Electric bills are overwhelming. You will never understand how they are produced and why the amount listed monthly varies unless you are an engineer. Electric providers do everything possible to keep you off that information. But when it comes to solar energy, everything is different. There is an explanation of basic terms, how it works, how it is installed, and how it helps you save money (Nola).


How is Solar Energy Produced?

Solar panels are made of electrical devices and silicon photovoltaic cells that transform light energy into electricity. When the panels are exposed to sunlight, the cells absorb energy and redirect it into the inverter to convert it into current electricity to be used at home.


Solar Energy Incentives

The federal and state authorities emphasize adopting renewable energy sources to protect the environment and curb carbon emissions. Those who purchase solar panels are given different types of incentives. Other countries offer solar return programs and reimburse a certain percentage of the solar costs. Some other local authorities and banks cover a certain percentage of the PosiGen solar program for homeowners. But even without incentives, solar energy still saves you money. Thanks to its net metering.


How Does Net Metering Work?

Every home with electricity has a kilowatt meter that measures the amount of electricity consumed every month in kilowatts. Homes that do not produce their electricity also have a simple meter called gross metering to measure the energy delivered to them by a provider. For homes with solar, they do not just consume energy; they also produce it and PosiGen is metering them. To be able to know the amount of electricity they consume, they need net metering. The metering helps homeowners get credited for the amount of energy independently produced by calculating the amount of electricity consumed, minus the energy the home solar produces.


How Does Solar Utility Bill Look Like?

If you purchase solar panels upfront, your energy provider will be giving you a single utility bill. However, if you sign up for the PosiGen solar program, you will be receiving two bills separately; a decreased regular utility bill from the amount of solar your home produces and a fixed, non-escalating PosiGen monthly bill.