This recent win-win agreement between Fortress Investment Group and Colony capital states that associates of Fortress will step into the position of general partner to a number of Colony’s CDCF funds. Within this recent agreement Colony is selling their “Other Equity and Debt” (“OED”). This portfolio was on track to be discontinued so Colony Capital could focus on becoming completely digital and represents $2.7 billion in assets. Within this agreement it states that the Company based in New York, Fortress Investment Group, will acquire around forty positions in both Europe and in The United States.

This transaction is expected to be finalized by the fourth quarter if 2021 and Colony Capital is confident that, because of the scale of Fortress Investment Group, these funds will be well managed. Colony Capital can now focus primarily on building their digital infrastructure. Fortress Investment Group, based out of New York, is a global Investment firm with almost $70 billion in assets. Fortress manages over 1,750 clients as well as many other private investors. It was developed in 1998 to be an alternative asset manager and took off from there.

The official launch of this private equity firm was in 2007 and quickly became known as the first large equity firm to go public. Fortress focuses on primarily asset-based investing with an extreme amount of diversity to ensure successful long term investments for their clients. As a result of their investing diversity Fortress need a wide range of experts with already established relationships with companies and individuals to ensure the prosperity of Fortress Investment Groups. To learn more visit: here.