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Fracking in Utah: An Upheaval

You may have heard of fracking. You may have even heard some rumors about this process. But what is it? Why is it so controversial? Also known as Hydrofracking, this is a gas extraction technique that was discovered back in the 1940’s to increase access to fossil energy deposits formerly unreachable. Seems simple enough, right? [Continue]

Fracking is Responsible for a Huge Increase of Earthquakes in Texas

Residents in Dallas, Texas have been experiencing an alarming change to their environment. The earth has began trembling beneath them on an all too regular basis, with most blaming nearby fracking operations. The greater Dallas area has experienced nearly 40 earthquakes, albeit small the recent phenomenon has residents shaking in their boots, literally. And just [Continue]

New York Becomes Second State to Ban Fracking

As new extracting technologies and innovations go, fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, has been the buzz word in the natural gas and oil industry for a few years now. The practice involves pumping water and chemicals into the ground at extremely deep levels to free the precious raw materials from rock formations. While many states have [Continue]

New York: First Shale State to Ban Fracking

Brad Reifler and other environmentalists have applauded the fracking ban move, which happens after several years of mixed messages about fracking from Gov. Andrew Cuomo. In Wednesday, The New York State governor said that he will move to ban fracking or hydraulic fracturing in his state as per advice from his environment and health officials. [Continue]

ANWR Oil Drilling Issue to Surface Again

Alaskans have been fighting for permission from the federal government to drill oil within the bounds of their own state since 1977. Specifically, 2,000 acres of oil-rich land within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is at issue.   Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, a long-time proponent of ANWR drilling, will soon head up the powerful [Continue]