DFINITY USAThe concept of blockchain was introduced more than a decade ago, and its promise captured the world’s attention. At a general level, the technology promises to elevate economic functionality on a global scale. Since its introduction, many systems using this technology have been created, but they have not wholly produced the technology’s promised benefits. DFINITY USA is a collaborative group of blockchain supporters, including engineers, scientists, programmers and others, who believe they know why the technology has lagged behind its promise. Specifically, they believe that blockchain’s potential can only be optimized through the development and universal adoption of one superior platform. This platform should have an open-source design and address issues related to security, speed and functionality. DFINITY USA’s work for the last five years has been centered around creating such a system.

The system created by the team, which is known as the Internet Computer, uses a unique design language. Mokoto was engineered by the team specifically to accommodate both blockchain and smart contracts. This has enabled the technology to execute much faster Bitcoin transactions. The language also allows for a variety of other essentials, including orthogonal persistence. To address the matter of security, the Internet Computer has been produced with Chain Key encryption. Such cryptography enables the Internet Computer to securely function with smartphones and other similar devices. The Internet Computer holds numerous other advances that differentiate it from the lesser blockchain systems working today. For example, it also has its Network Nervous System. Functioning on a node layer, this system serves liquid democracy and encourages easier developer updates.

DFINITY USAWith these and other innovations built into the Internet Computer, DFINITY USA has made great strides toward optimizing blockchain’s full capabilities. The collective group of talented experts continues to improve their system today.