Cancer Treatment Centers of America Are Merging Multiple Technologies into a Powerful Whole

Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently announced something that should come as great news to anyone whose life has been impacted by cancer. They’ve completed work integrating multiple high tech treatment systems into a new singular whole. This new clinical operating system, or NantOS, is centered around the concept of individually tailored treatments. This type of treatment recognizes the fact that a patient is more than just a single diagnosis. A patient isn’t his or her cancer. Instead, a patient is a whole person who’s had a lifetime of experiences that come together in a unique biology. NantOS can sort through an compare a huge amount of information related to both a patient and other people facing similar challenges. It can help see patterns, and methods of treatment which might hold promise to people based on their shared experiences or biology.

Anyone familiar with Cancer Treatment Centers of America will instantly see why this is such a good fit for them. Their entire system of treatment has always been centered around individuality. One of the best examples of this philosophy is how patients are examined. Most treatment centers tend to concentrate only on one specific aspect of a patient’s health. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America instead use a multidisciplinary approach to every single patient. This means that a full team of experts in a wide variety of different aspects of health will be watching to see how a patient reacts to treatment.

It’s little wonder that Cancer Treatment Centers of America have developed NantOS. Convergence of technologies is right in line with their overall view of convergence of expertise. Even on a research level the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have looked at how individual differences and mutations within cancer cells will impact reactions to medicine. Their entire approach is based on the idea that individual differences matter and that the entirety of a person’s health needs to be looked after and taken into account.