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Hedge Fund Manager: Kyle Bass

The Founder and President of Hayman Capital is Kyle Bass. Kyle is a very successful investment professional.He is well-known because he is good at predicting matters pertaining to the financial world. For example, he predicted the subprime mortgage crisis. The subprime mortgage crisis was a banking emergency that occurred nationwide from 2007-2009. Home prices declined [Continue]

FreedomPop Mobile Is More Than Free

The FreedomPop free mobile service is coming from America to Britain. FreedomPop plans to begin its European expansion in England, and the expansion will include more than just free plans. The free service allows people who cannot afford a cell phone to have a phone, and The Telegraph is reporting extra details of the FreedomPop [Continue]

Top Tips On Investing Wisely

The best investment is a smart investment. With that being said, knowing HOW to invest money wisely is vital to financial freedom. Every wonder how the rich stay rich, and the poor… well, that speaks for itself. This article should point you in the right direction to smart investing. Whether you work for someone else [Continue]

Tips for the Best Online Dating Experience

Getting in touch with information and people has become easier and more fun. This is attributed to the technological developments that have happened in the recent past. The development of the online arena is a great milestone to enhancing the art of communication. There are many websites that offer products on different categories. Most importantly, [Continue]

Women Fighting for Human Rights

The United Nations is one of the largest human rights organizations in the world. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is listed on the organizations website and was started after World War 2 when Hitler still roamed the earth. The idea behind the creation of the Declaration was to help protect every human on the [Continue]