Ben, the guru of a goodnight’s sleep at, wrote up a review on the revolutionary Molekule air purifier. As its cutesy play on words suggests, Molekule Review is designed to remove pollutants at a before unheard of microscopic level.

Ben does a good job outlining the various selling points of the Molekule. Nanotechnology, engineered to destroy particles one thousand times smaller than those handled by a standard HEPA filter, powers this purifier. A graph is provided from a university study that really strikes home the power of the Molekule’s powerful PECO filter. Using the PECO filter, potentially harmful chemicals in the air went down by seventy-two percent in just forty minutes.

The review at includes multiple images that highlight the Molekule’s sleek and simplistic design. We are taken through snapshot by snapshot from the waste free unboxing to the almost effortless installation. There are no unnecessary frills to the Molekule and there are none in Ben’s post. He concludes that the Molekule is well worth its price tag. The technology, he judges, simply speaks for itself. And if the full model is still too much of a price commitment, the Molekule Mini is highlighted. The Mini is perfect for tighter budgets and smaller rooms.

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