Ryan Bishti is a successful young entrepreneur making waves across the hospitality and F &B industries. He started working as a promoter at the London Night Life Scene before his creativity led to creating the Unique brand Cirque Le Soir. In a short period, he opened a sister club in Dubai in 2012, accompanied by Shanghai in 2013. He made Cirque Le Soir a renowned Global brand because of its exhilarating and creativity.


These places have won many awards, including the best club in England, London, the finest club for Dubai, and Landon at the Fashion and TV nightlife awards at MICS Monaco. Ryan Bishti is also involved in the recent renewal of Hiltons Park Lane’s clubbing premise, Drama Park Lane, which started in 2015. Ryan Bishti and his co-workers have come up with different techniques that have brought back to life the industry of Theatre.


Ryan Bishti is not a stranger in pioneering business. He has reopened the Windmill Soho in London, which has been there since 1930 as the hottest new attraction; it has new features than the previous one. Also, he has the ‘Cream Group’ company, which specializes in coming up with quality entertainment, a good style of presentation, and hospitality to London and the worldwide market. His endeavors have made waves in things related to service to others, but one that is more personal to Bishti is the Windmill Soho. It lost its license in 2018, but he stepped in and did everything to bring it back since it was a historical monument.


His handwork has succeeded. Ryan Bishti’s efforts in entrepreneurship and the Windmill Theatre have tremendously grown into a magnificent compilation of 21st-century technology and classic cabaret. The place now boasts high-technology LED screens, drones, and motion capture to make the theatre displays of the Windmill entertaining. In addition, the opening of the Windmill SoHo by Bitshi has clearly shown that the building will overcome any odds, be it a pandemic or a Blitz with the right people governing it.