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Marcio BMG – Our Honest Recap

Marcio Alaor is vice president of BMG, a company that provides investment services, financing, credit and credit cards for businesses and individuals mostly in Brazil. This leader in the loan industry was born in the mining community of Santo Antonio do Monte and has become one of today’s greatest Brazilian businessmen. Recapping the article “Marcio [Continue]

Global Recession Countdown With Serial Investor Jim Rogers

Is another U.S. recession really coming? Legendary investor Jim Rogers predicted that it’ll likely happen by the final quarter or early next year. The Rogers Holdings chair isn’t throwing empty warnings as he’s gone over everything thoroughly before arriving at this conclusion. Yahoo Finance! News references a Bloomberg TV interview with the powerhouse investor sharing [Continue]

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is a millionaire who happens to be the owner and founder of Solo Capital, and investment firm. The firms specializes in proprietary trading and consulting. Sports consulting is also something that they specialize in. With the company becoming a million dollar company quite rapidly, they’ve been able to increase their client intake and [Continue]