Today Alejandro Betancourt heads Hawkers fashion eyewear and has made the company a trendy fashion setting success. But it wasn’t always so.

Like many companies that start with one thing and end up with another, the company began as a startup and the owners were only interested in technology. So it was a surprise to everyone when they found success selling well-known fashion sunglasses.

The idea came about when four friends from Spain dreamed of owning their own business. After trying a few things, they found fashion eyewear from California and resold a brand called Knockaround. The move eventually changed their focus, and now the company is well known for its fashion eyewear. Refer to this article to learn more

How did Alejandro Betancourt Join Forces?

As with most companies, the owners learned that it would take more than great sales techniques to make a business work. That’s when Alejandro Betancourt came onboard as the company’s primary investor. From the very beginning, Alejandro was instrumental in turning finances around for the company, increasing sales, and putting a management system in place.

Alejandro Betancourt is known for his business acumen, his forward-thinking ideas, and his financial know-how. He was able to get Hawkers back on the path to success.

The History

The Hawkers Co-brand growth has been like many other businesses of its kind. There has not been a straight path to profit. Success grew in spurts, and that is why Alejandro Betancourt came into the mix. His management skills have brought the company to the success it knows today.

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