Monthly Archives: April 2015

Additional SERMO Polls Needed

A poll conducted on Monday, April 27, by SERMO, a social network for doctors that has over 300,000 members, found that approximately 81 percent of the more than 2,000 doctors polled believe that Dr. Mehmet Oz should resign from Columbia University and/or lose his license to practice medicine.   Approximately 19 percent expressed respect for [Continue]

Miracle Amongst Earthquake Debris

Just days after the ghastly earthquake struck in Kathmandu, Nepal, rescuers have discovered a miracle. Amongst the rubble rescuers found both a man and a baby boy. The most shocking part for many like Jaime Garcia Dias; they were both still alive.   The man himself was pulled from the debris nearly three days after [Continue]

Monsanto Poisoning

There has been new evidence that has surfaced thanks to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, also known as the EPA. These archives now prove that Monsanto has been aware of the effects glyphosate can have on the human population. This information has been available to Monsanto all the way back in 1981. When the [Continue]