisis According To Financial Expert George Soros

The thought of another 2008 financial meltdown is not a thought on the minds of people around the world unless those people live in Brazil, Russia, China or South Africa. The people in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland also believe the world may be falling apart, and for good reason. All those countries and many more are being torn apart by recession and in some cases depressions. George Soros thinks the world is sinking into a global recession that could be longer and much more damaging than the 2008 financial disaster.

George Soros wasn’t shy and he didn’t pick his words carefully when he told an economic forum in Sri Lanka that the world is looking into the eyes of a devastating recession. There’s no getting around the fact that oil prices are in the gutter, Europe, Japan and the United States have a tremendous amount of government debt, and China is struggling to keep a full-blown recession out of the news. 

That’s what George Soros calls the Chinese situation; a full blown recession. Some economists on argue that China’s GDP growth rate is still decent, but Soros claims China’s growth rate forecast can’t be trusted. In other words, China is fudging the books to make itself look good. But Soros knows the truth, and he is telling the world to prepare for a radical change in their lifestyle. wrote about the Soros global financial prediction after George Soros gave a speech at the Sri Lanka economic forum. China, the European Union, and the Middle Eastern unrest are all factors that are contributing to a financial fiasco of epic proportions. Stock markets around the world are showing signs that all is not well in corporate board rooms, and Soros is warning investors to only put money in businesses that are recession proof. Soros and investors like Buffet and Paulson have been dumping consumer-driven and bank stocks for the last two years.

A article about Soros Open Society Institute showed another side of George Soros. Soros may be one of the smartest investors in the world, but he is also one of the greatest humanitarians to walk on the planet. Soros has donated more than $6 billion during his lifetime, and he’s not done giving away his fortune so others can live a free democratic life. The eighty-something Soros may ruffle the feathers of governments that try to pull the wool over the eyes of the uneducated public, but Soros isn’t intimidated nor does he fall for the empty rhetoric they try to sell. Soros knows what he’s taking about when it comes to the global economy, and people are finally starting to listen. 

A Look At Antiques and Antique Fanatic Michael Zomber

Antiques are old collectible items that are collected because of their age, condition, its rarity nature or any other unique attribute there is to it. Antiques are usually associated with a certain era in human history and as such they reveal some sort of craftsmanship that existed at that particular time. They are usually described to be of over 100years old. They can be found in antique shops which are seemingly on the rise, auction houses, online auctions and other avenues where antique lovers can be found.


The purpose of antiques can range from gifts, personal use or simply for sale. The most popular of antiques is furniture. Antique furniture usually appreciate over time and people invest in them heavily. This because of the rich wood that is used to make them such as mahogany and oak. Antiques are not necessarily to be described as been out of date or old fashioned. Collectibles on the other hand are items that have been designed for people to collect specifically. Collectibles can be such as toys or hat pins. They are also referred to as collectibles or collector’s item. Antiques fall in the category of collectibles.


Michael Zomber is an antique collector. Zomber holds bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology and Master’s Degree in English Literature from University of California, Los Angeles. He has been collecting antiques for over forty years. He is particularly concerned about collecting Japanese Samurai swords. Asides from this, Zomber is a storyteller. He also gives writing credits to a couple of screenplays such as Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War and Shogun Iemitsu. He has also written historical fictional novels such as Son Of Kentucky. Michael also produced a documentary film called Soul of the Samurai which he produced alongside his wife. His wife is the president of Renascent Films which is a production and distribution company.


Zomber also appreciates the horrors that armed conflict does to communities and societies. As such, he supports initiatives that seek to promote peace. He works with Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, Amnesty International and Global Exchange. He lives with his family in a thirty acre Pegasus Ranch in Franklin, Tennessee.