Monthly Archives: January 2016

Ricardo Guimarães Growing Banco BMG

Antônio Mourão Guimarães started the family’s bank in 1930 as the Land Credit Bank in Brazil. Today his grandson, Ricardo Guimarães has risen in the family business to become the current CEO of the modern continuation of that bank, Banco BMG. His family is now one of the key influencers in Brazil, in the state [Continue]

The 54th’s CEO Lunch

Somewhere in Staten Island is a very proud police detective and Uncle. Keith Mann is director of New York based company Dynamic Search Partners. Keith’s Uncle is his inspiration for what he and his wife Keely Mann did. In an effort to show the police some appreciation, Keith and Keely decided to send lunch to [Continue]

Koch’s Liberal Beliefs in Support of Prison Reform

Charles and David Koch are two brothers whose political contributions closely associate them with conservative ideals and policies. Over the years the two brothers have contributed millions of dollars supporting conservative causes and helping various Republican candidates be successfully elected to office. However, a recent article by Newsweek article provided a deeper look into Charles Koch, [Continue]

Recap: James Dondero/Stock Market 2016

A recovery in oil after years of lows is partially to thank for high closing numbers on Friday the 22nd of January, the highest it has been since the 8th. And with this turnaround, many think equity investors will begin to turn their attention to that particular market again, providing it much needed support to [Continue]

White Shark Media – Fastest Complaint Resolution Process in the Marketing Business

White Shark Media is a prosperous Digital Marketing Agency that offers online marketing solutions that are specifically focused on the small and medium size businesses. White Shark Media is a fast growing company in the online marketing world and has placed their growth efforts on smart cost effective marketing campaigns. They strive to provide excellent [Continue]

Healthy Living In Organo Gold

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who is now the chief executive officer. Organo Gold is a healthy, herbal beverage brand that cam be found worldwide. Organo Gold’s primary goal is to bring the healthy benefits of a herbal Chinese medicine known as Ganoderma into your cup of tea of coffee. They [Continue]