Robinson HelicopterRobinson Helicopter Company was established with the two-place piston powered R22, in the year 1979. This first design was followed-up with the R-44, designed by Lycoming but the top seller is still the R66, with the over all production figure being at more than 12,000 helicopters have been produced. All their helicopters come from a Torrance, California company factory. As a family owned business, Frank Robinson and Kurt Robinson are the Chairman Emeritus and the President and Chairman, respectively. Robinson Helicopter can be known for making constant improvements, while also offering new technology with the latest offering being glass avionics along with an autopilot designed specifically for all helicopters.

Robinson Helicopter

All helicopters are assembled at the Torrance, California factory where many parts are manufactured on-site using a very well-put together workforce. There is a factory overhaul program for older helicopters, with their total delivered helicopters being at 13,000 helicopters worldwide. Robinson not only manufactures helicopters, they also offer monthly pilot safety courses along with maintenance course at the factory, bringing in a global audience. However, in 2020, Robinson Helicopter fell on some hard times with a decline in sales to 196 units. These helicopters are used to monitor traffic, using the R66 Newscopter, and the R44 Newscopter via Sky Helicopters, in Garland, Texas. These helicopters have ENG cameras, and broadcasting equipment for the operators to work with several media outlets at the same time. Worldwide, Robinson delivers 80 ENG platforms to Brazil, Australia and Canada this year, in the immediate present.