Monthly Archives: October 2015

Slyce Changing the Future of E-Commerce

Slyce Inc. is a visual search and image recognition company based in Toronto. The company has already partnered with 20 retailers in the United States to operate it’s technology as a mobile app. Slyce developed visual search technology that can identify that can identify retail products based on a picture that the user can take [Continue]

Dan Newlin Is One Of Florida’s Super Lawyers

Dan Newlin is a Florida-based attorney that knows how to win. In fact, he was helped clients win hundreds of dollars in personal injury claims. Whether it’s DUI, motorcycle accident, automobile accident, slip and fall or even a work site injury, Newlin can help. Newlin has a crack staff of over 80 professionals who are [Continue]


  Madison Street Capital LLC is an internationally recognized investment bank player that became a domestic limited liability company five years ago in the Nevada state. The company offers financial advice, mergers and acquisition advice, financial opinions among many other services in the financial sector. They mainly operate and even have offices in Africa, Asia, [Continue]

Top Reasons to Buy From Lime Crime For Makeup

Everyone wants to look great and this has to do with makeup and getting the right outfit. Makeup artistes have offered solutions to needs that have been presented by different individuals, who have been looking for unique products to help make them look better. Getting the right beauty products has been something that has troubled [Continue]

The Life and Achievements of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur who has given focus on technology and business. He is among innovative professionals, who have stepped up in the creation of unique systems that have helped to improve on how people run businesses. He has also been identified among individuals who have contributed in creating a just social community [Continue]