Chad Price founded MAKO Medical back in 2014, intending to provide residents in the U.S with quality and reliable laboratory and pharmacy services while also providing them with options to choose from.

The visionary and 2018 awardee of the CEO award of the year saw the need for quality laboratory and pharmacy services. Since he also had been a firsthand victim of the shortcomings of the medical field when it came to providing quality services.

Chad Price is also known for his outstanding ability to jump into challenging situations and providing lasting solutions. Therefore, when Covid 19 hit, he didn’t hesitate to step in as he assembled his team and swiftly began Covid 19 testing.

A move that has provided a way forward for many colleges and universities as now many of their student-athletes and staff could now be tested before resuming their duties in the facilities.

And a move that has also made MAKO Medical be named the official Covid 19 test provider for Atlantic and Big South conferences.

Under the excellent leadership of Chad Price, MAKO Medical has also stood out as being very reliable and accurate. During this pandemic season, it was praised by many for its quick turnaround times, with many of its tests being delivered within two days.

Also, due to the outstanding leadership from Chad Price, MAKO Medical recently celebrated a huge milestone during this Covid season as it was able to administer more than 13 million covid tests during this season. For more information on Chad Price, visit