A New Mobile Application from David Osio and His Associates

The real estate market plays a very important role in improving the economy, but this market is becoming harder to understand with time. Because of this, many stakeholders in this industry including real-estate experts realize that they need to learn a lot so as to be able to be successful. Fortunately, acquiring the knowledge that they need has become easier with the introduction of a new tool by David Osio and his associates. With this mobile application, it is possible to make more sense of the world of real estate as people can easily consider various possible investments.


The objective of the new mobile application, just like many other tools that other David’s companies have produced, is to provide comprehensive financial advice for individuals and entities considering investing in the real estate market. When investors are looking for properties, they can bring this tool with them and watch as it provides them with specific insight about any given project. This tool can help also them understand the kind of return on their capital that they can expect from particular real estate properties.


About David Osio


David Osio is the founder and the chief executive officer of the Davos Financial Group in Venezuela. Incorporated in 1993, Davos has been focused on providing financial advice to an exclusive group of customers. Working at the helm of this company, David Osio helped the company to be more profitable. And this allowed him to strategically position multiple and licensed companies in many cities around the world such as New York, Geneva, Panama, and Miami. In 1981, David embarked on his stellar career and managed the coffee export program as the chief executive officer and president of OPED Enterprises. He subsequently moved to another senior position in Letco Commercial Companies. At this new workstation, David structured marketing programs for various industrial products in the U.S., and these efforts quickly helped him to rise to the highest ranks of this company.


The success of Davos Finacial Group relies on his ability to develop his company as a financial boutique offering services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. His training with both the American Banking Association and Swiss Bank Corporation and also corporate responsibility also plays a major role. All David’s companies collaborate with many non-profit organizations to support arts and culture. Other beneficiaries of David’s charitable efforts include Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, Fundana Foundation, UMA Foundation, and Miami Symphony Orchestra.