Haroldo Jacobovicz started his career after attending military training for seven years and civil engineering education for four and a half years. During that time, however, he was interested in information technology but still completed his studies. Between 1990 and 2010, Haroldo headed different companies as a hardware and software services provider.

Since 2010, he worked in the telecommunications industry and later switched to providing cloud communications services. When he was young, Haroldo Jacobovicz decided to follow his parent’s career paths. He chose to concentrate on providing clients with new technologies that kept coming up in the market. He loves reading magazines and newspapers to provide him with knowledge of the world’s happenings.

The insights got from his reading transformed him into becoming a visionary and an individual with a well-founded reality. Even though Haroldo Jacobovicz knows that one should work hard and use their talents to succeed, he also believes in luck. Before graduating from the university, he worked with three friends to create Microsystem. They wanted to provide businesses with automation of cash flow and stock control.

After the company’s collapse, Haroldo worked at Esso, a company that distributes oil in different parts of America. When he joined the company, Haroldo worked as a salesperson but rose to the market analyst position. After leaving Esso, Haroldo Jacobovicz got employment in various companies handling different positions. He gained enough skills and expertise from the different firms and started a business in the technology industry.

In 2010, he started Horizon Telecom that would cater to the corporate market’s needs. It has grown to become one of the most sought-after telecommunications companies in Brazil. In 2020, he started Datacenter, a Horizon Telecom’s branch. Haroldo Jacobovicz uses his three-decade IT expertise to provide cloud communication services to its customers. He hopes to use his experience and knowledge to transform modern society’s digital sector.

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