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Pope Blast Global Warming Deniers

An internal Vatican report, prepared by Pope Francis reveals that the Pope has blasted those in the scientific community and heads of state for denying the impact of global warming. The Pope, who recently met with U.S. President Barack Obama, joined in the call for humanity to do everything possible to reverse its carbon footprint [Continue]

Eat Less Meat, It’s Good For You and the Environment

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) each received a letter this week that was signed by over 700 professionals in the health care field. The doctors, nurses, nutritionists and public health care professionals that put their signature on the letters beseeching the USDA and HHS [Continue]

Florida Growing Problem Is a Worldwide One

Many people around the world are climate change deniers. In fact, many people actually believe that the climate has not changed so much that there are any noticeable differences and that those who talk about climate change are simply drama queens. Why are these attitudes a problem? A rise in sea water occurs when polar [Continue]

Wind Power Will Be Cheaper Than Gas Within a Decade

  According to a US Energy Department analysis released Thursday, electricity produced from wind power will be cheaper than electricity from natural gas within a decade — even without tax incentives from the federal government. Wind farm owners currently receive a $23-per-megawatt-hour subsidy according to a PR Newswire report. Even so, technological improvements and cost reductions will [Continue]