BeachbodyBeachBody is a fitness company that inspires home-based transformations with a focus on total-body wellness. At the same time, its history tells the story of corporate growth and transformation. The company was originally established as a startup in 1998 by Jon Congdon and Carl Daikeler. Notably, Daikeler decided to say goodbye to a successful marketing career so that he could focus on marketing the startup’s single product. This product, which was a core-based workout DVD, reached the right target audience and became a quick hit. While the partners could have been happy with the modest level of success they had achieved, they did not stop there. In fact, their company is publicly traded and has a value of approximately $2.9 billion. What attributed to its incredible growth and modernization?

The partners decided to add more workout titles to their library of offerings. Some of these, such as P90X, have been even bigger hits than the original program that started it all. The library is now packed with more than 1,500 titles, and it continues to grow. In addition, the partners opted to break into new areas of wellness over the years. For example, BeachBody has rounded out its fitness programs with Shakeology drinks. Packed with nutrients, the Shakeology shakes give the company’s customers extra energy to optimize their workouts. At the same time, they satisfy hunger and are available in wonderful flavors.


While growing the product line has been an effective strategy throughout most of BeachBody’s history, the need to go digital has become more pressing recently. After all, DVDs are no longer a desired media format. Plus, consumers today do not want to exercise to the same video every day of the week. By going digital with the new BeachBody On-Demand service, Carl Daikeler and his team have moved all workout titles behind an online paywall. An affordable monthly subscription fee gives customers direct and immediate access to any of the programs that they are interested in.