More Than Math: People Matter

The old fashion way of business was simply about getting down to the math or getting down to brass tacks. According to Bo Parfet, the olden way was also mostly about authoritarian leadership, which always left a major disconnect between worker and management. It ended in the dehumanization of all sides, both management and worker. In the olden model, there is such little room for connection, development, and growth. One can look at the work of Brene Brown and quickly see how leadership requires vulnerability, and to have workers full buy into a common vision requires that level of connection.

Vulnerability Takes Courage

The macho way of running a business is to pretend that management is always right, and for management to take that stance, says It also requires that management has an invisible wall that separates them from knowing and caring about workers. In many ways, it is a high turnover, unhappy, and divisive creating system. The modern worker needs truthfulness, and the modern management knows that leadership is about putting workers in the best position to be successful. All of this requires rapport, vulnerability, getting on the same page, and taking the extra mile to build strong relationships.

How Far Can You Go Alone?

It is quite easy to go fast, bark out orders and call that leadership, yet true leadership is about people willingly following a person. Who do workers want to follow? The familiar stranger, or the engaging manager who is with them all the way to achieve collective goals? The answer is obvious.