Peter Vitale is a renowned figure worldwide and is a native of southeast Michigan. He is a founder of Bloomfield Insurance Group LLC and equally the owner. Consultation is what he specializes in for both small-scale and medium-sized businesses. His success has been weighed in many cases as he has helped agencies that seem diminishing to bloom out. He is an entrepreneur and a small business owner, which has made him outstanding for the time he has been in the insurance industry. In addition, Mr. Peter is a member of the Better Business Bureau based in Michigan.

Peter Vitale worked for an Allstate Insurance firm between 2014 and 2016, where he further sharpened his leadership skills and gained experience on what he should do to better the field. Using his position in the Allstate company well, he interacted with many customers, mostly based on Allstate services. His hard work and dedication were never unrecognized, as he received many accolades in the industry. Unfortunately, many businesses have reported losing customers over time, which puts the business on the verge of collapsing. Using his skills over time, Peter trains the sales force and helps them re-locate their customers.

February of 2014 was a splendid year for Peter Vitale of Michigan as he received an award from “Miami Heat” qualifiers that identified him as one who cared for Allstate customers with equity. The same year Peter received an award from North Central Honor Ring, which was meant to motivate him to handle Allstate Customers with equity. He used his skills to work better in his firm, considering he specialized in consultation, and he helped many agencies that contacted him. Through his consulting career, he received an award in December of 2016 for growing his firm fast in the insurance industry. The success has been attributed to a commitment to remain disciplined in his career.