Monthly Archives: October 2014

BP Disaster Lingers on the Ocean Floor

Much was made of the immediate effects of the BP oil spill when the catastrophe occurred over four years ago. Little has seemingly changed, as the lingering effects have continued to haunt the area, providing dangers very much equal to the initial disaster from what I read on Marnie’s Ottawa Sun article.   These hazards [Continue]

Britain Ending Migrant Rescue Operations

Britain has stopped search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean, stating that continued rescue efforts only encourage more dangerous journeys across the ocean. Campaigners from Amnesty International and the British Refugee Council criticize the move as unjust. Desperate people are fleeing their country of origin, and it’s debated whether or not a lack of rescue [Continue]

The Future of Law Enforcement

A Silicon Valley startup has recently made it known that local law enforcement agencies are field-testing a new product of theirs. A small chip located in the handle relays information about the officer’s gun, such as where the weapon is at any given time, when it is drawn or fired, and even the direction it [Continue]

Wind Energy Industry Sets New Records

Celebrations are in order for the UK’s wind energy industry this year. The industry announced this week that they set a new electricity share record of 24%. According to Business Green, official figures showed that wind accounted for 24% of the UK’s power share over the course of an entire day. This beat the previous [Continue]

Cloud Technology Used To Design Tomorrow’s Cars

Based in the Powys region of Wales, Riversimple is using cloud technology to synthesize a radical new automotive design concept. The small start up company is aiming to create virtual models for an innovative car that is fully powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Cardonix, a sophisticated automotive CAD software, is primarily used for the design [Continue]