Alexander PayneAlexander Payne has been producing movies since the early 90’s. However, his career did not skyrocket until around 2011, and it continues to take off today. In college Alexander Payne majored in history and Spanish. After graduating from Stanford University he continued his education at UCLA film school. He wrote a thesis film that was presented at the Sundance film festival. This film is what allowed him the privilege to write as well as direct the movie Citizen Ruth.

Each movie that Alexander Payne writes or directs has a way of using ordinary people to shed light on extraordinary circumstances in life. For instance, Citizen Ruth (1996) helped to shed light on the debate of abortion, whereas the movie Election (1999) was brought forth to the public to help illustrate just how changeable humans are.

Without a doubt Alexander Payne will continue to help create films that strike the interests of people as well as provide them with a different viewpoint to see several sides of a story. After all, Descendants (2011) was a hit that struck the hearts of many children and adults because it helped to illustrate the fact that anyone can be good or bad; and anyone can change their habits to alter who they desire to be.

Alexander Payne

Alexander Payne has brought forth his wit and expertise to every film he has produced or been a part of. His quirky ideas and dark sense of humor tend to entice audiences and present a certain edge that many films lack. He loves to film movies in Nebraska, mainly because this is the place he has always called home. The sense of comfort allows Mr. Payne to add extra elements to the films that he writes, directs, or produces. Elements that are not always present in the work of other directors and producers.