All over the world, when people hear of innovation, their hearts pump faster because it is with innovation that we realize new things such as technology, communication, and any other success that is brought about by successful innovation. However, praised as it may, innovation has its own limitations.

According to Richard DeVaul, the self-claimed leaders and master of innovation, there is dire need to change the way innovation works. Richard DeVaul believes that if the world especially policymakers in the tech industry, are not careful, innovation will soon become a mere buzzword.

Richard is a great innovator, who says many a times, people just get overly excited for no apparent reason. To Richard DeVaul, the mere change of perception on the demystification of innovation will help change the status quo. For instance, Richard DeVaul argues that all over the world, politicians as well as entrepreneurs with 6-figure investments are always seen as the people who have made it in life, with others seen to have done nothing at all. For that reason, the society looks up to them as the real emblems of success.

Richard DeVaul says that often times, the other people who are seen to have done nothing always go to these political figures and entrepreneurs to ask them the secret of their success oblivious of the fact that the narrative may be different. In other words, Richard DeVaul reasons that anybody can be an emblem of success thus change the narrative.

Richard DeVaul holds a PhD in MIT Media Lab Studies. Besides, he is a renowned M.S. who contributed immensely in the development of graphic design as well as other computational and programming languages. Among some of his achievements, the chief computational programming architect has received over 70 patents from the United States of America alone.

A few years ago, he was the mastermind behind the construction of X Development, a project that gave birth to an enterprise worth billions of US dollars.Click here to learn more.


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