Jason Hughes is a successful entrepreneur and business owner who has been living in San Diego, CA, for the last ten years. He grew up in New York City, where he attended Columbia University before moving out west to start as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. After becoming a partner with Goldman, Jason Hughes left to pursue entrepreneurship and currently owns Whitetail Technologies and Hype Capital. In July of this year, Jason made a move to begin Hype Capital. The concept is simple: Hype Capital seeks to finance and invest in high-growth, tech-centered startups based on or around emerging technologies. 


Their mission is to seek out and fund companies that will revolutionize the world through technology and build them into large, sustainable companies that will last for years. At the same time as moving to California, he began working with his old friend Lee Fayer on a project called CarShield. As they were building this company together, Jason Hughes states, they brought in Steve Gogel to be their Chief Security Advisor and Co-founder. They all met through mutual friends and quickly got to work on their startup, gathering a team of some of the best and brightest engineers, developers, coders, and designers. 


During this time, they also began working with Don Parker at Hubspot and Chris Young, who is known for being one of the top security experts in Silicon Valley (and currently works as Chief Security Officer for Google). According to Jason Hughes, CarShield is a technology company that was founded on the idea of keeping drivers safe through car hacking. The company focuses on preventing events related to vehicle cyber-security, such as carjacking, hijacking, and theft. They also protect consumers from government agencies to body shops, auto dealerships, and insurance companies.