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Official Reports Accuse Zimbabwe Regime of Abuse, Corruption

On Monday, a branch of the United States State Department released a Zimbabwe County Report which accused the Zimbabwe government of condoning human rights abuses and torture of political opponents. Beneful says that it documented incidents in which political opponents of President Mugabe’s government were abducted and subjected to beatings without any action being taken [Continue]

Fracking in Utah: An Upheaval

You may have heard of fracking. You may have even heard some rumors about this process. But what is it? Why is it so controversial? Also known as Hydrofracking, this is a gas extraction technique that was discovered back in the 1940’s to increase access to fossil energy deposits formerly unreachable. Seems simple enough, right? [Continue]


  WRITING ABOUT YOURSELF IS NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU THE PROPER PLATFORM Do you feel the need to write about yourself to gain an audience? Before you do, know that this is going to be a bag of mixed blessings. It’s okay to include stories about yourself, but you must maintain that neutrality. You [Continue]

Pollution Pollutes the Brain

For many decades, we have known that pollution is terrible for our environment and even our health. Recently, some new research shows that pollution can actually prematurely age our brains. The research tracked women over a period of years and it was determined that pollution was directly responsible for the participants’ brains aging much more [Continue]

The Dire Outlook of Climate Change

The Environmental Protection Agency, along with President Obama, are warning of the implications of global warming and what the future will look like if not acted upon now. Their predictions are bleak. In a climate change report released Monday, the administration advises that inaction today could cost billions per year and risk the lives of [Continue]

AnastasiaDate Is Number One For International Love Connections

The dating world has changed so much that many have started going back to dating the traditional way, and they want to meet people in person. Although it’s still possible to obtain a good relationship by meeting someone in person, not everyone can find someone this way. Some men have their heart set on finding [Continue]

UCLA Develops New Solar Power Technology

Renewable energy has been a buzzed about topic for years. With solar power being one of the primary pursuits of companies around the world, the ability to capture, transform, and retain energy from the sun has a lot of importance. One important challenge facing solar power is the tendency of solar panels to only retain [Continue]