Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and CEO of Tempus, a prominent developer of precision medicine solutions based on technology. Tempus is a technology business that has created the world’s largest database of clinical and molecular data, as well as an operating system to make that data accessible and valuable to patients, doctors, and scholars. Tempus, founded by Eric Lefkofsky is a health-tech firm that uses an interactive analytical and machine learning platform to help doctors deliver individualized cancer care. 


Tempus offers genetic sequencing and evaluates molecular and therapeutic data to help clinicians make data-driven decisions in real time. Their goal is to provide clinicians with tools that learn as more data is gathered, so that each patient can benefit from the treatment of others who have gone before them.  Is it also having a positive impact on speeding up the progress of drug development and discovery. Eric Lefkofsky also co-founded Keywell Echo Global Logistics and Media ocean. With time their three companies had managed to employ several thousand employees.


Tempus educates therapy options for patients at every stage of their healing journey, altering treatment over time, with their sophisticated genetic profiling testing and targeted clinical trial matching, Eric Lefkofsky points out. For discovered somatic or gene expression abnormalities for which there is clinical evidence relating a particular change to any FDA-approved medication in the cancer under research, or another cancer, Tempus provides on all relevant treatment strategies, as well as modifications associated with an identified complication to a given medication. With a cutting-edge company like Tempus, it is starting to do just that. That is why Eric Lefkofsy has worked so hard to make it what it is. 

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