Hawkers Co.’s primary aim was to offer a distinctive design and high-quality sunglasses. The brand became competitive in the market due to high affordability and quality products. It created a fashion lifestyle for many consumers. Managing a business to success is not always an easy task. Trying the unchartered waters to success is not always easygoing.

However, strategy and leadership are the key factors that determine a business’s success. The firm’s success and fame on social media were due to its strategy and leadership. Hawker’s CEO, Alejandro Betancourt, was a strong-minded person who never stopped despite failures.

Hawkers was not an anticipated business. It all started as a trial. The four Hawkers Co. founders decided to resell the sunglasses from California for a profit to support another venture. Then, the unexpected happened. The business had earned a revenue amounting to $60 million within two years. Thus, it started as a new sunglass fashion industry.

However, being an upcoming fashion industry, there were several hindrances at the start. The business expenditures instantly consumed most of the revenues generated in the business. Nevertheless, the industry had already gained fame before Alejandro Betancourt chipped in to help manage the company.

Alejandro Betancourt had already learned many business operation skills from his previous asset management company O’Hara Administration. He had a handful of skills on why companies fail and succeed. Additionally, Alejandro Betancourt had good financial management skills and was a champion in identifying reliable customers through social media. The sunglasses became an iconic brand on Twitter, which fueled the explosion of the product demand.

His qualities and skills in the business were a significant factor for the company’s growth and development. Alejandro Betancourt’s decision to leverage followers was another factor that drove the company to success. The company’s transparency and collaboration with the customers on social media created a strong relationship. Thus, it became a turning point for his business success.