Monthly Archives: February 2015

Climate Change: Citizens v. Senate

While most Americans consider it their moral obligation to assist in the combating of global warming and climate change at large, members of the Senate appear to think otherwise. This dichotomy is telling of the rift between not only government officials and the general public, but also the divide that political party lines have on [Continue]

Bionic Hands Have Become a Reality

Three Austrians have become the first in the world to carry prostheses that can be controlled with the mind through a technique known as “bionic reconstruction“.   This technique combines transfer of muscles and nerves, amputation and replacement with an advanced robotic prosthesis, according to Diario Do Comercio.   The bionic reconstruction technique was developed [Continue]

Oil Fumes Only First Step

The Senior Coroner for Dorset, England, Sheriff Stanhope Payne, has formally announced that oil fumes released in airplanes when cabin air compressors malfunction are toxic to passengers and crew members.   Payne has been investigating the 2012 death of British Airways pilot Richard Mark Westgate who claimed that toxic fumes had poisoned him. Payne concluded [Continue]

Cold Weather Alert

When the temperatures are cold, most cities open some kind of shelter for the people who are homeless or have nowhere to stay. One man in Louisville was not fortunate enough to be able to enter a shelter in time to stay warm. He was found, ironically, on the steps of the shelter. This man [Continue]

The NSA May Be Spying on You Using Your Hard Drive

The NSA may have been hiding viruses in the firmware of hard drives. A new report by Kapersky Labs suggests that many hard drives have been sold with malware embedded deep into them, making it exceptionally hard to remove. Effected drive brands include big names such as Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, Samsung, Seagate, and Maxtor [Continue]

Schools in Liberia Reopen After 6 Months

Schools in Liberia, one of the West African countries hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak, reopened on Monday Schools in the region shut down over 6 months ago in an attempt to contain the Ebola virus. While the outbreak has not been completely contained, doctors are winning the battle and new cases are few and [Continue]