Monthly Archives: December 2014

North Korean Citizens Want ‘the Interview’

While the leaders of North Korea huff and puff and threaten to attack the United States over ‘The Interview’, their citizens seem to be singing a very different tune. After ‘The Interview’ released in digital format with a limited theater showing accompanying it, it appears that the film will have some legs to run with. [Continue]

A Smart Car with a Mind

  There is nothing more interesting than Vijay Eswaran technology and the possibilities that it brings to the table. The way that it keeps on advancing is truly remarkable and the leaps that it has made especially in the last decade or so are very encouraging for what is coming in the near future.It is [Continue]

Oil Production to Remain Regardless of Price

  As many around the country have enjoyed the low gas prices over the past several weeks, everyone has not expected these prices to remain for very long. However, recent indications show that no matter how low prices get OPEC will not be reducing their oil production any time soon.  This decision by OPEC will allow businesses [Continue]

Driverless Car Reaches Full Prototype Stage

Driverless cars might seem like science fiction. News is constantly coming out of Google promising fully automated cars in the future. However, most people assumed that future was fairly distant. Which is why many people were caught by surprise when Google announced their first full prototype.   Google employees report that they’ll be testing out [Continue]

New York Becomes Second State to Ban Fracking

As new extracting technologies and innovations go, fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, has been the buzz word in the natural gas and oil industry for a few years now. The practice involves pumping water and chemicals into the ground at extremely deep levels to free the precious raw materials from rock formations. While many states have [Continue]

New York: First Shale State to Ban Fracking

Brad Reifler and other environmentalists have applauded the fracking ban move, which happens after several years of mixed messages about fracking from Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In Wednesday, The New York State governor said that he will move to ban fracking or hydraulic fracturing in his state as per advice from his environment and health officials. [Continue]