A few weeks ago, many people were made to believe that the issue of selling Morrisons, a giant British grocery firm, to Fortress Investment Group from the United States of America was over. Contrary to their view, the deal is still open and it appears that the deal is yet to be sealed with many interested parties now showing up. Wes Edens, who might have been a silent player in the game, has finally come to the limelight. The business mogul, who once saved Aston Villa from collapsing is said to be coming with a lot of vigor.

The issue as to whether he is coming alone or would rather decide to join hands with Fortress Investment Group, which he evidently represents, remains unknown. For now, what many people in England know, especially those living around Bradford, where the food chain is based, is that Fortress Investment Group had agreed to give £9.5 billion. Although the money was not all in cash, at least the company had shown its commitment in giving the amount.

With that offer, FIG had beaten other contenders in the deal that included Clayton Dubilier & Rice among other renowned firms. In this renewed contest, Wes Edens has vowed to use his last shot to try to win the heart of Morrisons’ investors. If he wins, it will mean that Fortress Investment Group, where he is one of the financiers, wins. Wes Edens has a long and reputable history of bringing back to life businesses that are on the verge of collapsing. For instance, he salvaged Aston Villa from dying, a time when it appeared nobody could. Now that a company he is part of has shown some sort of win in the initial contest, chances are that Wes Edens will continue to woo Morrison’s investors into liking his offer.