Monthly Archives: July 2015

Disney Has Anti-Trust Problems with the EU

The Walt Disney Company is going to try a different approach. The usually quiet company has gone public with its intent to battle the European Union over anti-trust complaints. Recently, the entertainment world was shocked by the EU’s out-of-the-blue desire to file anti-trust suits against movie studios and pay TV channels. Movie studios and pay [Continue]

Success with the Woof Washer

Entrepreneurs like Susan McGalla are finding success with their product or business. Some of these individuals are finding success after a year or more of trying to get their products noticed and sold. Even though there is no magic formula to being a successful entrepreneur, many of these business owners have found that commercials are the [Continue]

The Value of North American Spine

As each day passes, more people learn about the benefits of undergoing a procedure at North American Spine, a health care facility based in Dallas. The benefits of undergoing the AccuraScope procedure offered in this facility is so great that many people are traveling out of state to Dallas in order to undergo this procedure [Continue]

The Outstanding Performance of Lawyer Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is one of the most renowned lawyers in the law practice. He has a vast experienced team of lawyers who have received recognition accolades due to their exemplary performance. In fact, this firm has been dubbed as Super Attorney Law Syndicate. Only less than 4 percent of all lawyers in this region have [Continue]

Joseph Bismark’s Spiritual Inclination

I find myself very interested in spirituality and similar topics. In my search for spiritual articles, I have found this article from the blog End of an Earring. This blog was entitled “Joseph Bismark’s Spirituality and Corporate Strategy. In this article, I have learned that Joseph Bismark is one of the most successful and renowned [Continue]

Hawaii Officially Banning Plastic Bags

It what may seem like it was a long time company, Hawaii has banned plastic bags and officially become the first state to do so as a whole. While several cities across the United States have already banned plastic bags, Hawaii becomes the first to ban them as an entire state.   In an alarming [Continue]