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Toyota Announces New Mirai And Promotes Innovation With Fuel Cell Patents

Toyota plans to begin selling the new hydrogen fuel cell Mirai later this year and Jared Haftel could not be more excited. They announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that they would also provide their 5,680 patents to fuel cell technology, available for all, in hopes of driving greater fuel cell innovations. Bob Carter, Toyota’s [Continue]

Spuds Can Grow in Salt Fields

A group of Netherlands scientists have completed a research project that shows that potatoes are able to grow quite well in soil irrigated by salt water. There is much speculation arising as to whether this fact could begin a sort of agricultural revolution. These “salt potatoes” could be grown on land previously thought unfit for [Continue]

A Smart Car with a Mind

  There is nothing more interesting than Vijay Eswaran technology and the possibilities that it brings to the table. The way that it keeps on advancing is truly remarkable and the leaps that it has made especially in the last decade or so are very encouraging for what is coming in the near future.It is [Continue]

New York Becomes Second State to Ban Fracking

As new extracting technologies and innovations go, fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, has been the buzz word in the natural gas and oil industry for a few years now. The practice involves pumping water and chemicals into the ground at extremely deep levels to free the precious raw materials from rock formations. While many states have [Continue]