Category: Climate Change

Did Congress Stop the CIA?

Late Wednesday, May 28, Reddit users started discussing a Discovery News article from Monday about how Mother Jones discovered last Wednesday that the Central Intelligence Agency’s Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis program, which was originally created during the Cold War to analyze worldwide climate data, was being shut down.   The CIA previously [Continue]

Petition Against Nestlé

California’s drought has brought a lot of wasteful companies under public scrutiny — especially bottled water and beverage companies. Nestlé is receiving the greatest scrutiny. According to former employee Jaime Garcia Dias (find more on his twitter) the company pays little to draw water from California’s natural water sources and then resells the bottled water [Continue]

Clinton Looks To Climate Change During Election

Amid the hype and media fanfare that followed the news of Hilary Clinton’s announcement of her Presidential candidacy a tweet from her campaign chairman went almost unnoticed, Think progress reports. The tweet revealed the Democratic hopeful will become the first candidate to look to climate change as a major part of her campaign to become [Continue]