Monthly Archives: May 2015

Did Congress Stop the CIA?

Late Wednesday, May 28, Reddit users started discussing a Discovery News article from Monday about how Mother Jones discovered last Wednesday that the Central Intelligence Agency’s Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis program, which was originally created during the Cold War to analyze worldwide climate data, was being shut down.   The CIA previously [Continue]

Oil Spill in Central California

The coastline of California is one of the most beautiful in the United States. With rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, and blue waters, it is serene and home to diverse sea life. However, a recent oil spill in the quaint town of Santa Barbara has marred the coastline there. The oil spill dumped tens of thousands [Continue]

Tesla Scores a Major Win in Maryland

Tesla is dead set on getting electric cars on the road and in your driveway. Along these lines, they have been in court all over the country fighting for the right to sell their cars directly to consumers. Most states have laws that say automakers cannot sell directly to consumers but rather have to do [Continue]

Florida Growing Problem Is a Worldwide One

Many people around the world are climate change deniers. In fact, many people actually believe that the climate has not changed so much that there are any noticeable differences and that those who talk about climate change are simply drama queens. Why are these attitudes a problem? A rise in sea water occurs when polar [Continue]