Caribou In 2012, Scott Dylan and Dave Antrobus partnered together and formed Caribou due to merging various mail, parcel, and parcel companies. The company has established itself in the United Kingdom and is known for its top-notch delivery services. The main headquarters is located in the Manchester area but has other branches in various towns across the country. Some of these towns are Hyde, Glasgow, Shrewsbury, West Drayton, Newcastle, Brighton, Exeter, and several others. In addition to the already ventured towns, Caribou seeks to expand its roots to every corner of the country. The organization has large warehouses that aid in the sorting, dispensing, and carrying out their delivery services.

Caribou values their customers very highly as they are the reason why they are successful. The company ensures they keep an open mind to what the customers say; this keeps the organization on top of its competitors. For this outside support, the company enforces a close unity within their staff, from the van drivers to the warehouse managers, ensuring that there is no incurred laxity of time. The major services offered at Caribou are freight forwarding, air, road, sea freight, storage, and warehousing. The most notable feature associated with the company is its same-day delivery service. With this, customers can get their parcels without encountering any delays.


As the technology is constantly evolving, Caribou has set its eyes on launching a Driver’s app. This mobile application will aid the organization’s drivers in great ways when out on the road to deliver the packages to their destinations. This application which is set to be rolled out in collaboration with Cuhu, a leading technology firm, seeks to improve efficiency. The driver will scan the barcodes on the packages, and then after reviewing them all, the application calculates the best route to use. This feature will save the vehicles’ mileage and the time wasted on the road. The driver will also have a wonderful experience as the problem of exhaustion is gradually reduced. Incorporated within the application is the proof of delivery. Therefore, the drivers can be one hundred percent sure that the package has reached its destination. This will thus reduce any complaints that may arise from the clients about missing parcels.