NBC Olympics, classDojo, and Classroom partnered to encourage today’s champion to inspire children to achieve their dreams. Through a new selected learning series called ”Heart of a champion“. This series provided kids with a chance to hear stories from U.S athletes and Paralympic athletes since Olympians and Paralympians such as Allyson Felix, Sophia Herzog, and David Boudia are among the best in the country. In building essential life skills such as perseverance, goal setting, and helping kids see their potential.

ClassDojo is an education company that aims to provide children the education they love. It also connects school teachers, students, and their families globally through its communication features. The features they use to stay connected include feed for photos and videos. Sam Chaudhary, CEO of the company, revealed that their goal is to provide kids with an opportunity to hear stories from inspiring athlete’s role models. Including Allyson Felix, an outstanding Paralympic who shared how she won more world championships and Olympic titles through courage.

Steve Mesler, CEO of Classroom Champions, helped children achieve a successful future. Classroom Champions was able to achieve it through supporting students, providing curriculum and mentorship programs. Classroom Champion defended students’ social and sensitive learning SEL and their academic achievements. Over some years, Classroom Champions and its Paralympians, NCAA students’ athletes, and skilled athletes’ mentors have trained more than a million students. Classroom Champions’ partnership with NBC Olympics and ClassDojo has also helped many athletes become known to kids. Thus enabling children not having difficulty in finding role models in today’s world.

The NBC Olympics was revealed by Jenny Storms, Chief Marketing Officer of NBCUniversal.He informed the partnership between ClassDojo and Classroom champions provided a platform for students to associate with world-class athlete mentors. Through these, athletes can link with millions of learners and share their inspirational journey. Which helps the learners succeed in sports, in Classroom, and in life.

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