It is not every day a pupil who is yet to complete high school to contemplate doing something for his or her country. All many pupils think about is how they will study, go to prestigious universities, and pursue their careers.

However, Scarlett Sykes, a young girl aged eighteen at Gordonstoun School has shocked the world.

Sykes has shocked the world by organizing a fundraiser that has since collected a whopping £3,000 to build a brain tumor research center close to Gordonstoun School.

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According to Ms. Sykes, brain tumor is one of the leading causes of death among people aged forty years and below in England.

Before she contemplated a brain tumor research center, Sykes had witnessed her stepfather, a member of the British Army who also doubled as a brain tumor nurse die in 2017.

Paul Malcolm had accompanied British soldiers who had gone on a foreign operation two times in Afghanistan. “Before he died aged forty-eight, my stepfather was very healthy.

He was of sound mind. Nobody thought he was going to face sudden death.

It is very painful to lose a young and healthy man who was ready to put his life in the frontline,” said Sykes, the deceased’s stepdaughter.

Five weeks before his death, doctors in the British Royal Army Hospital found a brain tumor in his head.

Before the completion of the procedures prescribed to him, Malcolm died.

To raise the money, Sykes made sure two things run concurrently.

One of the things was to look for sponsors who took care of the morning run that was conducted by Gordonstoun School pupils.

The second thing she ensured worked was to start a Facebook page that created the much-needed awareness.

With a few days, well-wishers were able to raise over £3,000 that will now be used to lay the foundation stone of the brain tumor research center.

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