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Roles Fulfilled By Investment Banks

The President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, believes that the role of investment banks should never be discounted. Apart from being the best hedge fund manager in recent times, James Dondero has also worked towards innovation, honesty and reliability in the field of investment banking. He has always been a strong supporter of utilizing [Continue]

No Rain No Pain

California’s historic drought; is God’s wrath over abortion to blame? A local California lawmaker seems to think so. California Assemblywoman Shannon Grove gave her theory that “may be the worst drought in 1,200 years is Devine retribution because California has given women access to abortion clinics”. I may be wrong but, I’m pretty sure God [Continue]

The California Drought

The True Cost of the California Drought Drought can be a very hazardous period for any country or location. California is feeling the effects of this in full force as time goes on. According to a new study, the drought in the state of California will end up costing the state a total of $2.7 [Continue]

Loss of the Lake

It seems as though Mother Nature is having a very tough time in the West Coast and Southern region of the United States. Many of the states have been going through horrendous droughts in the last few months. This past week, Texas experienced record floods which unfortunately claimed the lives of a few citizens. Is [Continue]