Jason Hughes, the founder and chairman of Hughes Marino, serves as the company’s Chief Executive officer. Hughes Marino is one of the largest private tenant and buyer Representation companies. The San Diego-based company focuses on helping its clients buy, lease, and build profitable spaces. Jason Hughes began his professional career in the realty industry, working for Cushman and Wakefield, a Los Angeles-based company. He then relocated to San Diego, where he represented various nonprofit firms, corporate and municipal lessees in purchase negotiations for approximately 30 years.


Over the last 20 years, Jason Hughes has had a remarkable impact in the realty industry. His Hughes Marino company focuses on providing standard services to their clients and guaranteed results to all their customers. He is the pioneer of SB 1117, a legislation that was passed in August 2014 and signed by Governor Brown (LinkedIn). 


The law, which went into effect in January 2015, was set to increase fairness and honesty for California commercial tenants. Successful businessman Jason Hughes is regarded as a prominent realty commercial specialist in San Diego and California at large. Since he established his Hughes Marino company, he has transacted purchases and leases for tens of millions of square feet. Jason Hughes graduated with Masters in Finance from the University of San Diego and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. He has also undertaken several programs from Harvard University, among other universities. Jason Hughes has appeared in various publications regarding industry specialists and business television programs.