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Top Tips On Investing Wisely

The best investment is a smart investment. With that being said, knowing HOW to invest money wisely is vital to financial freedom. Every wonder how the rich stay rich, and the poor… well, that speaks for itself. This article should point you in the right direction to smart investing. Whether you work for someone else [Continue]

Success with the Woof Washer

Entrepreneurs like Susan McGalla are finding success with their product or business. Some of these individuals are finding success after a year or more of trying to get their products noticed and sold. Even though there is no magic formula to being a successful entrepreneur, many of these business owners have found that commercials are the [Continue]

The big blue recycle bin is causing some big problems

The recycling industry is experiencing a slump that is reaching epic proportions, while the amount of recyclables is going down – the cost of recycling is going up. This is leading many industry analysts to point to the big blue recycling bin as the culprit. The blue bins were supposed to represent a way to [Continue]

Jeb Bush Sides With The Coal Industry Not The Pope

Bush Told Supporters That The Pope Should Steer Clear Of Global Affairs Jeb Bush is a Catholic, but he doesn’t think the Pope knows what he’s talking about in his new Papal Letter. Bush is on the side of the coal companies who blasted the Pope for his views on global poverty and climate change.The [Continue]

Miracle Amongst Earthquake Debris

Just days after the ghastly earthquake struck in Kathmandu, Nepal, rescuers have discovered a miracle. Amongst the rubble rescuers found both a man and a baby boy. The most shocking part for many like Jaime Garcia Dias; they were both still alive.   The man himself was pulled from the debris nearly three days after [Continue]

Students Stage Walkout To Protest Firing of Gay Teacher

Students at a Catholic high school in Des Moines, Iowa staged a walkout when the school administration refused to hire a popular substitute teacher for a full-time position because he is gay. The event occurred at Dowling Catholic School on Tuesday. According to reports, Tyler McCubbin had been a sub at the school and a [Continue]

California’s New Drought Policy

Because of minimal to no snow pack buildup in many areas of California where the snow melt provides year-round water supplies, the state’s governor, Jerry Brown, announced yesterday that a new mandatory drought policy has gone into effect. Through an executive order, Brown stated that California must slash 25 percent of its total water usage [Continue]

California Drought Now Affecting Bars and Restaurants

It is no secret that the state of California has been experiencing a significant drought over the last four years. Rain has been limited so much that there was recently a massive downpour that caused flooding and mudslides and the rain that fell barely impacted the water levels as a whole. California is now enacting [Continue]