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Eric Pulier’s Highly Decorated Entrepreneurial and Philanthropic Track

Eric Pulier is a seasoned entrepreneur, philanthropist and a fervent technologist based in the greater Los Angeles area. According to an feature article published on, Pulier is credited for starting over 15 companies and ventures. His portfolio of companies includes vAtomic Systems, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone and US Interactive. Eric established vAtomic Systems, [Continue]

The 54th’s CEO Lunch

Somewhere in Staten Island is a very proud police detective and Uncle. Keith Mann is director of New York based company Dynamic Search Partners. Keith’s Uncle is his inspiration for what he and his wife Keely Mann did. In an effort to show the police some appreciation, Keith and Keely decided to send lunch to [Continue]

Koch’s Liberal Beliefs in Support of Prison Reform

Charles and David Koch are two brothers whose political contributions closely associate them with conservative ideals and policies. Over the years the two brothers have contributed millions of dollars supporting conservative causes and helping various Republican candidates be successfully elected to office. However, a recent article by Newsweek article provided a deeper look into Charles Koch, [Continue]

Services Offered By Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment institution that assists clients through its business valuation services. Most of the clients that contact the investment firm have limited or no experience in matters of business valuation. Madison has made it their duty to educate clients and lead them systematically through the valuation process. The process is achieved [Continue]