Monthly Archives: March 2015

Renewable Energy in Costa Rica

In a time when most countries around the world are heavily dependent on fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal, Costa Rica has just finished proving that it’s possible for any country to end fossil fuel dependency. According to the Costa Rica Electricity Institute that manages the country’s grid, Costa Rica has been run entirely [Continue]

California Running Out of Water

After four years of severe drought, California’s water supply is reaching crisis proportions. As reported in Wired, at least one scientist says there is only a one year supply of water left in California reservoirs. Others are not so glum in their assessments. A water resources manager says that with rationing and careful management there [Continue]

Autonomous Car Testing Reaches Another Milestone

The research on and road testing of self-driving car technology is continuing. The Google autonomous car prototype is already being test driven locally on California roads, and new technology is constantly being developed related to this field. A big milestone is underway in autonomous driving this week. Delphi automotive has equipped a number of Audi [Continue]

California Drought Now Affecting Bars and Restaurants

It is no secret that the state of California has been experiencing a significant drought over the last four years. Rain has been limited so much that there was recently a massive downpour that caused flooding and mudslides and the rain that fell barely impacted the water levels as a whole. California is now enacting [Continue]

Wikipeda Page Guide For Businesses

Wikipedia can be a very successful marketing tool if it is used correctly. However, all marketing techniques must be used carefully because improper advertising methods can lead to a page deletion. To keep a company page on the site, several important steps must be followed.   Benefits Of Making A Company Page On Wikipedia   [Continue]

Less pollution and more jobs promised by wind power report

USA Today has revealed a new report from the White House will announce an improved outlook for wind energy supplies compared to a 2008 report released by the Bush Administration. Improvements in technology will see the amount of electricity supplied by wind power reach 35 percent by 2050 with an additional 230,000 jobs created over [Continue]