Eterneva is a grieve and wellness company that was created in 2016 with the primary purpose of helping those who are mourning give a decent send-off to their loved ones. The grieving company is not like any other company in the region; instead, it offers exceptional services that allow its clients to make diamond jewelry and other portraits out of their loved ones and families cremated ashes. Ever since the foundation of the organization, it has been experiencing tremendous expansion, the reason why the grieving firm is changing its management team to suit the ever-growing needs of its clients.

Since the inception of the grieving firm, it has been working hand in hand with Baylor University to bring science and transparency to the new technology to make grieving different. With the covid-19 pandemic affecting the world, Eterneva has been helping its clients celebrate the life of their loved ones digitally. Despite the pandemic, the organization has come up with a list of new leaders of the company, which consist of; David Sweet, the new Vice President of Marketing, and the Senior Director of Growth and Favor. Rob Kranenburg, who served at Blu Homes as the Vice President of Operations, plant manager, and manufacturing engineer at James Avery, was given the Vice President of Operations position. The new management team will be responsible for their duties and report to Adelle Archer, the Chief Executive Officer and the co-founder of the grieving firm. Adelle mentioned that the company is there to offer the best and quality grieving services and give their clients the required tailor-made services as they change how people grieve.

Eterneva is a consumer technology company that was established in 2016 with the primary purpose of helping those who are grief-stricken. What sets the grieving firm apart from the rest is that it uses technology to make diamonds out of ashes to keep the memory of its clients alive. The firm has continued expanding its service in the region, ensuring its clients’ needs are met and exceeded. Learn more: