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Eric Lefkofsky Has It in for Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky hopes to put his skills for starting new things to work in order to put an end to something: cancer. When the forty-seven year old entrepreneur found out that his wife had cancer, he found the treatment process confusing. He didn’t know what to do or where to go in order to find [Continue]

Capital’s CEO

Warren Buffett has wagered $1 million on charity, expressing that he can achieve ideal theory returns over a get-together of multi-faceted ventures directors by placing assets into a S&P 500 confined rundown bolster. That bet will be decided for the present year, and it’s imaginable that Mr. Buffett will gather. Mr. Buffett is appropriate: there [Continue]

Brian Bonar Climbing Up The Financial Ladder

Scottish man Brian Bonar is an expert in the field of finance and an investor currently based in San Diego, CA. He has the rich experience of more than 30 years of employment in the financial sector. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from the Glasgow University of Strathclyde, and after that, he decided to graduate [Continue]