Laura Rea Dickey knows a thing or two about operating a successful fast-food company. After all, she is currently the primary leader of a fast-food company known as Dickey’s Barbeque. Have you ever heard of Dickey’s Barbeque? Here is everything that you need to know Dickey’s Barbeque.

The Overarching Goal Of The Company’s CEO

The primary goal of Laura Rea Dickey is to drastically improve the restaurants bottom line by leveraging the power of technology. Sounds pretty great, right?

When the pandemic hit last year, Laura Rea Dickey’s focus on technology really came in handy. For example, she was able to launch a truly advanced online ordering system. Many customers appreciated a contactless delivery option. Wouldn’t you really appreciate this fantastic option during a pandemic?

Laura Rea Dickey is extremely happy that she was able to meet customers’ needs during today’s uncertain times.

The Primary Mission Of Dickey’s Barbeque

If are curious about the main mission of Dickey’s Barbeque, you definitely in the right place. The company strives to make a big difference in the community. During the pandemic, the company prides itself in donating sandwiches and money to essential workers. Doesn’t this sound really admirable?

Laura Rea Dickey Has Received Many Awards

This prominent businesswoman has been named one of the best influential leaders in Dallas, Texas. During the course of her career, she has even earned several awards.

Laura Rea has been praised for successfully using artificial intelligence to improve the company’s strategic operations.

Meet Laura Rea Dickey: A Powerful Leader That You Should Know

If you really love great barbeque, you will definitely want to meet Laura Rea Dickey. For the past ten plus years, this prominent businesswoman has been working for Dickey’s Barbeque. She has held a prestigious position as chief information officer. Go to this page to learn more.

She is an extremely proud graduate of Texas Christian University


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