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Talk Fusion Changes The Face Of The Corporate World

When people think about the corporate world, the image that usually comes to mind is that of suits that are more concerned about the bottom line than they are about the people. Often times, the corporate world is seen to stifle even creativity. One of the common stories is that of a company or a [Continue]

Unlock The Power Of Video Email With Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion, a terrific new communication tool, is changing how companies communicate with existing clients and potential new clients. Before Talk Fusion, companies that wanted to send prospects a video to showcase their products or services had to have people click on a link to go to a page where the video was embedded. An [Continue]

Slyce Changing the Future of E-Commerce

Slyce Inc. is a visual search and image recognition company based in Toronto. The company has already partnered with 20 retailers in the United States to operate it’s technology as a mobile app. Slyce developed visual search technology that can identify that can identify retail products based on a picture that the user can take [Continue]

Tips for the Best Online Dating Experience

Getting in touch with information and people has become easier and more fun. This is attributed to the technological developments that have happened in the recent past. The development of the online arena is a great milestone to enhancing the art of communication. There are many websites that offer products on different categories. Most importantly, [Continue]