Ross LevinsohnSometimes, older institutions need a fresh perspective in order to adapt to a changing social landscape. This was certainly the case with Sports Illustrated, one of America’s most beloved publications. While the magazine could rely on its sound reputation and winning general concept, it needed a slight change of direction to keep up with the competition in an increasingly hectic digital age. This is just the type of adjustment that new CEO Ross Levinsohn has provided.

Levinsohn’s Prior Work in Media

Before taking charge at Sports Illustrated and its parent company, Maven, Ross Levinsohn had spent more than thirty years at the very top of the media and communications industry. His career had been as varied as it was long, giving him the wealth of experience that only true experts enjoy.


Fresh out of college, the young Ross Levinsohn took up important positions at HBO and CBS. These early experiences gave him an inside look at one of the biggest components of the general media industry.


With so much of the world moving online, it was inevitable that a young executive of Levinsohn’s ambition would turn to the internet and digital media. After several years in charge of Fox’s internet operations, he became the interim CEO at Yahoo. This experience put him in the very upper echelons of the media universe.


After leaving Yahoo, Levinsohn took on a leadership position at Tribune Interactive. Taking charge of digital operations for several major newspapers, he learned how print and online media can most effectively interact.

Bringing Sports Illustrated to the Next Level

All of these experiences made Levinsohn the perfect person to take charge of Maven and Sports Illustrated. While still relatively new to the company, he’s already made a mark with a few simple changes.

Increasing Revenue From Subscriptions

Levinsohn recognized immediately the need for publications to attract paid online subscriptions in the digital era. By erecting a paywall for online content, he’s successfully widened Sports Illustrated’s revenue stream.

Editorial Shake Up

A media company is only ever as valuable as the content it produces. By creating an editorial team of the very highest caliber, Levinsohn has ensured Sports Illustrated maintains its incomparable standards.