Monthly Archives: July 2017

James Dondero and the Future

James Dondero is a man that speaks his mind. He can be trusted to tell investors what needs to happen and what shouldn’t. In today’s investment world, that can truly be the highest level of accomplishment. While many looks towards his position at Highland Capital Management as a past embarrassment, other see it as a [Continue]

Avaaz- The New Frontier In Online Activism

In years past, activism meant holding a sign outside of a library or waiting for hours on college campuses hoping someone will eventually take a flyer (and not immediately throw it away). Inefficient, draining, and unimpactful, few even bother anymore, thinking their effort to make the Earth a better place will fall to the wayside. [Continue]

Richard Mishaan Design- Bringing Decades together through Interior Design

Richard Mishaan, highly sought after designer at Richard Mishaan Design is a one of New York’s premiere interior designers, authors, and entrepreneurs. Born and raised in Columbia, he uses his Columbian roots in some way in all of his designs. With bright and bold colors and intriguing furnishings at the helm of his designs it [Continue]

Omar Yunes: World’s Best Franchisee

Winning the Best Franchisee of the World prize would be a lifetime achievement for many franchise operators, but at 21 years old, Sushi Itto franchisee Omar Yunes has only just begun. An innovative and energetic businessman from Mexico who manages 13 Sushi Itto outlets in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz, Omar Yunes’ Best Franchisee of [Continue]

Here Comes George Soros

As society progresses into a forward-thinking place, countries need numerous leaders that remain able to guide citizens in their country. In addition to society progressing socially, these experiences have also led to growth and advancements in technology. Due to so many changes taking place, good governance remains a rarity. Moreover, good governance remains exclusive to [Continue]

TechStyle Brands And Partnerships

TechStyle has already made a lot of progress when it comes to fashion sales. However, it has moved beyond the retail stores and has even gone to runways. Among the things that Don Ressler has done was make partnerships with other fashion entities for big events. This results in a huge rise in sales and [Continue]